Alaska Cannabis Seeds

Alaska may be far north and geographically isolated from the rest of America, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have top-notch marijuana seeds from Alaska! For the same shipping cost as the 48 contiguous states, Royal King Seeds ships to this state in the north! We charge a straightforward flat fee for delivery of marijuana seeds to Alaska, which applies to all 50 states. But, delivery would be free if you placed an order for $500 or more. This offer is especially excellent for marijuana businesses’ wholesale orders. For businesses and brands looking to purchase big quantities of seeds, we offer a unique discount on our wholesale seeds.

Compare Our Cannabis Seed Strains

Jack Herer 75I / 25S 19% THC Anytime
Wedding Cake 60I / 40S 25% THC Anytime
Headband 80I / 20S 20% THC Evening

Are Marijuana Seeds legal in Alaska?


The use and possession of marijuana seeds and plants have been permitted in Alaska since the 1970s, making it one of the states with the longest histories of cannabis legality in the nation. The possession of up to an ounce of marijuana and the use of marijuana seeds to cultivate and harvest a maximum of three cannabis plants simultaneously are now lawful for anybody over the age of 21 today (with no more than a total of six in some stage of the growth process).

You can lawfully order and buy cannabis seeds from Royal King Seeds if you’re based anywhere in Alaska because cannabis seeds themselves are legal in all 50 states. The legal use of cannabis in Alaska for both medical and recreational purposes is permitted for anyone who are at least 21 years old. Any Alaskan dispensary will still require a legitimate, government-issued photo ID for you to buy cannabis flowers. Cannabis seeds from Royal King Seeds can be ordered online without a photo ID. Because seed banks provide greater variety and options than dispensaries, many seed enthusiasts choose to shop there.

Buy Marijuana Seeds in Alaska

There is no doubt that Royal King Seeds marijuana seeds are the best to buy in Alaska. Among the more than 40 premium strains we offer are…

  1. Regular
  2. Auto-flowering
  3. and medical high-CBD varieties
  4. Every single one of our marijuana seeds is feminized – guaranteed.

Can I plant Pot Seeds in Alaska?

Growing marijuana is permitted in Alaska, and Royal King Seeds has the best supplies for both experienced gardeners and those who are just starting out. We offer a 90% germination guarantee on all of our marijuana seeds. This means that we will replace your seeds for free if less than 9/10 of them fail to sprout; you will only be charged a set delivery fee.

Is marijuana hard to grow?


Certain marijuana seed varieties are pickier than others, so it’s better to leave them to a seasoned gardener with a few successful harvests. Yet, that doesn’t mean that a novice gardener who simply wishes to grow their own natural medicine has no hope. We have a great assortment of simple-to-grow marijuana seed strains at Royal King Seeds. We usually advise beginner growers to utilize our auto-flowering marijuana seeds because they skip one of the crucial steps in the growth process by automatically transitioning from the vegetative to the flowering stage.

Best Cannabis Seeds in Alaska

Purchase them at Royal King Seeds! You won’t have any trouble finding the marijuana seeds you need for your collection or greenhouse with so many well-liked and distinctive strains to pick from. By purchasing the top marijuana seeds right now, you can benefit from Alaska’s legal marijuana growing regulations. We also want to provide you some vital growing advice: as your cannabis plants mature, you might wish to keep them indoors. Newborn cannabis plants resemble newborn humans in many ways. They demand ongoing

  • Care
  • Attention
  • And upkeep

You’ll need to figure out how to keep your plants warm in the winter and watered in the hotter summer months. Throughout the summer, it’s more probable that your soil will dry up, so make sure to “touch test” it to make sure it’s moist.

Best-Selling Strains For Anxiety

Everyone has anxiety at some point in their life. Anxiety, whether brought on by pressure from your job, a tense relationship, or other factors, can negatively affect your life. Cannabis helps its consumers unwind and feel at ease, which helps to naturally reduce anxiety. To lessen anxiety, try the following cannabis seeds:

Alaska Marijuana Seed banks?


Why would you resort to a corporation that can’t maintain track of its extensive roster of breeders if you want trustworthy marijuana seeds? Royal King Seeds is not a seed bank; we don’t offer a haphazard assortment of cannabis seeds from several unproven breeders. Instead, we choose and test our seeds for our consumers.

Yes, you might waste petrol money traveling from shop to shop in search of the ideal Alaska marijuana seed variety for your unique medical or recreational requirements. But isn’t it more enticing to simply go on to Royal King Seeds and navigate there instead? There, choosing your strain and placing your purchase couldn’t be simpler, and then all you have to do is sit back and wait while we take care of the rest?

In our online catalog, you’ll find all of your favorite strains, including OG, Diesel, and Kush varieties. Simply choose the seeds that are best for you, check out using our secure server, and choose your preferred way of payment to get started. Every order receives quick, discrete flat rate shipping with tracking so you can keep track of when your seeds will arrive. You can purchase our cannabis seeds with confidence knowing that they are all entirely feminized and ungerminated.