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AK Auto-Flowering 50S / 40I 19% THC Evening
Diesel 70S / 30I 17% THC Daytime
Critical Mass CBD 80I / 20S 7%/7% Anytime

Is cannabis legal in Green Bay?

Doctors in Green Bay have been prescribing medical CBD to patients suffering from debilitating seizure disorders such as epilepsy since 2014. Although medical cannabis has sparked renewed interest in the medical community, state laws in many cases have yet to catch up.

What is medical CBD?

A naturally occurring substance in cannabis, CBD coexists with THC, its more well-known partner. Because it provides a wide range of health benefits without the euphoric side effects of THC, CBD is highly priced as a therapeutic alternative to conventional treatment. This powerful plant is a medical powerhouse with analgesic, anti-anxiety, anti-emetic, anticonvulsant, and antioxidant qualities.

Can I use Cannabis Seeds if I have anxiety?

There is a school of thinking that condemns marijuana as being depressing, yet when used correctly and with the right strain, marijuana can really have the opposite effect. Although THC-rich strains are typically discouraged in the medical community, many who suffer from anxiety, stress, and depression may benefit from this substance. However, keep in mind that occasionally this can interfere with your sleep, thus using sativa-dominant cannabis strains before the afternoon is advised.

How do I get Cannabis Seeds in Green Bay?

Are you looking for marijuana seeds in Green Bay? It’s time to stop looking! Visit Royal King Seeds online to browse our hand-picked, meticulously cultivated collection of premium seeds. We send our seeds anywhere in the world, so as soon as you place an order, your premium seeds—CBD or not—will be on their way to your front door.

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