501st OG Cannabis Seeds

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501st OG is an indica-dominant hybrid that works well for pain and insomnia. Beginners beware: this stuff hits hard and fast.


Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Not any longer! The 501st OG marijuana seeds will save your night and bedtime routine. Although this strain is classified as a hybrid, its indica effects are more prominent, as you will experience deep relaxation from head to toe, as well as fatigue and calmness.

As a result, most users recommend smoking 501st OG only at night; otherwise, you may become distracted or drowsy during the day. 501st OG is also a natural pain reliever that can help with migraines, muscle cramps, nausea, and other symptoms. This strain has no bounds when it comes to relieving pain.

The genetics of the indica-dominant hybrid are linked to Skywalker OG and Rare Dankness #1. Growers can expect colorful flowers in a wide range of colors as a result of the cross, from green to blue to red to purple. These dark hues emit a piney kush aroma that transports you to the middle of the woods around a campfire. If you prefer sweet notes, 501st OG has you covered there as well. This strain also has a strong grape flavor to it.

A word of caution to new smokers: don’t get too carried away with this strain. The effects of 501st OG marijuana seeds are potent and long-lasting, even for the most experienced, veteran smokers. Under the influence of 501st OG, consumers claim that ten minutes felt like less than an hour. For a few hours, you won’t need to re-smoke.

Additional information

Best Use

Depression, Pain, Stress


30% Sativa, 70% Indica

CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)


Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed


Earthy, Fruity, Sweet

Flowering Period

55-65 Days

Growing Difficulty


Plant Height


THC Content





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