Keizer Cannabis Seeds

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Great White Shark 75I / 25S 16% THC Evening
Critical Mass CBD 80I / 20S 7%/7% Anytime
Tangerine Dream Auto-Flowering 60S / 30I 24% THC Daytime

What’s the best way to grow cannabis?

Cannabis earned the moniker “weed” for a reason: this hardy plant thrives in a variety of environments. However, for cannabis to produce the sticky icky, the growing conditions, particularly lighting, must be carefully considered. Purchasing auto-flowering cannabis seeds, such as Afghan or Tangerine Dream, removes some of the guesswork from the process, as auto-flowering seed varieties will flower at a specific point in the plant’s growth cycle rather than a change in daylight hours (photoperiod).

How can I clone cannabis?

Cloning cannabis is a simple way to grow your cannabis garden without starting from seeds. Simply cut a shoot off where the base meets the stem with a sharp knife or razor blade. From here, immediately place the shoot in a growing medium until it begins to form roots, at which point it can be re-potted into a more comfortable environment!


Where can I find the best Cannabis Seeds in Keizer?

Royal King Seeds is a good place to look for good Keizer cannabis seeds. We’ve stocked our virtual shelves with top-tier indica and sativa cannabis seeds that are suitable for both medicinal and recreational users. Place your order, and your seeds will be delivered to you within a few days.

Medical cannabis users in Keizer can cultivate up to six mature plants and 18 seedlings, ensuring that they always have high-quality cannabis on hand. Recreational users are legally permitted to grow four cannabis plants for personal use.

What to do in Keizer, Oregon

Keizer, Oregon is located in the Willamette Valley and has several beautiful parks, including Northview Terrace Park and Keizer Rapids Park, a public green space with a dog park, playground, and nature trails. The Keizer Heritage Museum, located inside the Keizer Heritage Community Center, was formerly a school and is the only public historic building in Keizer.

Keizer, Oregon customers rave about Royal King Seeds

High-quality seeds. I received 5/5 for both of my initial orders and 3/5 for my medical seeds, but they sent me a second package as soon as I informed them, and that was 5/5. Royal King Seeds is an excellent company.