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We invite all growers and collectors of marijuana seeds in Montana to browse Royal King Seeds’ incredible variety. We’ll deliver our quality marijuana seeds right to your front door, making them the best things you can discover without having to look around. We’ll deliver straight to your front door!

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Cannabis Laws in Montana


In 2004, Montana established medical marijuana regulations, allowing registered medical marijuana patients to utilize the therapeutic plant as a treatment for a range of ailments, including

  1. cancer
  2. chronic pain
  3. Crohn’s disease
  4. Glaucoma
  5. HIV
  6. seizures

To qualify for a medical marijuana card, patients must have at least one qualifying condition. Speak to your doctor if you have a condition that you think will benefit from frequent marijuana use (or products containing CBD). Don’t be shy about expressing your wants and speaking out. Cannabis has consistently proven to be quite helpful for medicinal patients. There is scientific research. The proof is available. Doctors are more willing than ever to recommend medical marijuana to their patients.

To support the controlled growing of marijuana plants for the purpose of treating serious diseases, the medical marijuana legislation were further strengthened in June 2017. Today, cardholders who have registered with a specific marijuana supplier are permitted to possess up to one ounce of usable marijuana. But, in addition to the 1 ounce of usable marijuana, cardholders who do not have a designated supplier are allowed to cultivate up to 8 marijuana plants from seeds, with no more than four of those plants being mature (harvestable) at any given time. The amount of marijuana that can be grown in a single residence for two registered patients is doubled.

Where to buy Montana marijuana seeds


Royal King Seeds is a great site to acquire exceptional marijuana seeds that will help you take care of any ailment you are going through, whether you are collecting marijuana seeds or intend to grow them with your doctor’s approval. After a few days of receiving your order, we will send any of the 21 marijuana seed varieties we provide to you. Although we’ve never gone to Montana, we’re ready to wager that there aren’t many marijuana dispensaries in the entire state. In that situation, shopping through a reputed seed bank, such as Royal King Seeds, would be your best chance for high-quality marijuana seeds. In a matter of days, the greatest marijuana seeds can be sent to your house (in covert packaging)!

Royal King Seeds sells marijuana seeds that are of the highest caliber, have undergone laboratory testing, and are genetically guaranteed. Also, you’ll gain from the Royal King Seeds germination guarantee. Why does that matter? Less than 9 out of 10 seeds will germinate if you follow our germination instructions, so we’ll replace them for you at no cost. Royal King Seeds stands by their marijuana seeds with a 90% guarantee since we don’t compromise on freshness or quality.

Your seeds will be transported in medical-grade glass vials, keeping them secure and safe. All of our marijuana seeds are fully feminized, allowing you to benefit from a productive home harvest. Hence, whether you’re purchasing:

  1. Auto-flowering
  2. Fast-flowering
  3. Regular
  4. High-CBD medical varieties

You’ll be aware that only female plants will be present. We go above and beyond to guarantee that you always receive the correct seeds and that they are all viable. There is nothing to worry about. With just a click of a button, your seeds will be delivered to your door and prepared for germination.

Why should I grow my own Pot Seeds?

Even though there are locations in Montana where you can obtain prepared medical marijuana, growing your own plants from cannabis seeds gives you the opportunity to not only know exactly what you’re growing and that it is pure and safe, but also to actively participate in the treatment of your illness. You can choose the best marijuana strain for your symptoms and be involved in every step of the medication process rather than blindly taking the medications your doctors have prescribed you. These medications have a long list of ingredients and many of them doubtless have disturbing lists of side effects.

Growing your own marijuana at home has a lot of advantages as well. Although growing marijuana on private land is still against the law in Montana, we still know a lot of users who do it. Fear not—we won’t divulge. Your privacy is secure with us. To ensure that no one will notice anything when the marijuana seeds come on your front doorstep, we really deliver them in the most covert packaging. Several people find great therapeutic value in growing marijuana at home. If you’re growing outside, it serves as a justification for going outside and taking in the sunshine. Some compare it to growing their own customized medicine and harvesting it. Nevertheless, only one marijuana plant has the capacity to provide up to $200 worth of pot.

Can I buy Marijuana Seeds in Montana?


Yes! Although it’s possible to find marijuana seeds in Montana, we strongly advise completing your homework before making a purchase. what is good news? On the Royal King Seeds website, you can conduct a lot of that research. Our items include incredibly thorough descriptions and lists of crucial qualities for prospective customers. Discover the ailments and symptoms that each strain is renowned for treating, the optimal growing practices, and the projected yield from each plant.

Get marijuana seeds from Royal King Seeds, and they’ll deliver them to your Montana door. From choosing what to order, to germinating and planting, to harvesting and using, we can assist you at every stage. With Royal King Seeds, start growing!

Learn about Great White Shark

Increase your appetite and relieve chronic discomfort with some crystal-coated sweetness. A terrific way to unwind in the evening or on a lazy day is to ride a great white shark. Your mood will improve, your creativity will be encouraged, and your tension and anxiety will decrease. With a great blend of 75% Indica and 25% Sativa, it’s everything in a nutshell. You can easily obtain a robust harvest with Great White Shark feminized cannabis seeds as well. These seeds can provide an astounding yield and are simple to grow. 1000 grams per plant outside and up to 700 grams per square meter indoors.

Well, enough small talk! It’s time to purchase marijuana seeds for Montana. Before trying cannabis, you can never know what it can do for you. And don’t worry; we’ll be at your side at every turn. To guarantee that our clients have the most success with our seeds, we include a step-by-step germination guide with every one of our seeds. We want your business to prosper and for your plants to produce as much fruit as possible. In Montana, ordering premium cannabis seeds only takes five minutes!