Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Harrisburg

Where to get Cannabis Seeds

Can’t figure out where to buy cannabis seeds? If you’re looking for cannabis seeds for sale in Harrisburg, PA, you can now do so conveniently online at Royal King Seeds. Access Royal King Seeds whenever it’s most convenient for you, from the comfort of your own home, on your own smartphone or computer. Royal King Seeds is an online seed bank that provides customers with a wide variety of feminized cannabis seeds, including autoflowering seeds, and delivers them straight to their doors. Royal King Seeds has a 100% germination guarantee, so you can rest assured that you won’t be wasting your money on a batch of bad seeds.

How to germinate Weed Seeds

When you get your weed seed order from Royal King Seeds delivered, you might be tempted to plant them right away. But unfortunately, that would be a big mistake! Nope—you need to germinate your cannabis seeds before they can be planted, a process that involves giving your seeds moisture, darkness and warmth. When your seeds are provided with those things using a method like Royal King Seeds’ recommended Water Glass/Paper Towel method, they will be able to sprout small tap roots, letting you know that germination was successful, and you can now plant your cannabis seeds. There’s even a handy dandy germination guide that shares all of the ins and outs of cannabis seed germination on Royal Seeds’ website.

Are Harrisburg cannabis seeds legal

Selling cannabis seeds in  Harrisburg is legal as long as they remain dormant. Once you receive your Royal King Seeds, all you need to do is germinate them using the water glass and paper towel method. To use this technique, you must first soak your cannabis seeds in distilled or purified water for a short period of time (typically between four and seven days) before placing them in a moist, warm environment to germinate. In order to use the Water Glass/Paper Towel method, you will only need a few basic household items, such as: Cup of Water

  • Plate 
  • Royal King Seeds 
  • Pure or Distilled Water 
  • Paper Towels 
  • Tweezers 

Reasons to buy Cannabis Seeds online

Buying cannabis seeds in Harrisburg from a reputable seed bank like Royal King Seeds has many benefits. The ease and discretion of ordering cannabis seeds online and having them delivered straight to your door cannot be matched. Royal King Seeds isn’t limited to a tiny storefront, so we can provide our customers with an incredible variety of seed options.

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

The first step in growing cannabis from seeds is germinating them. You could risk injury and waste time if you tried to plant the seeds right out of the medical-grade glass vial; instead, use the Water Glass and Paper Towel Method described on our website. In addition to being a tried-and-true method, following these steps will keep you protected under our 90% Germination Guarantee: if more than 10% of your Harrisburg cannabis seeds don’t germinate after following our instructions, we’ll replace them at no cost to you. This ensures the security of your financial commitment. There’s no complicated equipment needed for the Water Glass and Paper Towel Method; just a cup, plate, paper towel, and water. Can you think of anything simpler?