Even the best of us experience it. A party, guests over, too many late nights binge-watching your favorite shows… The supply that was planned to last you until your next payment has mysteriously gone out. The question then becomes: What do you do next?

Do you choose the burned-out dust that is still on the tabletop? Or do you dig into your favorite bowl in search of the resin that could get you through the work week?

There are a couple ways to think about stretching your remaining cache rather than having to fend for scraps, which are both reasonable possibilities. Here are a few strategies for surviving till your next buy.

  1. Comply with Directions

There aren’t many people who smoke who do this. That is, the majority will ignore the directions and use what they want. But keep in mind that there is a precise amount you are intended to consume with each product you use, as recommended by the manufacturer.

By following these guidelines, you may ensure that your purchases last as long as they should. If you’re not getting the desired results, you can take another dose, but keep in mind that there will be one less for the rest of the week.

If you are unable to locate the instructions for your product, general measurement instructions can be found online, such as this one.

  1. Select the Proper Device

The way you smoke matters when it comes to extending the life of your cannabis.

It might be time to switch to an individual approach, for instance, if you frequently entertain guests and use blunts (one of the most shareable smoking ways) and find yourself sharing a little too much.

To make your supplies last longer, use a vaporizer or some other compact, manageable choice.

  1. Select edibles.

When it comes to ensuring that resources last, smoking might fall far short. Edibles are a good substitute. Usually, edibles are considerably stronger than smoking and use less energy to achieve the same effects.

Don’t overdo it at the beginning because the high can frequently last longer than smoking, sometimes up to 6 hours, and the onset is delayed.

Utilize a Grinder

To keep everything in one location, a grinder is necessary. That means there will be fewer scraps on the table or on your fingers, which amounts to less waste.

If you decide to smoke the cannabis, the grinder also aids in breaking it up into uniform pieces, preventing uneven smoking and wasting product. Just be sure to regularly clean your grinder to prevent buildup.

Use of Concentrates

Due to the higher levels of cannabinoids present in concentrates as a result of the plant’s THC and CBD content.

A concentrated product will enable you to stretch your supply further without needing to restock as frequently.

The capacity to extend the initial investment further can make it advantageous in the long run, even though it may be slightly more expensive than other strategies.

  1. Diverge from the Norm

What’s the quickest way to exhaust your cannabis supply? Getting into the habit of consuming it far too frequently.

While a genuine issue may call for assistance, a basic overdependence on the substance might be curable if you can teach your body not to need or depend on cannabis as frequently.

Try something unusual in the morning instead of waking up and baking. Try taking a walk or taking a cold shower to help break up the rhythm you’ve developed rather of sitting down to smoke after work.

  1. Go for a Break

Continuing from the previous stage, taking a break could be the most effective way to reset your cannabis regimen.

You’ll find a lower tolerance threshold and might be able to experience the effects more readily if you can muster the courage to take a break.

So, if you’re finding it difficult to cut back a little on your use or reorganize your schedule, a complete break might be the best course of action.


It can be a nuisance to figure out how to extend the shelf life of your cannabis supply. Fortunately, there are several approaches available that might be more suitable for your specific need. We hope that this article has given you the knowledge you need to make the most of your cannabis supply going forward.


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