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Although if the government has not yet designated PMS and PMDD as qualifying disorders under the state’s Compassionate Use Act, women in Mansfield and throughout the state should nevertheless try their hand at growing their own indoor cannabis gardens in order to cure their symptoms on their own. Royal King Seeds should be your first and last stop when looking for the highest quality Mansfield marijuana seeds.

Can weed help with symptoms of PMS?

Women all across the world are aware of the suffering and anguish related to “that time of the month.” What woman isn’t searching for a secure, powerful, and all-natural way to relieve period pain and perhaps even control the monthly hormonal storm? Take no pills. See what marijuana can do for you instead. Unsurprisingly, cannabis has historically been important to the health of women. According to a 2002 analysis, women were given tonics made from hemp seed, saffron, mint, and beer in order to relieve childbirth pains as early as 2000 B.C. Famously, even Queen Victoria turned to indica for cramp relief. Producers Choice Cannabis Seeds offers premium Mansfield cannabis seed varieties for online purchase.

Thanks to CBD, we already know that cannabis works wonders for treating both acute and chronic pain, but THC is also regarded as a muscle relaxant and has been shown to help with local cramp relief when administered topically. Also, the correct cannabis strain can aid with the mood fluctuations associated with PMS/PMDD. Little doses of cannabis chemicals have been shown in preclinical research to have antidepressant effects, and many people have been experimenting with microdosing cannabis, a method of obtaining the benefits of the plant without the drawbacks of hallucinogenic strains.

What cannabis strains treat PMS?

Consider a White Widow-type strain. You’ll get an upbeat, energizing high with a healthy dosage of that indica “couch-lock,” which has a rather high THC content (around 26%). Super Silver Haze, which is well-known for its energizing and durable effects, can be another excellent choice. Users report experiencing less stress and a reduction in symptoms like pain, despair, and nausea.

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We provide a carefully curated assortment of well-known cannabis seeds, all of which have been picked for their high caliber and potency. Unless otherwise specified, all seeds are carefully selected and examined for quality and freshness prior to being sealed in glass vials for distribution.

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Every purchase is covered by our 90% germination guarantee; if your seeds don’t sprout, we’ll happily send you some new ones for no additional cost! Speak with one of our helpful customer service representatives online via chat during office hours or via email for further details or to request stealth shipment.

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I’ve placed two orders thus far, and both of them have arrived safely at my Texas home. Compared to the others, they are exceptionally nicely wrapped, and I much appreciate their stealth. They keep things legal, and unless they have received a tip, there is no need to investigate the goods. Although I haven’t had to deal with customer service, I believe they are competent. My shipping took about 5 days, and they kept me informed throughout that time.