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Royal King Seeds always has marijuana seeds accessible in Virginia. The best will be obvious to you as a collector when you see it!

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Is marijuana legal in Virginia?


Virginia’s incredibly severe marijuana regulations put it behind the majority of other states in the nation. Only medical CBD is authorized for usage by registered patients with severe and incapacitating epilepsy. The medicinal plant has not been decriminalized.

Royal King Seeds continues to have the strains Virginia marijuana seed collectors require. We market our seeds as novelty adult collectibles, so anyone over the legal drinking age of 21 may buy them. We do not advise planting or germinating marijuana seeds; instead, you should check the local legislation in your area.

Updates on Virginia’s Medical Cannabis Law


In the spring of 2018, Virginia’s dreadful medical marijuana law saw a slight change. The use of THC-A oil was also permitted, as well as a minimum of 15% CBD and 5% THC (which is actually quite a bit more than the frequently seen 0.3%), in the treatment of intractable epilepsy. Patients are required to take their doctor’s recommendation with them, but the Cannabis Policy Project notes that this doesn’t mean they can’t be stopped, searched, or arrested — it just means they’ll have a defense when it comes time for trial. For the sake of all Virginians who might gain from this all-natural treatment, let’s hope that further notable changes to these regulations will occur soon.

Get Virginia Pot Seeds

Here at Royal King Seeds, we have an excellent selection of pot seeds in three specialized varieties:

  1. regular feminized,
  2. auto-flowering feminized,
  3. and high-CBD feminized pot seeds

Each and every cannabis seed has been feminized, so if you plant them one day, you won’t have to bother about locating and removing the male plants; instead, every seed will develop into a harvestable female plant filled with therapeutic blossoms.

Your order will be shipped directly to your house after our knowledgeable team packages your marijuana seeds in a medical-grade glass vial and processes your payment. Your credit card information is always deleted once your payment has been accepted, and both your delivery address and payment information are kept private and maintained on a secure server. All orders are sent out in covert boxes or envelopes as another way we protect your privacy.


What is the Vegetation Stage?

As they develop, cannabis plants go through a number of stages. The latent seeds are reawakened through moisture, temperature, and darkness during germination, which can be thought of as the first stage. The seedling phase begins when the first tiny shoot pokes through the planting media after the seeds have developed their first root (though in some of our literature we consider this the start of the vegetative stage). The seedling enters the vegetative stage formally after it has produced two layers of leaves, or some say when the first serrated leaves appear. The plant builds the mass it needs to support flowering during the subsequent, you guessed it, flowering stage during this period. During the vegetative stage, the plant needs plenty of nutrients and attention to ensure it can support the weight of those soothing, medicinal buds.

Why is marijuana prohibited?

The legal conflict with marijuana began in the 1930s when that phrase was first used. Cannabis, which had been used as a therapeutic treatment for many illnesses up until that point, was demonized by industries that dreaded the rivalry hemp posed with plastics and other comparable products. Moreover, the cannabis plant was used to depict Black Americans and Mexican immigrants as dangerous; the term “reefer madness” was frequently used in posters that showed the gruesome and violent things people would do when consuming marijuana.

Naturally, all of the information was greatly exaggerated and frequently wholly false, but that didn’t stop cannabis from becoming a substance off-limits for many years. The herb has long been revered, but only recently has it started to slowly recapture some of its former esteem—for both the potential of industrial hemp and for medical marijuana.

Cannabis Seeds for Health

Although there is certainly room for improvement in Virginia’s marijuana legislation, it is never too early to begin learning more about this remarkable plant. Cannabis has a long list of medical advantages, and although though some detractors still emphasize the plant’s troubled past (which is mostly the result of myths that date back to the 1930s), an increasing number of scientists, physicians, and patients are praising its potential. The way marijuana’s cannabinoids interact with our bodies is interesting and is starting to give hope to individuals who have lost it after multiple unsuccessful therapies for conditions like chronic pain, headaches, arthritis, and psoriasis.

How to store marijuana seeds

If you purchase marijuana seeds in Virginia, you could have plans to keep them in storage until you are able to plant them. In this situation, it’s critical to comprehend the right practices for maintaining the viability of your marijuana seeds.


Marijuana seeds can stay dormant and viable when stored properly for up to three years. The best approach to preserve the longevity of your seeds is to keep them in a cold, dry environment. Your marijuana seeds can either be kept in the glass vial they arrived in or put in a tiny paper bag (envelopes, especially for seeds, are sold at some gardening centers). If you’re storing your seeds for a season or two, a corner of a cabinet is probably appropriate, but ideally, you’ll pick an area that does not experience a lot of temperature or humidity change. The freezer can accept the majority of these conditions, provided your seeds are totally dry.

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