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Power Plant 80S / 20I 19% THC Daytime
Super Silver Haze 80S / 20I 16% THC Daytime
Diesel 70S / 30I 17% THC Daytime

Is it really possible to juice cannabis?

Have you got a juicer? Have you juiced spinach with it? If you replied “yes,” you have already addressed the question you were asked. Cannabis can indeed be juiced! But does it still have the same strong impact as when you smoke or vape it? Brief response? You experience a different “high,” one without the negative effects of psychoactivity.

How do you juice cannabis?

Easy. Juice it, and then call it a day. Juicing cannabis plant materials creates specific chemicals that are known to be particularly advantageous for cell and immune system function. Cannabis juice won’t make you feel high because these cannabinoids, unlike THC, are not psychoactive. Yet, it will strengthen your immune system and could be helpful in the fight against a number of diseases and disorders.

A few suggestions for juicing cannabis:

  • DO Juice the whole plant to get the most benefits.
  • DON’T juice cannabis you’ve gotten from a dispensary.
  • Why not opt for cannabis strains that are higher in CBD, like CBD Blueberry or CBD Moby Dick, since THC is lost in the process.

Can I get quality Cannabis Seeds in Lakeland?

Double yes, especially if you buy marijuana seeds online from a reputable retailer like Royal King Seeds. Our in-house staff of professional horticulturists cultivates our seeds with skill. Because helping you live a healthy lifestyle is our main focus at Royal King Seeds, we only provide world-class seed strains.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Lakeland, Florida

Visit the Royal King Seeds online site for top-notch medical grade Lakeland cannabis seeds. Since 2014, Florida has legalized the use of medicinal marijuana, which can be prescribed to treat the symptoms of a variety of diseases, from cancer to terminal illness.

Are you worried that your cannabis seeds will be seized while in transit? Not to worry. We will be happy to transport your seeds in covert packaging to allay any concerns when they enter the border.

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What are Lakeland customers saying about their Royal King Seeds?

When I told Royal King Seeds that my initial order had a poor germination rate, they sent me more seeds. Since then, I’ve only ordered from these guys, and my germination rates have been excellent. Also, whenever I require live chat, there is always someone available. Delight in Royal King Seeds!