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Enthusiastic collectors in Kentucky always go to Royal King Seeds for the best marijuana seeds. In addition to offering the best products, we also provide exceptional customer service and extensive resources.

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Mazar 80I / 20S 18% THC Evening
Afghan Auto-Flowering 90I / 10R 18% THC Evening
Critical Mass CBD 80I / 20S 7%/7% Anytime

Is marijuana legal in Kentucky?

Kentucky doesn’t currently have many medical marijuana laws. Only low-THC, high-CBD concentrates like oil are allowed at this time, and patients who are enrolled in a clinical trial or an approved extended access program are eligible to possess and use cannabis products. In actuality, marijuana is categorically forbidden by Senate Bill 124, and CBD oil is not even close to being classified as marijuana.

Yet, there are fewer restrictions on the rules governing the purchase and possession of marijuana seeds. Kentucky citizens can order Royal King Seeds marijuana seeds and have them delivered without worrying about legal repercussions since ungerminated cannabis seeds are classified by the federal government as adult novelty souvenirs.

Where to buy Marijuana Seeds in Kentucky

Apart than Royal King Seeds, where else? You have a wide range to pick from when selecting your favorite or most suitable strain from our exceptional collection of 21 marijuana seed strains. All of our seeds are 100 percent feminized, and we only use the best auto-flowering and high-CBD strains.

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Royal King Seeds will deliver your cannabis seeds right to your door in Kentucky when you place an order. Our delivery is speedy and unobtrusive, and we use trusted delivery methods. Since purchasing marijuana seeds is legal, there shouldn’t be any worries about your order being halted.

We don’t save your credit card information after your order has been dispatched, and our online ordering process is simple to use and completely secure. Your payment information and shipping address will always be safeguarded and encrypted.

Is marijuana safe?

Contrary to many prescription treatments that doctors frequently recommend to patients, marijuana only has minor, transient adverse effects, and if only the required dosage is used, frequently none at all. Cannabis cannot kill you because it cannot shut down the bodily functions that control breathing; in order to become seriously ill from cannabis, you would need to consume about 1500 pounds in 15 minutes. Opioids, on the other hand, are to blame for the current crisis and countless fatalities in the United States and Canada. Marijuana can treat many of the same diseases and symptoms just as successfully as most pharmaceutical drugs when used correctly and thoughtfully. Producers Choice marijuana seeds are a secure method of treatment in states where it is allowed to grow

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