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Cannabis laws in West Virginia

The use of medical marijuana is expanding in West Virginia. With a vote of 28-6, Senate Bill 386 was approved in April 2017. Although the laws are not yet in place, they have been designed to permit registered patients to treat their symptoms of PTSD, terminal illness, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, AIDS, Crohn’s disease, and a variety of other conditions. Once the law is in place, patients will be allowed to carry a 30-day supply of medical marijuana that has been prescribed in the form of pills, topicals, tinctures, oils, and extracts.

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Royal King Seeds offers a wide variety of medical marijuana seed strains that are delivered straight to your front door. Choose from 21 high-quality, feminized strains that fall into three different categories: standard, auto-flowering, and high CBD.

Where can I find a medical marijuana doctor?

Patients will be able to see a certifying physician, who must be registered with the health bureau to prescribe cannabis, once medical marijuana regulations are firmly established in West Virginia. When a patient is “likely to benefit from the use of medical cannabis and other treatments have proven ineffectual,” the doctor must have completed a training program and declare that this is the case.

Can I get Pot Seeds delivered in West Virginia?

High-quality pot seeds may be supplied directly to you at Royal King Seeds, which makes the process quite simple. Until West Virginia passes regulations permitting home cultivation, we send all of our carefully chosen seeds in medical-grade glass vials. To protect your anonymity, the seeds are transported in discrete, unbranded envelopes or cartons after being packaged in the vials and placed in a special plastic case with an educational insert.

Because Royal King Seeds marijuana seeds are advertised as adult novelty souvenirs intended for collections or to preserve genetics, ordering them is lawful throughout the Country. We never advise consumers to germinate their marijuana seeds unless a legal authority has specifically authorized them to do so.

Is marijuana bad for my lungs?

According to studies, smoking marijuana is less dangerous than smoking cigarettes. This is mainly because marijuana flowers are typically rolled into joints and smoked unadulterated, as-is. Contrarily, cigarettes contain harmful substances like tar, cyanide, and arsenic. These substances are known as carcinogens, which denotes their propensity to cause cancer.

If you know your flowers are pure, which you do if you’ve bought marijuana seeds, of course, cannabis doesn’t have any of these things. so when inhaled, they pose no threat to health. That being said, inhaling something that has been burned into smoke is never a good idea because it introduces charred material into the lungs. Although smoking is the quickest and most effective technique for various treatments, there are many other, safer options, such as vaporizing, edibles, and tinctures. Once the laws are in place and in West Virginia, just these options will be offered.

In West Virginia, customers are wowed by Royal King Seeds:

Two 3-packs of seeds that I ordered arrived remarkably soon. I truly appreciate the package because it appears expert and educational. When I’m permitted to plant these puppies, I can’t wait to do it!