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Blueberry 80I / 10S 16% THC Evening
Cinderella 99 70S / 30I 22% THC Daytime
Critical Mass CBD 80I / 20S 7%/7% Anytime

Why does cannabis make me hungry?

Here’s a perennial query that stoners most likely never asked, but you might be interested in. Why do you get the munchies when you smoke marijuana? A recent study from Yale University succeeded in finding the solution, though!

Certain neurons in the hypothalamus known as pro-opiomelancortin (or POMC neurons) respond to cannabinoids, and they regulate the stimulation of appetite (as well as other instincts like arousal and alertness). Moreover, POMC neurons are in charge of informing the brain to quit eating by transmitting a chemical signal. A receptor inside the POMC neuron is activated when cannabis is ingested, switching the message from “you’re full!” to one that can enhance appetite by producing endorphins. Interesting stuff!


Will smoking Cannabis make me gain weight?

There is good news despite your perception that cannabis use may lead to major weight gain because it gives you the cravings. According to a study from the University of Montreal, while it is possible for persons who smoke cannabis to gain weight over time in specific circumstances, other characteristics, such as gender and frequency of usage, are much more important. Sometimes using marijuana won’t have a substantial negative impact on your diet.

How can I get Cannabis Seeds in Coral Springs?

Royal King Seeds should be your first destination if you want to buy Coral Springs cannabis seeds. Our virtual stores are stocked with top-notch seeds that are perfect for medical applications. Patients in Coral Springs’ medical cannabis program may use cannabis to treat certain ailments that meet the program’s criteria.

Choose from our variety of strong feminized and auto-flowering seeds, including CBD Moby Dick and Northern Lights auto-flowering. We offer discrete transportation of our seeds anywhere in the world upon request.

Things to see in Coral Springs, Florida

What attractions are available in Coral Springs, Florida? Let’s start with the Coral Springs Covered Bridge, the city’s first building, which was constructed in 1964. The Museum of Coral Springs History would then be worth a visit before going to the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek for a little gaming and live entertainment.

Coral Springs customers give two thumbs up to Royal King Seeds

I bought seeds for OG Kush. I chose the covert shipping since I was concerned they wouldn’t get to Florida. It succeeded! Within five days, the seeds showed up. As I’ve heard some amusing stories, I had anticipated something more elaborate, but it was actually rather straightforward, and the only thing that mattered is that they made it here. I can’t yet comment on the quality of the cannabis because my seeds are still germination, but so far I’m impressed.