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Blueberry CBD 80I / 20S 7%/7% Evening
Critical Purple Auto-Flowering 90I / 10S 27% THC Evening
Amnesia 90S / 10I 20% THC Daytime

What are auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds?

Ruderalis, a short, stocky cannabis strain that blooms between 21 and 30 days regardless of light cycle, has been crossed with sativa or indica cannabis seeds to create auto-flowering cannabis seeds. Due to this, the majority of ruderalis hybrids are regarded as auto-flowering.

The majority of modern breeders benefit from this strain’s naturally low THC content since it allows them to produce auto-flowering hybrids that have the intensity and flavor of their genetic companion.

Can I buy auto-flowering medical Cannabis Seeds?

Choosing auto-flowering cannabis seed varieties simplifies the process of growing a garden at home for many cannabis growers, whether they are novices or seasoned pros. A growing number of people are going “green” and establishing their own cannabis gardens at home as medical cannabis becomes more and more popular. When you order online with Royal King Seeds, you may obtain premium auto-flowering medicinal cannabis that is high in CBD (such as CBD Critical Mass or CBD Moby Dick) for your own garden. Our goal is to support you as you live a happy, healthy lifestyle. To ensure that you only receive the highest quality seeds possible, each of our seeds is meticulously produced, hand-selected, and examined.

Is it legal to grow cannabis in Palmdale?

Since 1996, medical marijuana has been legal in Palmdale and throughout California. As of November 2016, even recreational users are now permitted to grow cannabis and harvest their buds, with the restriction that they can only germinate six seeds at once.


What to do in Palmdale, California

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Palmdale’s Gwen K. Had this to say about Royal King Seeds:

Royal King Seeds has allowed me to assist my mother in managing her MS pain without going broke. She was constantly suffering, but after we learned about cannabis seeds, Royal King Seeds’ staff was incredibly helpful in recommending the best strain and guiding us through the germination process. I greatly appreciate it.