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The Abusive OG cannabis seeds carries a legacy of potency and refinement, providing a path to deeply relaxing effects.

  • Known for their potent and relaxing high.
  • Characterized by a pungent, earthy fragrance with strong notes of pine and citrus
  • 26% THC inducing a profound sense of physical and mental relaxation
  • 13 oz of cannabis per seed
  • One of the top choices.



Abusive OG, a notable name in the expansive world of cannabis, is a strain that many aficionados have come to respect and admire for its unique characteristics. Originating from the illustrious OG Kush lineage, this strain is not just a mere variant of its predecessor, but has successfully carved a niche of its own. Renowned for its potent and robust nature, Abusive OG stands as a testament to the intricate balance between high THC content and soothing relaxation.

Unlike its slightly aggressive nomenclature, the effects of Abusive OG are anything but abusive. In fact, those who have had the privilege of indulging in this strain describe the experience as deeply calming, making it a favorite among consumers seeking tranquility and relief from the stresses of daily life.

The aesthetics of this strain are equally compelling; deep green buds accented with occasional purple hues, generously blanketed in a shimmering layer of trichomes. When cultivated, the plant demands attention and care, as its high-quality yield is directly proportional to the meticulous nurturing it receives. The aroma, another defining trait, is a harmonious blend of earthy undertones with hints of pine and a slight citrusy afternoon.

This aromatic profile not only makes for an enjoyable olfactory experience but also translates into a rich and flavorful smoke. As with any cannabis strain, the cultivation of Abusive OG requires adherence to specific environmental conditions to ensure optimal growth and yield. Given the strain’s prominence, its seeds are highly sought after by both novice growers looking to add a star player to their gardens and experienced cultivators aiming to diversify their crop.

While Abusive OG has made significant inroads in the market, potential users and growers must approach it with a discerning eye. Ensuring that seeds are sourced from reputable dealers is paramount, as the market, like any other, is not devoid of counterfeit and subpar offerings. In conclusion, Abusive OG cannabis seeds are emblematic of the pinnacle of cannabis breeding, offering a sophisticated blend of potency, flavor, and aesthetic appeal, making them a prized asset in the world of cannabis cultivation and consumption.

Origin and Lineage:

Abusive OG, a distinguished name in the cannabis lexicon, owes its reputation not just to its unparalleled effects and aesthetic qualities, but also to its rich heritage that traces back to some of the most revered cannabis varieties. The origins of this strain can be found nestled in the hallowed annals of cannabis genetics. Abusive OG is a direct descendent of the legendary OG Kush, a strain that has served as a cornerstone for countless other hybrids due to its potency and unparalleled genetic attributes.

OG Kush itself is believed to have deep-rooted origins, a melange of genetics from the West Coast’s staple Chemdawg, the classic Lemon Thai, and the landrace Pakistani Kush. This trio of parent strains imbued OG Kush, and by extension Abusive OG, with a diverse genetic makeup that provides a distinctive blend of effects and flavors. The journey from these foundational strains to the birth of Abusive OG was not a mere accident but rather a testament to the dedicated endeavors of cannabis breeders who, over generations, selected and refined genetics in the pursuit of perfection.

The name “Abusive” in Abusive OG is not an allusion to any negative connotations but is instead thought to be tied to one of the early cultivators or enthusiasts of the strain. While the exact etymology remains a subject of speculation and folklore within cannabis communities, it does not detract from the strain’s esteemed position. Over time, Abusive OG has retained the core genetics of OG Kush, embodying the indica-dominant characteristics and the symphonic terpene profile that has been a hallmark of its lineage.

It showcases a brilliant equilibrium between the earthy pungency of Chemdawg, the citrusy zest of Lemon Thai, and the profound depth of the Pakistani Kush. This tapestry of genetic influences has solidified Abusive OG’s position as a strain of choice for those who appreciate a rich history intertwined with quality. In the vast world of cannabis genetics, where strains often come and go, the lineage of Abusive OG stands as a shining beacon, a testament to the timeless appeal of its ancestors and the unwavering dedication of breeders who saw the potential in melding some of the best genetics the cannabis world has to offer.

Growth Difficulty and Grow Guide: 

Navigating the intricacies of cultivating Abusive OG Cannabis seeds necessitates a keen understanding of its growth requirements and challenges. While Abusive OG boasts of a lineage that has graced many gardens, cultivating it demands more than just rudimentary knowledge. Classified often as a strain of moderate growth difficulty, Abusive OG requires growers to exhibit vigilance and dedication. The plant, being indica-dominant, showcases a bushy stature and can thrive both indoors and outdoors, but each setting comes with its own set of considerations.

Indoors, growers must ensure optimal light cycles, maintain consistent temperature ranges, and monitor humidity levels to prevent mold and pests. Outdoors, while the strain benefits from natural sunlight, it requires a Mediterranean climate for optimal yield. Proper pruning techniques are essential to ensure air circulation and light penetration to its lower branches. Nutrient management and timely watering further accentuate its growth. Thus, while Abusive OG’s cultivation might challenge the novice grower, with attention to detail and adherence to its specific needs, the rewards, in terms of quality and yield, can be substantial.

Nutrients and Equipment:

  • Seed Germination: Abusive OG seeds typically require a moist environment to initiate the germination process effectively.
  • Growing Medium: This strain thrives in both soil and hydroponic setups, with soil enhancing its terpene profile.
  • Equipment: Ensure a well-ventilated space with quality pots or containers to facilitate robust root growth.
  • Lighting: Abusive OG benefits from high-intensity discharge (HID) lights during its vegetative and flowering stages.
  • Nutrients: A balanced mix of macronutrients and micronutrients is crucial for the healthy development of Abusive OG plants.
  • Temperature: This strain prefers a consistent temperature range, ideally between 68°F to 78°F.
  • Humidity: Maintaining relative humidity levels around 40-50% during flowering can help prevent mold and optimize resin production.
  • Pruning: Regular pruning of lower branches and leaves ensures optimal light penetration and airflow, promoting better yields.

