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White Widow 60S / 40I 26% THC Daytime
Jack Herer 55S / 45I 18% THC Daytime
Critical Mass CBD 80I / 20S 7%/7% Anytime

Are auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds safe for me?

Cannabis comes in three primary varieties: indica, sativa, and ruderalis. The indica and sativa strains of cannabis are typically mentioned when discussing cannabis intended for human use. These two contain the cannabinoids CBD and THC, which have been shown to have therapeutic effects. (Our website, Royal King Seeds, offers some top-notch indica and sativa cannabis seeds for sale.)

Ruderalis cannabis has adapted to enter the blooming stage in conditions of virtually 24-hour daylight since cannabis is a photoperiod plant, which means that it enters its various stages when there is a change in the light cycle. This led to the cross-breeding of ruderalis with indica and sativa strains to produce auto-flowering cannabis plants that require less light to produce the lovely colas needed for harvest. Indeed, auto-flowering cannabis strains are just as safe for you as any other cannabis strain, to answer your question.

Is it easier to grow auto-flowering cannabis?

Although auto-flowering cannabis strains frequently reduce the amount of time you must wait before harvesting, we wouldn’t claim that they make things simpler. Because auto-flowering cannabis seeds are bred with ruderalis, you don’t need to figure out when to change the light cycle to transition the plant from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage. You will germinate and plant your auto-flowering cannabis seeds the same way you would the original version of the seed, and you will care for it in the same way.

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For people with cancer, muscle spasms, and seizures, medical CBD cannabis strains including CBD Blueberry and CBD Critical Mass are legally available in Florida. Patients with terminal illnesses are permitted to use THC-rich strains so long as they have a prescription from their doctor.

Cannabis Seeds for sale in Deland, Florida

Get your high-quality Deland cannabis seeds from Royal King Seeds online when you’re ready to dive into the world of medicinal marijuana farming. We provide a variety of well-liked indica and sativa cannabis seeds that are grown by our own in-house staff of knowledgeable horticulturists.

Our Canadian corporate office ships your neatly packaged seeds to your US residential address. Customers who are concerned that their seeds might be seized in transit can rest easy knowing we offer inconspicuous packing.

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Some of the best overall traits a consumer is looking for in a store can be found at Royal King Seeds. They offer a wide variety of strains, are completely reputable and trustworthy, and always deliver. RKS, many thanks for your assistance!