Cannabis Education: Colorado’s Masters of Cannabis Certification Program is thriving.

Masters of Cannabis, a crucial training program for business owners and industry experts, will begin in January 2022, according to Cannabis Training University (CTU), a top online cannabis education provider in Denver, Colorado.

Student satisfaction with the online cannabis career training program has been quite good, according to Karen Getchell, director of content development at CTU. On a scale of 1 to 5, students have thus far given the course an average satisfaction rating of 4.59.

The courses taught at CTU equip students to work in the marijuana industry in any area of the world and at any level of management. The 42-hour curriculum offers instruction in marijuana cultivation, extraction, cooking, bud care, dispensary management, business startup and operation, work permits, business licenses, careers, laws, regulations, and medicine, as well as details on supplemental careers and business prospects.

According to Jeff Zorn, CEO of Cannabis Training University, “Our Master of Cannabis Certification Program teaches students all they need to know to succeed in the fiercely competitive cannabis market.” “CTU is the only institution that offers complete training for all major industry sectors—cultivation, manufacturing, medical, and retail—in one integrated curriculum.”

Once enrolled, students have one year’s worth of access to the course, which gives them access to CTU’s licenses, work permits, medical services, and legal data for every US state, including every province and territory of Canada. Information on federal cannabis programs in 50 different nations is also available in the Master of Cannabis program.

Students who complete the program successfully will be awarded 10 different cannabis certifications, one for each course topic. Students can also locate jobs and CTU-certified staff through the course’s access to the university’s private job board.

Cannabis Influencers Supporting CTU

Students have access to textbooks published by Ed Rosenthal, an international authority on cannabis horticulture and a writer, educator, social activist, and pioneer in legalization, in addition to cannabis classes.

According to businessman Kevin O’Leary of ABC’s Shark Tank, “There is a method to stay inside the bounds of the law. You receive instruction in that from Cannabis Training University.”


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