AK Auto-Flowering Cannabis Strain

1. Breeding History

1.1 The Origin of AK Auto-Flowering

You can get our top-quality AK Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds, which were created from the AK-47, which is a crowd favorite, delivered right to your front door. Despite its fairly aggressive moniker, the pure cannabis strain known as AK-47 is noted for its calming effects. It was created by crossing Colombian, Mexican, and Afghani varieties. Since its inception in the early 1990s, the original AK-47 has garnered Cannabis Cup accolades and continues to enjoy widespread acclaim.

Our AK Auto-Flowering strain is a cross between this well-known variety and Ruderalis, a little cannabis species native to Russia that has adapted to the country’s brief summers and sweltering weather. Wild ruderalis evolved the ability to make this transition without any external influences; rather, after two or three weeks in the vegetative stage, these plants automatically enter the flowering stage. This is because a reduction in light in late summer is not a reliable factor for changing from the vegetative to the flowering stage.

In addition to being compact and hardy, this ruderalis trait makes it a very beneficial addition to cannabis seed strains, especially for individuals who are new to cannabis growing or who live in areas with weather patterns similar to those of Russia.

1.2 Relax and Recharge with AK

The main benefit of AK Auto-Flowering is a deep relaxation that can help you fall asleep a few hours after taking it. The precise and tidy mix of sativa and indica in AK auto-flowering (50 percent sativa to 40 percent indica) guarantees you find relief and provides your body the push it needs to guide you into restorative sleep, making it ideal for the evening.

2. Physical Appearance

2.1 The AK Auto Look

AK often has a striking green color and has the short, stocky shape of an auto-flowering plant with tightly clustered leaves and buds. Given the strain’s calming characteristics, a sizable amount of resin can be anticipated. Between two and three feet tall, AK Auto-Flowering has numerous pistils all around its head that change color from white to scarlet as the plant gets closer to harvest time.

2.2 The Relief of Resin

The indica content of AK Auto-Flowering causes the sugar leaves and buds of this scrumptious, therapeutic strain to be beautifully covered with crystallized resin. Trichomes on the plant exude resin, and more resin typically results in a more calming high.

While AK Auto-Flowering undoubtedly has a good quantity, carefully applying LST, or Low-Stress Training, to your cannabis plants can promote higher resin production. In spite of this, novice growers are recommended to steer clear of these potentially risky techniques or at the very least to perform lots of research ahead! You will undoubtedly have a powerful, medicinal yield from this strain, LST techniques or not.

3. Grow Your Own AK Auto-Flowering Cannabis

3.1 Plant AK Cannabis Seeds at Home

These beginner-friendly cannabis seeds are incredibly simple to produce in your own house. When compared to most ordinary plants, which typically take around this long merely to reach the flowering stage, most gardeners find that AK Auto-Flowering plants are ready for harvest within 80 days of germination (not counting the two to six weeks in the vegetative stage).

3.2 AK Auto – How to Grow

You can cultivate your AK cannabis seeds outdoors or indoors, in a grow room, a garden, or pots on your balcony. Because to this strain’s rapid development (about 70 to 80 days), even growing outdoors allows for many harvests per season, with harvest being possible from late Spring to early Autumn.

3.3 Gardening Info

Your little AK Auto-Flowering cannabis plants should produce a moderate yield, up to 500 grams of fresh flower per square meter for indoor grows and between 200 to 350 grams per plant for outdoor growing. Remember, these plants are bred to naturally convert to the flowering stage roughly two weeks after planting, so you don’t need to worry about adjusting your illumination from 18+ hours to 12.

4. Flavor and Effect

4.1 The Taste of AK Auto

When they mature, AK Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds acquire the same flavor and aroma as classic AK-47s (ruderalis is quite innocuous and does little to alter THC, taste, or medical effects). Throughout the growth season, anticipate a sweet and spicy flavor as well as a pleasant aroma.

4.2 How Will AK Auto Affect Me?

You may expect a sleepy and creative high with AK Auto-Flowering that will leave you content and at ease but also a little ecstatic. You should take it easy with this strain because of the modest THC content of roughly 19%, but the effects won’t be uncomfortable or overbearing. AK Auto-Flowering is a wonderful choice for nighttime use because you don’t want to find yourself nodding off in the middle of the afternoon when your dose starts to wear off.

4.3 Medical Treatment with AK Auto-Flowering

For those seeking some mood management in addition to relaxation, our AK auto-flowering cannabis seeds are a fantastic choice. The majority of patients discover that AK makes them feel upbeat and helps them to overcome the symptoms of depression and bipolar illness. This comforting joyful feeling also aids in reducing stress and worry, which is very helpful for those who find that these symptoms make it difficult to go asleep.

Although you should test this out first, some users report that AK auto-flowering helps with headache relief in modest dosages. The strain is also well-known for aiding in the management of both acute and chronic pain.

5. Buy AK Aut-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

5.1 Order AK Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Royal King Seeds AK Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds are a great option if you’re interested in automatic cannabis seeds and you think the advantages of AK-47 will work for you. Not only do we only sell cannabis seeds that have been carefully grown and tested, but all of our seeds are fully feminized, saving you time in your hectic gardening schedule by doing away with the phase of male weeding. Your cannabis seeds are shipped to you in covert packaging and are securely preserved within medical-grade glass vials to maintain their freshness and viability during the shipping process as well as when they are in your home (so long as they are properly stored, they can survive in dormancy for up to 3 years).

5.2 Cannabis Seed Germination Guaranteed

Royal King Seeds takes great pride in its 90% germination guarantee, which is restricted. This guarantee applies to all of our cannabis seeds, and it states that if fewer than 9 out of 10 seeds germinate (yes, that also includes only 2 out of 3), we will replace the seeds for you. We will quickly and discretely bring the replacement(s) right to your door after only asking you to cover the cost of shipping for your new seed.

Gardeners must adhere to our germination guidelines and use the well-liked Water Glass and Paper Towel technique of germination in order for us to honor our germination guarantee. This process is simple, quick, and doesn’t need specialized tools or in-depth gardening experience. We’re confident that if you simply adhere to the instructions provided on our website, you’ll see at least 90% germination!

Do you prefer AK Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds? Place your order now, go forth, and begin growing!