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Great White Shark 75I / 25S 16% THC Evening
Super Silver Haze 80S / 20I 16% THC Daytime
Northern Lights Auto-Flowering 80I / 10S 19% THC Evening

Is it legal to use Cannabis Seeds and cannabis products in Augusta?

People with various conditions can now use medical cannabis to treat their illnesses, thanks to recent relaxed legislation, and many individuals previously arrested for use are having their sentences reduced. Patients suffering from ALS, cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, and diseases like mitochondrial, Parkinson’s, and sickle cell anemia can now be registered for treatment with high-CBD oils and other medical cannabis products.

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Royal King Seeds provides free shipping on large orders, fast and discreet delivery, and customer satisfaction guaranteed. If you live in Augusta, Georgia, placing your order on our website and receiving your premium quality cannabis seeds at your door is a breeze. We have 21 strains to choose from and more than 80 strains available for wholesale cannabis seed purchases (plus amazing discounts).

How can I use Cannabis Seeds and cannabis?

Cannabis products can be used in a variety of ways. Though smoking the dried bud or flowers of the cannabis plant is the most common way to reap the many medical benefits, smoking is not ideal because it allows burnt plant matter and some natural carcinogens to enter your lungs. Medical cannabis users have recently turned to vaporizing and eating their cannabis instead, putting it in room or hand-held vaporizers, baking it into sweets, or making “cannabutter,” which can be used as the oil in any recipe. Cannabis can also be consumed in the form of tinctures or applied topically.

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Augusta, Georgia, named after the 18th century royal Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, is a lovely mid-sized city on the state’s north-east border. Augusta, also known as The Garden City, is home to eight historic pre-Civil War districts, visually stunning parks such as Riverwalk and the Augusta Canal, and a long list of celebrities such as Amy Grant and Jasper Johns. The city is perhaps best known for hosting The Masters, an annual golf tournament.

How do Augusta customers feel about Royal King Seeds?

I adore these guys; quick service and excellent seeds. Awesome! Augusta’s heartfelt greetings!