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Residents of Kansas are aware that they can rely on Royal King Seeds for dependable, high-quality marijuana seeds. Customer service and online ordering simply can’t get any better.

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Power Plant 80S / 20I 19% THC Daytime
Moby Dick CBD 60S / 40I 5%/5% Anytime
Jack Herer 55S / 45I 18% THC Daytime

Is marijuana legal in Kansas?

Sadly, Kansas lacks even a medical marijuana program while having among of the harshest marijuana regulations in the nation. Tax stamps must be affixed to the products in the few instances where marijuana may be permitted (these exceptional conditions are not explicitly stated in the legislation). Although it is not seen as being on the same level as drugs like heroin and cocaine, marijuana is nevertheless illegal to use in the state.

Nonetheless, ungerminated marijuana seeds are allowed to be acquired without fear of legal repercussions because they fall under the federal definition of adult souvenir products. It is legal to purchase marijuana seeds from Royal King Seeds.

Buy Kansas Pot Seeds

Royal King Seeds is the best source for marijuana seeds, hands down. No Kansas retailers provide cannabis seeds, and Royal King Seeds is the industry leader in sophistication and dependability, customer service, and product quality when it comes to online shopping. On our website, you can find a wealth of useful information on marijuana cultivation and growing (where permitted), seed preservation, and the extensive medical potential of marijuana.

Kansas Marijuana Seed banks

Due to the fact that¬† Royal King Seeds is not a seed bank, we are highly recommended. We stock and sell just our own marijuana seeds, grown with care and knowledge by horticulturists with decades of experience, as opposed to carrying a large assortment of seeds from a variety of suppliers. All of our seeds are manually inspected and sifted, and they all come with a strong germination guarantee. We can address any inquiries you may have regarding cannabis in general, specific strains, and other pertinent practices. At Royal King Seeds, we’re committed to ensuring that you’re happy with your purchase.

Why buy Marijuana Seeds?

Because latent marijuana seeds are absolutely harmless and don’t produce either the high or the therapeutic effects of harvested marijuana flowers and leaves, they are both lawful to buy and possess in North America. Also, marijuana seeds are entirely safe to consume. You could never consume enough marijuana seeds, or marijuana flowers for that matter, for them to have any significant negative effects on your body.

But more importantly, purchasing marijuana seeds in a state like Kansas allows you to save the variety for later usage. You will have the products you need when the time comes to legally grow your marijuana plants since you will have them now. Marijuana seeds can last years when stored properly. Also, Royal King Seeds has gorgeous packaging!

Kansas collectors crave Royal King Seeds

I purchased some White Widow with the intention of storing them (carefully) until I was permitted to grow them. Nevertheless, now that they’re here, all I want to do is start these lovely little seeds growing!