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Texas collectors are aware that Royal King Seeds is the best source for their collectible marijuana seeds. To your front door, we discreetly deliver our packages.

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Critical Purple Auto-Flowering 90I / 10S 27% THC Evening
Blueberry 80I / 10S 16% THC Evening
White Widow 60S / 40I 26% THC Daytime

Buy Marijuana Seeds in Texas

In Texas, Royal King Seeds is without a doubt the greatest site to get marijuana seeds. Why? Simply put, we provide the best seeds available, all of which have been meticulously tended to and grown by professionals in the field, and checked for viability and authenticity. Our Texas marijuana seeds are entirely grown by our own partner breeders and farmers; we do not obtain them from random seed banks or unidentified breeders.

Is marijuana legal in Texas?

Texas’ Senate Bill 339 stipulates that licensed medicinal marijuana users are only permitted to use the drug to treat uncontrollable epilepsy. This marijuana must be in the form of CBD oil or extract and come from plants with 0.5% THC or less and 10% CBD, respectively. Some substances can be consumed in other ways but cannot be smoked.

The following findings were obtained from a recent (June, 2018) study of Texans:

  • Individuals 18-29: 39% support any use, while 15% maintain the product should never be allowed
  • 30-44: 28% support free use, and 17% support maintainign the status quo
  • 45-64: 21% for use, and 14% for no legalization
  • 65+: 8% for any use (highest support for medical-only use at 42%) and 18% no use.

Ungerminated marijuana seeds are legally permissible to buy because they are regarded as adult novelty items. The dormant marijuana seed neither has health advantages nor disadvantages.

CBD at Risk in Texas

In a shocking turn of events, the Texas Department of State Health Services threatened to outlaw CBD in April 2018. The healing plant that has helped hundreds, if not thousands of people finally deal with epilepsy could disappear from Texan stores, despite the fact that even significant anti-drug groups like the one that monitors and fights against drug use in national and international athletes have accepted hemp-based CBD as a legitimate treatment without mind-altering properties. It is understandable that the Texas Cannabis Business Association led the opposition to the prohibition among the entire pro-cannabis population of the southern state.


What Symptoms Can Cannabis Treat?

Cannabinoids like THC and CBD are a big reason why cannabis has so much potential in the medical field. Cannabis can help people with problems like insomnia (specifically indica-dominant strains), lack of appetite, nausea, stress and anxiety (though care should be taken as some strains can cause mild anxiety in some people), and depression in addition to possibly fighting cancer cells and providing significant relief to those suffering from epilepsy and arthritis.


Medical Research into Cannabis

The Medicinal Cannabis Research Act of 2018 was a measure that a Republican senator from Florida introduced in April. The act requires the Attorney General to conduct an annual assessment to make sure that enough research-grade marijuana is being distributed to the right research sources in order to address the “subpar” source that most federal marijuana studies draw from. Also, the law will guarantee that there are always three manufacturers. If passed, the act would also ensure that participants in clinical trials may legally participate and that researchers and their laboratories were protected from liability.

Are Pot Seeds and hemp seeds the same thing?

Strictly speaking, the cannabis sativa plant is the source of many marijuana seeds as well as all hemp seeds. These items are extremely comparable as seeds; you could probably consume marijuana seeds to reap the same health advantages as shelled hemp seeds from your neighborhood health food store, but we don’t advise it because marijuana seeds are significantly more expensive! The primary distinctions between hemp and cannabis seeds become apparent once the (unshelled) seeds have been planted.

Cannabis Seeds delivery Texas

We always utilize unbranded packaging to deliver your marijuana seeds because we believe that your privacy should always be safeguarded. Every order is mailed in a securely padded box or envelope with just your postal address and return address. By using secure servers, never disclosing your information to outside parties, and always erasing your payment information after your order has been dispatched, we further protect your information.

Find Texas Cannabis Seeds

Royal King Seeds has everything you need to kick off your collection, whether you’re an experienced marijuana seed collector or brand-new to the business. Our premium cannabis seeds are packaged in medical-grade glass vials and placed inside of distinctive plastic cases. The inserts are vibrant and professional and contain helpful details on the strain you’ve chosen.

We offer more than 30 fully feminized Texas marijuana seed strains for sale (perfect for when home cultivation is legalized). Regular feminized strains, marijuana seeds with an automatic blooming cycle, and CBD-rich medical strains are all available from us. Get in touch with us if we don’t have the strain you’re searching for since we can probably put you in touch with someone who does.