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Tangerine Dream Auto-Flowering 60S / 30I 24% THC Daytime
Critical Purple Auto-Flowering 90I / 10S 27% THC Evening
Afghan Auto-Flowering 90I / 10R 18% THC Evening

Can I grow medical cannabis indoors?

Cannabis is one of those plants that can survive indoors, if the correct conditions are met, unlike the typical flower or vegetable garden, which may be cultivated outside. You’ve definitely heard of complex grow operations that consume a lot of light and energy, but a small-scale cannabis project does not need to be difficult and can actually fit in a closet-sized area.

Having said that, you must ensure that your setup is ideal, with lighting and soil that mirror the natural development cycle of cannabis in the wild, to ensure that you obtain the most output from your cannabis crop. For growers with a limited amount of vertical space, the Sea of Green method, for instance, produces smaller cannabis plants that are uniform in height.


How do I know which cannabis is high in CBD?

There will be a full breakdown of the percentage of THC and CBD in each cannabis strain when you order online with a reputable retailer like Royal King Seeds. As a general rule, indica cannabis strains, including Blueberry auto-flowering, tend to have higher CBD concentrations than THC, the psychoactive component that draws recreational consumers to cannabis. Yet it’s crucial to keep in mind that current breeders can cross-breed cannabis strains to raise the proportion of CBD or THC in particular seeds. An excellent illustration of a sativa-dominant strain with more CBD is Diesel.

What’s the best way to find Cannabis Seeds in Fullerton?

Shop online with Royal King Seeds for the best cannabis seeds in Fullerton. Browse our online assortment of quality auto-flowering and feminized cannabis seeds to get a first-rate selection that’s suitable for either therapeutic or recreational usage.

As of November 2016, recreational marijuana users are permitted to grow up to six plants of cannabis for their own personal use. On the other hand, there are no limitations on how much medical cannabis patients can grow or carry with them at any given moment.

What to do in Fullerton, California

Fullerton, California is home to more than 50 well-maintained parks, including the Fullerton Arboretum, a vast green space with over 4,000 different plant species, as well as the Hillcrest Park, the Craig Regional Park, and the Brea Dam Recreational Area. The city also boasts a thriving arts and culture scene (some of which you can enjoy at the Muckenthaler House, a mansion-turned-museum and a national historic landmark).

Fullerton locals love their Royal King Seeds

Wonderful news about Royal King Seeds. It was much simpler than I had expected from ordering through germination and harvest, and I can’t wait to receive my next purchase so I can determine whether Blueberry truly tastes like blueberry.