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Tangerine Dream Auto-Flowering 24% THC Daytime 60S / 30I
White Widow 26% THC Daytime 60S / 40I
American Haze 24% THC Daytime 80S / 20I

What is cannabis kief?

The cannabis industry is challenging since there are so many phrases and hyphens! kief is a brand-new one for you. What is it, and why are you supposed to care? As one component of what is referred to as a trichome, or “hair,” kief (also known as dry sift or pollen) especially refers to the crystal development on the tip of the glands that cover your cannabis buds. The terpenes and cannabinoids found in kief are what give cannabis its distinctive flavor and strength. They are employed in the wild to stave off ravenous herbivores by inducing a potent hallucinogenic experience. Are you looking for high kief, high quality strains? Shop for cannabis seeds online at Royal King Seeds.

How can I use the kief from my pot plants?

Once you’ve figured out how to get it, there are a few things you can do with kief, which is a really powerful substance. To boost the strength of your hit, you can add it to a bowl of marijuana or a joint. Utilize kief to create hash or press rosin, a cannabis product that is becoming more well-liked due to its preservation of cannabinoids and solvent-free extraction process. Also, you can include kief to increase the cannabutter’s therapeutic effects for stronger cannabis treats.

Can I get cannabis seeds that have a lot of kief?

When you order online with Royal King Seeds, you can get top-notch LaGrange cannabis seeds sent to your door, whether you’re searching for a good medical strain or one that will yield a lot of kief, like White Widow or OG Kush. To make your choice easier, we have selected the finest of the best from among the hundreds of strains now available.

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Before being packaged in glass vials and delivered to your residence, each of our seeds is grown, hand-selected, and examined by our in-house team of cannabis growers. Because we are so confident in our product, we gladly provide a 90% germination guarantee. If your seeds don’t sprout, we’ll replace them at no cost to you.

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For patients who meet the requirements, the use of medical cannabis is permitted in LaGrange as well as throughout the state of Georgia. The list of eligible conditions was increased by the law to include autism and Tourette’s syndrome in 2017. Even so, some Georgia clients are concerned that their seeds won’t make it from our Canadian offices to their residence in the States, so we provide a stealth packaging option to ease their concerns.

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I’ve been producing my own hash and other things while cultivating marijuana for a time. I’ve only made one purchase from Royal King Seeds, but I was quite happy with the harvest and the bud’s potency. produced some pretty lovely goodies. In my opinion, treats are the ideal way to consume cannabis. With one mouthful, the best of both worlds. I will continue to do business with this firm and I highly suggest them.