South Carolina Cannabis Seeds

In South Carolina, you’re looking for marijuana seeds. Royal King Seeds has you covered with a wide selection of trustworthy premium goods.

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Ghost Train Haze 20I / 80S 25% THC Daytime
Gelato 50S / 50I 22% THC Anytime
Diesel 20I / 80S 24% THC Daytime

South Carolina Cannabis Laws

Regarding marijuana, South Carolina has some quite stringent regulations. Although not entirely forbidden, the state only permits the medical use of CBD extracts because decriminalization processes have not yet been started. If they participate in a state-approved clinical trial, select registered medical CBD patients in South Carolina may use CBD oil to treat epilepsy.

Cannabis seed collectors can still purchase their goods from Royal King Seeds since, as long as the seeds are dormant, they are not considered to be illegal substances.

Buy Marijuana Seeds in South Carolina

21 different marijuana seed strains are available at Royal King Seeds, along with a vast array of useful tools. With our in-depth product descriptions and information pages, you can learn everything there is to know about the strains you’re thinking about. We’ll teach you how to properly store your seeds, about the numerous medical disorders that are the subject of ongoing research, and how to use your seeds should you move to a place where doing so is permitted or when South Carolina adopts more lenient regulations.

Where can I order Pot Seeds?

The procedure of ordering cannabis seeds from Royal King Seeds is incredibly quick and painless. Simply decide how many marijuana seeds you wish to purchase — we offer packs of 3, 5, 10, and 25 seeds — and add them to your shopping basket. After that, just input your shipping and payment details, and we’ll take care of the rest. In discrete packaging, your marijuana seeds will be mailed out within days or ordered and delivered right to your house. The seeds are securely kept in glass vials made for medical use, which are useful if you wish to temporarily retain your seeds’ viability.

Find feminized Marijuana Seeds


The best collection of feminized marijuana seeds can be found in South Carolina at Royal King Seeds. We have 21 strains available, all of which are consistently and fully feminized. The method has been refined and polished since the first feminized seeds, which were frequently unreliable. As a result, our skilled partner farmers are convinced that the feminized marijuana seeds they sell will develop into robust female plants filled with therapeutic flowers.

Yet, our products provide more than just dependable feminized marijuana seeds. We also have feminized auto-flowering and high CBD strains available on our shelves. Our 7 auto-flowering marijuana seed strains include the uncommon Critical Purple and the well-known Northern Lights, while our 3 high CBD strains include 5-7% CBD and low THC to provide comfort without the typical marijuana “high”.

Get your marijuana seeds right away from Royal King Seeds, the best option.