New York State Cannabis Seeds

Where to buy Cannabis Seeds in New York?

Royal King Seeds is the best place in New York to get cannabis seeds. Our business is committed to provide first-rate customer care and top-notch goods, and we do this with our collection of premium cannabis seed strains. More than 30 feminized types, including auto-flowering, fast-flowering, and high CBD medicinal cannabis seeds, are available to New York cannabis seed collectors. Royal King Seeds is the finest option for cannabis seeds, no matter why you’re buying them.

New York is the most populous city in the USA, with a population estimate of upwards of 8.5 million. It is home to a number of (in)famous landmarks and attractions. New York State is the pinnacle of culture and class, and Royal King Seeds only sells the most elegant cannabis seeds. From the center of Manhattan (which is home to four of the top 10 tourist destinations in the world, including Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, and Central Park) to several of the most prestigious universities in the world (Columbia, Cornell, and Rockefeller), New York State is the epitome of culture and class.

Compare Our Cannabis Seed Strains

Candy Kush Auto-Flowering 60I / 30S / 10R 18% THC ease pain, anti-inflammatory
CBD Shark 80I / 20S 6% THC / 8% CBD treat muscle pain, relieve stress
Haze XL Auto-Flowering 60S / 30I / 10R 17% THC relieve stress, improve appetite

What is the legal status of cannabis in New York State?

Medical cannabis regulations have been passed in the state of New York, allowing patients with qualifying ailments access to non-smokable cannabis as a form of treatment as long as they are registered with the state and purchase their products from a licensed vendor. New Yorkers who use medicinal cannabis experience relief from the symptoms of

  • ALS
  • cancer
  • epilepsy
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis

All across North America, buying cannabis seeds and having them delivered is completely legal.

Recent Cannabis News, New York

An official marijuana study was ordered earlier this year by the governor of New York. The Department of Health’s website just posted a list of the things up for assessment. The impact on public safety, “the advantages and disadvantages of a regulated marijuana program,” and instruction on “reduced risk marijuana consumption” are some of these topics. Even though there hasn’t been any information released about who will be doing the study, all of these sound like worthwhile research objectives. We can only hope that this study provides some objective explanations and, at the very least, improves the medical marijuana options available to New Yorkers.

A July 2018 update In New York, legalization took another step forward in the first few days of July. The Democratic governor, who had previously opposed legalization, was informed by the city’s Department of Health that they support the choice. The governo also seems to be changing his mind about his previous position. The Department of Health gave the following justifications for its choice: legalization would give the state control over marijuana; criminalization has not been effective in stopping use; considerable government resources are spent maintaining it. Additionally, tax revenues of up to $677 million could be expected in the first year alone.

Cool News for Cannabis Convicts in New York

Lawmakers in New York recently pledged that if the state legalizes marijuana, they will consider expunging the records of all those previously arrested for use. This is one benefit of legalizing cannabis that is especially significant to those who have previously been found guilty of minor possession. This includes the 23,000 persons that were detained only in 2016! Unsurprisingly, despite use being pretty constant across racial groups, black and Latino people account for a higher share of minor legal troubles. This is absurd.

This announcement comes before a task force report on legalization is made public.

Choosing the Best Cannabis Seeds

The ideal cannabis seeds for a specific person rely on a variety of variables, including aptitude, medical requirements, environment, available space, and more. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or browse our Resources section if you live in a place where it is allowed to cultivate your own cannabis seeds to get the best cannabis seeds for you.

Fully-Feminized Weed Seeds

The greatest and most well-liked weed seeds are available from Royal King Seeds, and we can get them to you quickly. Get your preferred strain by browsing our online selection! These seeds will swiftly and discretely make their way to your door. Did you know that Royal King Seeds only sells fully-feminized seeds? Hence, there won’t be even a single male plant to pollinate your prized female plants and sabotage your crop! Your time and money are at danger if a male plant goes undiscovered. You may be sure that Royal King Seeds exclusively sends you female seeds. Here are several of our most well-liked varieties that we can provide right away to your New York residence:

Why is cannabis a medical treatment?

Cannabis has long been used for recreational purposes, but new scientific research has confirmed what alternative practitioners have long believed: cannabis is a potent plant that can successfully treat a wide range of symptoms and ailments. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a naturally occurring chemical found in cannabis that is recognized for its therapeutic benefits without producing the same head high as THC. Get a cannabis seed like CBD Shark or CBD Moby Dick if you’re seeking for a remedy that is more therapeutic than “high” because the more CBD there is, the more effective the medical impact. THC, however, is not to be outdone as it also has a number of health advantages, and the two cannabinoids work best together.


Learn more about the medical benefits of cannabis:

  • ADD and ADHD
  • Migraines and Headaches
  • Multiple Sclerosis

Don’t keep great seeds to yourself – tell your friends!

Weed seed delivery in New York

We can deliver your weed seeds right to your door at Royal King Seeds. Just go on to our website, select the strain and amount you need from our selection of 21 fully feminized strains, which includes auto-flowering and high-CBD medical strains, and submit your order. Your cannabis seeds will be dispatched fast, arriving at your door in a matter of days, and your payment information will be fully deleted once your transaction has been fulfilled.

The Simple Steps To Ordering Cannabis

  1. Navigate to our product page
  2. Browse our 21 cannabis seed strains and choose the one that matches your needs
  3. Select the number of seeds you need (3, 5, 10, or 25)
  4. Click “Buy Now” and go to your cart
  5. Enter your payment and shipping info
  6. Sit back and wait for your premium cannabis seeds to arrive!

How To Choose Cannabis Seeds

You can select cannabis seeds based on a wide range of traits or qualities. If a person wants to grow their own marijuana, they may opt for an autoflowering strain or one that doesn’t require a change in illumination to begin flowering. A grower with a little grow space would opt for a short strain, but someone planting to grow outdoors might prefer a tall and powerful type. Of fact, the advantages of medical therapy are still a common and useful technique to select the optimal strain. Choose your Royal King Seeds based on your current decor if you only intend to display your packing for a short time. Red represents our standard strains and autoflowering are yellow, and our medical strains are blue!


Using Cannabis to Treat Nausea

Numerous people discover that cannabis can relieve the nausea that their medical condition or the treatments they are receiving for it cause.

Cannabis is used by cancer patients to reduce their nausea after chemotherapy treatments as well as to ease nerve pain from the illness and chemotherapy (this is one of the best-known side effects of cancer therapy). Cannabis has been demonstrated to be at least as effective as medicines in antiemetic tests to understand its effects.

Delta-8 THC has been proven to be a highly useful cannabinoid (not to be confused with Delta-9 THC, the most common cannabinoid). Treatments utilizing this cannabinoid have demonstrated a lot of promise in circumstances when nausea is challenging to cure and can develop into a very severe condition (particularly in children with cancer).

Why should I buy Cannabis Seeds?

People are buying cannabis seeds in droves, even in states where cultivation is still illegal, to start their collections as soon as possible. Growing will likely be permitted in a few years, so people are taking advantage of this opportunity to learn a lot, buy a lot, and stock up.

By purchasing New York cannabis seeds, you’ll be prepared to cultivate your medicine from the comfort of your own home when the state legalizes cultivation. You won’t need to worry about where your dispensary got their product from, if it was grown organically or safely, or whether you are spending too much for it. Raising your own cannabis allows you to control the parameters of your own medicinal regimen while also saving you money in the long run. Explore Royal King Seeds and our wide range of fantastic strains right away.