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White Widow 60S / 40I 26% THC Daytime
Power Plant 80S / 20I 19% THC Daytime
Cheese Auto-Flowering 50I / 30S 10% THC Evening

Is it possible to drink cannabis?

We all know that one of your options for consuming cannabis is to smoke it, but eating cannabis to take advantage of its medicinal benefits is becoming more and more common as more users who don’t want to breathe in the dangerous toxins and carcinogens associated with burning cannabis plant material emerge. There are many different cannabis delicacies, such as cookies, brownies, and even sweets, but you can also consume cannabis, either raw in a smoothie or steeped in a delectable cannabis tea. When you order with Royal King Seeds online, you may get top-notch cannabis seeds for your medical garden.

How do you make weed tea?

You may easily and deliciously receive your recommended daily intake of vitamin “C” by making cannabis-infused tea. As THC requires a fat to attach to, you should start with cannabutter for a truly potent tea, but try this recipe for a less intoxicating, simple-to-make, and calming tea instead:

You’ll need:

1/2 gram marijuana buds
1 cup water
Tea bag (any flavor)

Remove any stems from the dried and cured bud you obtained from your Royal King cannabis seeds, then crush the buds into a fine powder without making them absolutely powdery. Use the flower that has been crushed to fill a metal infuser or a tea bag. When using a tea bag, be sure to secure it by folding the top over many times to prevent the leaves from falling out. In a mug or teapot, place your tea bag or infuser. You can now alter up the flavor by adding a second tea bag of your choice. The tea should steep for three to five minutes after being covered with hot water.. The flavor gets stronger the longer you leave it. Remove the bag, taste, and if desired, add milk, sugar, or honey.

Cannabis Seeds for sale in Acworth, Georgia

Since Georgia’s CBD-specific regulations were implemented in 2015, Acworth residents have had legal access to medical cannabis. Come on over to Royal King Seeds to browse our collection of top-notch strains that are suitable for both recreational and therapeutic use if you’re searching for high-quality Acworth cannabis seeds like Blueberry or Tangerine Dream.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Acworth

Knowing where your plants are from and how they are cared for allows you to control the source, ensuring that the cannabis used in your culinary creations is always of the best quality, cleanest, and freshest possible.

Every order of seeds is covered by our restricted 90% germination guarantee, and clients who are concerned that their seeds might not survive shipping will love our discreet packaging choice.

What to do in Acworth, Georgia

Acworth, Georgia, which has a range of cuisines, shopping, and live music, has emerged as one of Atlanta’s trendiest neighborhoods. Two lovely lakes—Lakes Acworth and Allatoona—that are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts are located inside the city. This city’s ancient core is charming and picturesque, making it the ideal destination for a family vacation.

We love to inspire your healthy living and healthy cooking!

I’ll just use cannabis for cooking now that I know you can do it. I enjoy growing my own food at home because I can control the quality and I am certain that no pesticides have been used on the plants. I’ve found some of the greatest grade bud thanks to Royal King Seeds seeds. Sometimes it almost seems a pity to pick such lovely plants! Nonetheless, the strength and flavor remain constant. Fantastic job, Royal King Seeds. Keep going!