Banana OG Strain

What would your reaction be if you smelled banana peels? The truth is stranger than fiction in the case of the Banana OG. What we mean is that instead of going ape over the bananas, what you’re in for will come as more of a surprise.

With one of the highest THC levels in medical cannabis strains, the Indica-dominant Banana OG is a creeper that will give you all the highs you want, but it may also lock you up on your couch.

The Banana OG strain is a hybrid strain from the United States. It has been found to contain as much as 27 percent THC, making it one of the most potent cannabis strains. There are a few variants and breeders, but the most popular is a cross between Banana Kush and OG Kush. This hybrid is 70% Indica and 30% Sativa.

BEST USEDepression, Improve Appetite, Stress
BLEND30% Sativa, 70% Indica
CBD LEVELLow (Less than 2%)
EFFECTSEuphoric, Happy, Relaxing
FLAVOREarthy, Sweet, Tropical

Banana OG is a deceptive strain because its effects are mellow and take time to kick in. It begins with a gentle buzzing sensation on your body and the back of your head. Does anyone use marijuana to get agitated? No. Rather, you begin to experience the polar opposite.

You feel relaxed as the buzz spreads to your head and the rest of your body. Most people who are unfamiliar with this strain feel compelled to consume a little more. BUT, please wait. We did say it takes its sweet time, and it’s not finished yet.

The gentle buzz quickly gives way to euphoria. Who doesn’t want total body relaxation and a euphoric feeling? But that’s not the end of this hybrid strain. It continues to relax you to the point where you may want to stay seated or lying down.

Meanwhile, your mind is buzzing, but not excessively so because you are still functional and may, in fact, speak too openly. If you will, call it a truth serum. Aside from that, some users have described the experience as more comatose, as you literally feel your body feeling heavy, which is why you don’t want to move at all.

When the effect starts to wear off after a few hours, you suddenly feel hungry and sleepy.

Banana OG is an excellent strain to use at the end of the day.

Cannabis enthusiasts who are familiar with the OG Kush will most likely not detect much of it in this strain. Banana OG, as the name suggests, smells like banana peels. Some people associate the fragrance with rotten bananas. Contrary to popular belief, the actual smell is not as bad as it appears. It does have a sweet cinnamon undertone, which is pleasant enough for most people.

This is the best way to describe its flavor. “I blind tested it with my homies,” one Banana OG user says. “They all said it tasted like bananas.” It appears to taste better than it smells.

Adverse Effects
Banana OG, like almost all cannabis strains, can cause dry mouth. However, it is not only possible to experience dry mouth; it is also possible to experience dry eyes. As is customary, staying hydrated helps to alleviate or minimize such symptoms.

You should also moderate your consumption. After all, this creeper has a gentle buzz that builds up and may leave you locked on your couch, making it difficult to use the restroom, if necessary, if you drink a lot of water, for example.

Cannabis, like anything else, should be consumed in small or moderate amounts. If consumed in excess, it may cause adverse reactions. Most people who use it for medical purposes may experience an increase in anxiety rather than a decrease in stress.

Some people use Medical Banana OG to help relieve the symptoms of chronic aches and pains. The most important benefit of total body relaxation, however, is that it removes your ability to stress yourself. Even if you tried, the euphoric feeling takes over and you feel uplifted and happy instead of depressed.

As the effects wear off, you experience a hunger pang. As a result, it is an excellent strain for those who lack appetite.

And after a state of bliss, you begin to feel tired, which is ideal for you to get the all-important and much-needed sleep, which is good for insomniacs.


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