Legal Disclaimer

When you purchase products from Royal King Seeds (, you are agreeing to our Terms & ConditionsPrivacy Policy, and Refunds & Returns Policy. Our cannabis seeds are only sold as collectible, adult novelty souvenirs at Royal King SeedsWe have the right to refuse sale if we believe a customer will plant, germinate, or harvest our items in a country where doing so is illegal.
Legal Disclaimer

The Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, 1961, signed in New York on March 30, 1961, as amended by the Geneva Protocol of March 25, 1972, and recognized by the Spanish state, does not regulate cannabis seeds. The Single Convention specifies which components of the Cannabis sativa L. plant are regulated, including the flowering or fruiting tops, as well as the resin derived from the cannabis plant, but expressly excludes the seeds. As a result, the seeds are not part of the legal concept of cannabis and are not included in the Convention’s Schedules.

Cannabis sativa L. seeds lack the active ingredient delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

As a result, according to the Single Convention, cannabis plant seeds are not regulated nor classed as narcotic drugs.

The sale, possession, and production of cannabis seeds for personal use are not criminal offences in Spain. The growing of cannabis for the purpose of promoting, encouraging, or facilitating its usage by third persons is a criminal offence under the Spanish Criminal Code.

According to Fernando SEQUEROS SAZATORNIL, Public Prosecutor of the Spanish Supreme Court, the sale of cannabis for domestic cultivation in quantities suitable for personal enjoyment and self-supply for the same purpose (including seeds reproduced from the plants) is not a criminal offence.

Cannabis production for personal use may be considered an administrative offence under Article 36.18 of Organic Law 4/2015, of March 30, on the protection of public safety, if done in public places.

Royal King Seeds sells seeds strictly for personal use by people over the age of 18. The cannabis seeds are marketed by Royal King Seeds as items for collecting or genetic conservation, with the caveat that they must not be used for any illegal reasons.

According to the principle of mutual recognition, European Union Member States may not prohibit the sale of goods that are lawfully marketed in another Member State on their territory, even if those goods were produced in accordance with different technical rules (Regulation (EU) 2019/515, of 19 March 2019, on the mutual recognition of goods lawfully marketed in another Member State).

National regulations governing cannabis seeds differ widely between countries. Some jurisdictions consider the germination and production of cannabis for personal use, as well as the mere possession of the seeds, to be criminal offences. Royal King Seeds does not wish to inspire anyone to break the law in their nation.

As a result, we strongly advise consumers who are not Spanish residents to become acquainted with the appropriate local legislation. Royal King Seeds urges its clients to be environmentally conscious.

Royal King Seeds assumes no responsibility for any potential legal issues that may emerge for purchasers and will not give refunds for seeds confiscated or refused by the delivery agency or customs service while doing their duty.

The fact that some of the descriptions hint to the effects of consumption does not imply that they should be ingested; they are only instructive descriptions. Royal King Seeds assumes no responsible for any decisions made by the purchaser based on this information owing to possible typographical errors in the papers and images on the website or resulting from seed usage. The information’s content is subject to periodic modifications that may be added to, improved, corrected, or updated without notice.

Germinating Your Seeds

If cannabis cultivation is allowed in your country, we are delighted to reassure our consumers that the germination rates and viability of all our products are periodically evaluated. Please visit our Germination page for additional information on germination processes.

At Royal King Seeds, we encourage all clients to understand and abide by the laws of their respective countries. We do not condone any violation of these laws and will take no legal liability for violations of laws or regulations caused by possession or use of our products.

International Sales

Our seeds are sold with the understanding that they will not be utilised in any way that interferes with or directly contradicts the laws of the city or region in which the purchaser resides.

The acquisition, sale, and use of cannabis seeds is governed by different legislation and laws in different nations.

It is legal to buy and sell cannabis seeds in many countries, however we strongly advise you to check the legislation in your area before ordering from Royal King Seeds Seeds.

It is allowed to sell and buy cannabis seeds as collectible mementos in the United States, where Royal King Seeds is located.

Resources on Royal King Seeds

All and all information provided by, including but not limited to content on growing or consuming Cannabis, as well as the legalities surrounding it, is provided solely for educational purposes. The information on this website is not intended to encourage, justify, or support the illegal use of our products.

We do our best to give up-to-date, correct information, but we cannot guarantee that our instructional tools are 100% accurate.