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Collectors of cannabis seeds in North Carolina can go to Royal King Seeds for top-quality goods supported by committed customer service. Get marijuana seeds to your door right now.

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Cali Kush 50I / 50S 14% THC Anytime
Medicine Man 50S / 50I 1% THC Anytime
American Haze 20I / 80S 24% THC Daytime

Cannabis laws in North Carolina


Although marijuana use is no longer a crime in North Carolina, the state’s medicinal marijuana regulations are unfortunately very tight. Only high CBD/low THC oils or extracts are now permitted for usage, and only in the management of registered patients with severe epilepsy.

Yet, you can still purchase marijuana seeds. As long as they don’t germinate, marijuana seeds are lawful to own as adult souvenir novelty items (dormant). When the state does finally approve home cultivation, you’ll have everything you need if you start your collection early.

North Carolina Pot Seed banks

Given the legalization of marijuana in North Carolina, you won’t find many sources for marijuana seeds there. However, the best choice is to buy marijuana seeds online from Royal King Seeds. Furthermore, we package everything in medical-grade glass vials, ship packages in discrete, unbranded envelopes or boxes, and are always happy to assist if you have any questions about our products or the marijuana industry in general. We only carry the best marijuana seed strains that have been carefully grown and harvested by horticulturists with decades of experience.

How many marijuana strains are there?


There are now a huge variety of marijuana seed strains available all over the world. Although there are probably close to 800 recognized kinds, new growers and botanists are always experimenting with novel breeding schemes and genetic alterations to produce new marijuana strains. We offer 21 well-known marijuana seed varieties at Royal King Seeds, including household names like OG Kush and White Widow.

Can I get addicted to marijuana?

No, is the short response to this query. Of course, you can acquire a longing for marijuana, a mental want to use it, just like you might with any product, including chocolate, soda, potato chips, and cheese. But it’s more accurate to refer to this form of “addiction” as a habit. According to official definitions, addiction occurs when the physical body—rather than the mind—needs a substance to operate. Alcohol and heroin are two drugs that might cause this. Cannabis does not have this impact, which is why quitting quickly may make you feel down or give you a headache (similar to quitting caffeine), but your body will continue to work normally. You won’t have any harmful or even fatal side effects.

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