Afghan Auto-Flowering Cannabis Strain

1. Breeding History

Our Afghan auto-flowering cannabis seeds are one of our most authentic traditional strains and is a classic. Afghan Auto-Flowering is the perfect solution if you’re looking for a deeply tranquil, soothing choice for the evenings and at night.

1.1. Afghan Auto-Flowering Origin

The origin of Afghan cannabis seed variants shouldn’t come as a surprise. Some of the earliest indica cannabis strains were developed in this area, and breeders from all over the world now seek for Afghani strains for their high resin content and aroma and flavor evocative of fragrant pine needles. Afghan strains are more stable due to the absence of cross-breeding; you are less likely to discover any unexpected features in a strain with such a pure heritage.

Yet our Afghan cannabis isn’t entirely grown in Afghanistan. We combined our pure Afghani strain with a ruderalis variety known as “Lowryder” in order to provide you with an exceptional auto-flowering variation that is simple to grow and ready a little bit quicker than traditional strains. Ruderalis is a tiny variety of cannabis that is unique to Russia. Because it has adapted to the country’s brief summers and milder temperatures, it can flower on its own without needing much sunshine.

Our Afghan Auto-Flowering cannabis seed strain has solely inherited the automatic traits and the shorter stature from Lowryder. Although ruderalis cannabis plants are more like hemp than sativa or indica, they don’t alter the effects or quantities of THC or CBD. Fundamentally, our Afghan Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds are merely an easy, efficient way to get your pure Afghan more quickly.

1.2 Deep Relaxation with Afghan

Afghan is a soothing strain that is entirely indica (except from a trace of ruderalis). Afghan shouldn’t be used to combat weariness or for energetic stimulation. Afghan, on the other hand, is a great option for times when you need to unwind but can’t quite get there on your own.

2. Physical Appearance

2.1 The Appearance of Afghan

Our Afghan Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds grow into resilient, medium-green, short plants. They have a thick layer of medicinal resin coating them, making them sticky and frosted in most cases. Your Afghan plants, like other indicas, won’t grow very tall, and they’ll be bushy rather than lanky, with the leaves and buds growing closer together. The plants should be between 2 and 4 feet tall and have a sizable quantity of orange-red pistils when they are about to be harvested.

2.2 Resinous Relief

More resin often results in greater relaxation and less stimulation. Although a lot of resin doesn’t always indicate more THC, it frequently indicates a more potent sedative effect. While some growers of cannabis opt to subject their plants to “low-stress training,” or LST, which can boost the production of resin, you shouldn’t have to worry about our Afghan Auto-Flowering. You’re sure to obtain an outstanding showing, ideal for, if you so choose, producing secondary products like hash.

3. Growing Afghan Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

3.1 Grow Afghan in Your Home

This cannabis seed strain is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growth due to the durability of our Afghan Auto-Flowering and Afghani variations in general. It will flower regardless of light conditions and can withstand some harsh handling if necessary. Yet, due to their optimal size for compact grow spaces, many gardeners prefer to grow their auto-flowering cultivars inside.

3.2 How to Grow Afghan Auto-Flowering Cannabis

Want to know how to raise cannabis plants with an Afghan autoflowering trait? First off, while most Afghan strains are sweet and earthy in flavor, be prepared for the generally strong fragrance that goes with with them. Afghan strains can occasionally offer a little bit of a robust diesel whiff while developing. As a result, you’ll probably require a well-ventilated space for your grow chamber, and if you’re growing outside, stealth may be a challenge. However the wonderful advantages of this strain far outweigh the potent smell.

3.3 Growing Details

After two or three weeks in the vegetative stage, our Afghan Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds have a flowering duration of between 60 and 80 days (after which time the plants will automatically begin flowering, without any change in lighting on your part). If you are growing inside, you can anticipate between 400 and 500 grams of fresh flower per square meter after it is fully developed and harvestable, and as much as 300 grams per plant outside in the yard.

4. Flavor and Effect

4.1 The Afghan Flavor

As previously said, you can anticipate your Afghan Auto-Flowering to have a flavor that is primarily earthy, pine-like, and sweet, with possibly citrus undertones. A typical characteristic of most indica and indica-dominant strains is a thick smoke.

4.2 Afghan Effects and Potency

Afghan Auto-Flowering is a potent, calming, and occasionally intoxicating impact that will make you feel hungry, tired, and content. You may have some dry eyes and cotton mouth in addition to the deep sedation that can help you fall asleep, stay asleep, or simply unwind after a stressful day, but these mild side effects are a tiny price to pay for this all-over relaxation.

Our Afghan Auto-Flowering cannabis seed strain has a THC content of approximately 18%.

4.3 Medical Afghan Auto-Flowering

Our Afghan cannabis seeds develop into regenerating plants that provide therapeutic advantages for a wide range of ailments and symptoms. Let your friends who struggle with sleeplessness know that this is the ideal strain for them as you fight off pain and nausea, get relief from worry and sadness, and more. Afghan is a great option for people going through chemotherapy or dealing with an eating disorder because of the hunger element.

5. Buy Afghan Cannabis Seeds

5.1 Our Premium Afghan Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

We at Royal King Seeds are honored to provide you with a variety of some of the top cannabis seeds available. Our cannabis seeds are meticulously inspected, tenderly packaged in airtight medical grade glass vials, and supplied quickly and covertly right to your door, wherever you may be located in North America. They are grown both abroad and on our own continent. Keep in mind that even in areas that are just beginning to legalize medicinal marijuana, it is still free to purchase cannabis seeds!

5.2 The Royal King Seeds Germination Guarantee

You may always feel comfortable making a purchase of cannabis seeds from Royal King Seeds. We provide a remarkable 90% germination guarantee; if two or more of your seeds do not germinate using our time-tested germination process, we will replace the additional unsuccessful seeds. Your replacement seed(s) are completely free, but you are responsible for the postage. We are thrilled to share our items with you since we firmly believe in them.