Numerous people have already received approval to cultivate marijuana.


If you’ve been puzzling over the recent decriminalization of marijuana in Thailand, you’re probably not one of the approximately 1 million people who have been given permission to cultivate the drug. The Food and Drug Administration declared that more than 980,000 people have signed up for the ability to grow marijuana plants as part of its Plook Ganja mobile app initiative.

Since the decriminalization of cannabis and hemp on June 9 and the release of the Plook Ganja mobile app, which enables users to register online, the FDA reported on Saturday morning that precisely 983,557 people have used the app to register to grow cannabis on their property, despite the fact that authorities are still working to enact legislation in response to the surge in interest.

And that might only be the start. Since the FDA implemented the online registration system, the app has already been downloaded more than 43.5 million times. In order to handle the overwhelming number of registration requests, the FDA actually had to develop a separate website where people can also register.

The entire registration process can be completed online using the app or website, and even the approval is done so with the issuance of an electronic certificate. Of the total Thai applications, 30,791 have been granted permission to cultivate hemp, while 952,766 have been granted permission to cultivate cannabis legally in Thailand.

When your registration is accepted, a wide range of rights are granted, including the ability to cultivate the plants and harvest the crop, as well as to create and refine hemp and cannabis-related products. And that includes authorisation for industrial or even commercial objectives in addition to being utilized for therapeutic purposes for one’s own health and the creation of conventional medicines.

Since a Thai ID number is needed to register, it now appears that only Thai citizens, not foreigners residing in Thailand, are permitted to register and legally grow cannabis. The Thaiger advises seeking legal advice before beginning your commercial or agricultural enterprises.


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