Banana Kush Strain

Banana Kush is a beautifully juicy California strain that is the result of two potent parent strains, resulting in an undeniably fun and fragrant social smoke.

Banana Kush Strain, an Indica dominant strain, provides a sweet and mellow buzz that can inspire, and it is for this reason that this strain has gained popularity in the creative scene and among artists.

This lush tropical strain is native to the West Coast and is known for its distinct banana scent and flavor. Banana Kush is a cross between its parent strains Ghost OG and Skunk Haze, both of which are popular in their own right, ensuring a potent outcome from this fusion.

BEST USEDepression, Insomnia, Pain
BLEND40% Sativa, 60% Indica
CBD LEVELLow (Less than 2%)
EFFECTSEuphoric, Relaxing, Sleepy
FLAVORFruity, Sweet, Tropical

Banana Kush has a typical sweet skunky flavor and is a perfect representation of the OG strains due to its heavy-bodied effects and strong euphoria.

This hybrid smells like a bunch of freshly harvested bananas, which is a clear indication of the enjoyable high that is about to occur.


This high-quality bud is quite potent, and it is advised that novice smokers approach this strain with caution, as its effects can be harsh.

Banana Kush has a unique ability to relax you, causing you to zone out and drift off into vivid daydreams while also inspiring you to come up with new and creative ideas.

This hybrid will make you feel happy and content, with occasional bursts of pure euphoria to keep you going. Banana Kush is an excellent social companion because it stimulates conversation and leaves you feeling very social and talkative for hours on end.

Banana Kush has a distinct signature scent that is well known and appreciated. It is instantly recognizable by its aroma, which boasts of sweet bananas but also hints of earthy and pungent notes.

This Kush smells incredibly tropical and reminds me of a pungent basket of tropical fruits.

Banana Kush tastes like a basket of tropical fruits, just like it smells. The inhale on this strain is creamy, and a flavor of tree fruit will immediately stick to your tongue.

This strain has a distinct sweet and banana aftertaste that rounds out an energizing and enjoyable smoking experience.

Adverse effects
This potent strain can cause some side effects, though they are minor in comparison to other OG strains. Because of its often higher-than-average THC content, Banana Kush can cause dizziness in some users.

Most smokers experience a dry mouth after smoking Banana Kush, which is often accompanied by dry and itchy eyes. Due to the potency of this strain, you may experience mild paranoia in very rare cases, as well as a mild headache, or both.


Banana Kush is a popular medical strain, especially among patients who are only occasional smokers, because this OG is milder than its cousins.

This strain is an effective stress reliever because it can relax and soothe both the mind and the body without completely clouding the mind.

This strain is also a powerful aid for those suffering from depression symptoms, as it has a way of uplifting and generating feelings of positivity without the crash.

Banana Kush is also useful in the treatment of insomnia due to its ability to make the body want to sleep, particularly in high doses.

Patients suffering from chronic pain have also been drawn to this strain. Banana Kush is excellent for relieving muscle spasms, back pain, and joint pain. For those who suffer from fatigue, this strain may help induce energy boosts that will keep you going.


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