Cannabis Use Motivates People to Exercise, According to a Study


More than 80% of persons who use cannabis before or after working out claim that it not only speeds up physical recovery but also enhances the workout itself.
Over 600 cannabis users from various states were polled by University of Colorado researchers to learn how they felt about exercising. The findings, which were released earlier this month in the journal Frontiers in Public Health, showed that the majority of participants were in favour of using cannabis before or after doing out. 500 persons reported utilising cannabis to improve their workout and get a more beneficial amount of exercise, from one hour prior to the workout to four hours afterwards.

The survey’s results show that people who took cannabis before working out worked out for longer than those who didn’t. To be more precise, individuals who took cannabis exercised for an additional 30 minutes of anaerobic exercise and 43 minutes of aerobic exercise on average.

What Motivates This Situation?

Researchers found that difficult recuperation, low enjoyment of exercise, and a lack of drive are some of the prevalent factors that prevent exercise. In the previous survey, respondents said that they thought “cannabis boosts enjoyment of exercise” and that it “enhances recuperation” in a combined 78%. Just over 50% stated it makes them more motivated to exercise.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study to ask questions about attitudes and actions related to cannabis use before and after physical activity, as well as to compare co-users of cannabis to non-users. Public health officials should be aware of the possible effects—both positive and negative—of cannabis usage on exercise behaviours given the expansion of marijuana legalisation and the low levels of physical activity in the US.

Final Reflections

These study findings could be hard for some people to accept given how cannabis users have been depicted in the media—as sluggish “stoners” who do nothing but eat all day. But statistics don’t lie, and mounting evidence suggests that many cannabis users lead highly healthy lifestyles that include exercising, consuming natural foods, and practising meditation.


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