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Here at Royal King Seeds, we’re proud to be purveyors of the finest Alabama marijuana seeds in the industry. Our products ship all across North America, and that includes our loyal customers in Alabama!

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OG Kush 55S / 45I 27% THC Evening
Great White Shark 75I / 25S 16% THC Evening
Cinderella 99 70S / 30I 22% THC Daytime

Are Marijuana Seeds legal in Alabama?

It is acceptable to purchase cannabis seeds everywhere in North America. Although Alabama’s extremely strict regulations only permit persons suffering from severe epileptic diseases to use medical marijuana, buying marijuana seeds as novelty gifts for adults is always permitted. Why not stock up now? Our seeds can endure for years when stored properly.

Fast Delivery for Cannabis Seeds

High-quality marijuana seeds are now simple to purchase online thanks to Royal King Seeds. We’re pleased to offer you our extensive assortment of ungerminated marijuana seeds as the top online source for Alabama marijuana seeds. To bring you the greatest marijuana seeds on the market right now, we’ve sourced our seeds from knowledgeable growers all over the world. Purchase online with our safe payment system, and we’ll deliver your items quickly and discretely to your home. You can track every order we make so you will always know when your seeds will arrive. Get the seeds that are right for you by browsing our online catalog right now.

Best Cannabis Seeds in Alabama

Why would you look elsewhere when it comes to picking the best marijuana seeds for you? Royal King Seeds provides 21 top-quality cannabis seed varieties, including well-known originals like Critical Purple and timeless classics like White Widow.

Buy Afgoo Cannabis Seeds Online

You desire a restful night’s sleep. With Afgoo weed, you might want to allow things to become a little goopy. This funny-sounding strain, which is indica-dominant and has a high THC concentration, is the ideal addition to a relaxing evening. Picking any one aspect of Afgoo marijuana that makes it stand out so far above the competition would be difficult. It delivers a mild and incredibly calming high that is primarily indica. The sativa side manifests as a mood-lifting pleasure that is occasionally giggly, dreamy, and euphoric. Beginners are cautioned that it may come on too strongly because the THC level might reach a maximum of 28%.

Where to get Pot Seeds in Alabama?

Of course, get your pot seeds from Royal King Seeds! If our excellent selection isn’t enough of a motivation, what about our first-rate customer service? If you have any issues about our items or your order, you can contact us by phone, email, social media, or our contact page. If you are worried about security, you can even place your order over the phone. Rest assured, though, that we will keep your information secure and secret and will delete it from our systems after your sale is complete.

Cannabis for epilepsy

Medical marijuana products have provided amazing comfort to patients suffering from epilepsy and other diseases that lead to seizures, and mounting research is confirming what these people already believe to be true. The chemical contained in marijuana called CBD, which isn’t psychotropic and has been demonstrated to significantly lower seizure frequency, is the focus of most of the public discussion about marijuana and epilepsy.

Cannabis and CBD are being used to treat children as well, most frequently for Dravet’s Syndrome, a rare variant of the disease. Due to her remarkable recovery, one young child named Charlotte has gained considerable notoriety. After ingesting CBD from a unique marijuana strain created particularly for Charlotte, Charlotte’s seizures went from as many as 1200 per month to only two or three. Charlotte was previously unable to walk or make cognitive progress, but because to CBD, she is now able to carry on and lead a normal life.

Can I get high-CBD Marijuana Seeds?

Three medicinal marijuana seed strains with a high CBD content are available from Royal King Seeds: Blueberry, Critical Mass, and Moby Dick. Each of these strains contains the same amount of THC and 5-7% CBD. Although though THC is a psychoactive substance, its effects would be minimal or nonexistent at such a low concentration, and when mixed with CBD, psychoactivity is further diminished. We are confident in offering our high-CBD Alabama marijuana seeds to anyone looking for a non-psychoactive cure for their ailments because of this (though we would never recommend treating a child without first speaking with a physician).

Easy Access to Cannabis Seeds

We are enraged by the fact that some Americans lack access to or are unable to use cannabis for medical purposes. Marijuana might be right for you if you frequently struggle with anxiety, despair, or chronic pain. To identify the strain that works best, it never hurts to experiment with a few different ones. You have it now! These are the top five marijuana strains in terms of sales. We stick by our promise that growers of all ages and skill levels would be able to benefit from our website. Nonetheless, please know that we regularly update our online collection based on what our breeders are cultivating in case you still can’t find the strain you were looking for.

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I’m delighted to have discovered your business because I wanted to begin collecting marijuana seeds. I’ve already placed two orders, and each one was promptly and flawlessly delivered. The glass vials are gorgeous and so elegant!