Flowering Phase:

  • Lighting: Abusive OG plants flourish under high-intensity discharge (HID) lights, ensuring vibrant growth throughout their life cycle.
  • Nutrients: For optimal health and yield, Abusive OG requires a well-balanced blend of both macronutrients and micronutrients.
  • Temperature: An ideal temperature range for this strain is between 68°F and 78°F, ensuring steady growth and bud development.
  • Humidity: To deter mold formation and boost resin production, it’s best to maintain a relative humidity level of 40-50% during the flowering phase.
  • Sexing: Regularly inspecting Abusive OG plants during their vegetative phase is essential to identify and separate males from females, ensuring seedless buds.


  • Indicators: Ripe Abusive OG buds often exhibit deep green hues with trichomes turning milky or amber, signaling harvest readiness.
  • Technique: Employing the low-stress training (LST) technique can optimize light exposure and increase yields for Abusive OG plants.
  • Curing: Properly dried Abusive OG buds should be placed in airtight containers, stored in a cool, dark place, and opened periodically for air exchange to achieve optimal curing over several weeks.

Common Challenges:

  • Pests: Infestations can severely compromise the health and yield of cannabis plants.
  • Nutrient Imbalance: Improper nutrient levels can lead to stunted growth and discoloration in cannabis.
  • Over/Under Watering: Inconsistent watering can cause root rot or dehydration, jeopardizing the plant’s vitality.

Additional Tips:

  • Training Techniques: Proper training can maximize yield but improper techniques can damage or stress the cannabis plants.
  • Climate: The growth and potency of Abusive OG strains are highly influenced by environmental conditions.
  • Testing: Regular testing ensures the cannabis meets quality standards, but neglect can lead to inferior or unsafe product.

Germination time:

The germination time of 303 OG Cannabis Seeds, like many other cannabis strains, is an integral phase in its cultivation process. Typically, the seeds begin to show signs of life within a span of 24 to 72 hours after the initiation of the germination process. Nonetheless, it is worth acknowledging that various factors can impact the exact timing.

The quality of the seeds, the methods used for germination, and the environment in which they’re placed play a significant role in determining the speed and success rate of germination. Maintaining an optimal temperature and humidity level can expedite the process, ensuring the seeds sprout in a timely manner. Conversely, when the circumstances are not ideal, it might take longer or even result in unsuccessful germination.

Furthermore, the genetic makeup of the 303 OG strain, which is known for its robustness, contributes to its ability to germinate effectively. As with any other cultivation process, attention to detail, patience, and consistent monitoring are key to achieving the desired outcome. Understanding the nuances of the germination time for 303 OG Cannabis Seeds is essential for growers aiming for a successful crop.

Wellness and Abusive OG Cannabis seeds:

The realm of cannabis strains is vast and varied, with Abusive OG standing out as a prominent name, particularly in discussions centered around wellness and its effects. Originating from the lineage of OG Kush, Abusive OG has built a reputation not just for its potency but also for its potential therapeutic benefits.

Within the context of wellness, several users and medical cannabis proponents have highlighted its efficacy in addressing a myriad of conditions. For instance, its relaxing properties, attributed to its indica dominance, have shown potential in alleviating stress and anxiety, ushering in a sense of calm and tranquility for the consumer. Beyond just mental relaxation, many have reported pronounced physical relaxation, which can potentially benefit those with chronic pain or muscle tension.

However, while these therapeutic attributes are significant, they are complemented by the strain’s recreational effects. When consumed, Abusive OG is known to produce a profound feeling of euphoria, which for many is accompanied by a heightened sensory perception. Colors may appear more vibrant, sounds more accentuated, and the overall environment more engaging. This state of heightened awareness and sensitivity can be a double-edged sword: while it can make for a deeply immersive experience, it can also lead to feelings of paranoia in some users, especially if consumed in large amounts or if the individual is predisposed to anxiety.

Furthermore, it’s also worth mentioning the sedative properties of Abusive OG. For individuals grappling with insomnia or other sleep-related conditions, this strain has been reported to induce sleep, making it a favorite choice for nighttime use. That said, the sleep-promoting effects of this strain also translate to a potential downside for daytime users, as it can lead to feelings of drowsiness or lethargy, which might not be ideal for those needing to remain alert or focused.

Another factor that makes Abusive OG noteworthy is its potential appetite-stimulating effects. For individuals battling conditions that suppress appetite, or those undergoing treatments that have this side effect, this strain might be beneficial. But, just as with its other effects, this comes with a caveat, as excessive consumption can lead to overeating.

In the grand tapestry of cannabis and its myriad strains, Abusive OG carves a unique niche. Its wellness potentials and recreational effects make it a sought-after choice for many, but as with any substance, the key lies in understanding one’s own body and using it judiciously. The effects of Abusive OG, both therapeutic and recreational, exemplify the intricate balance that exists in the world of cannabis between benefit and caution.

CBD Levels:

Abusive OG, a strain with a name that might seem intimidating to some, has a cannabinoid profile that intrigues both recreational users and medical patients. Central to this discussion is the level of CBD, or cannabidiol, present in this strain. CBD, recognized for its therapeutic attributes devoid of any psychoactive effects associated with THC, has been the subject of numerous studies and discussions in the cannabis community. However, it’s essential to understand that Abusive OG, like many of its OG Kush relatives, is primarily recognized for its high THC content rather than its CBD levels.

While THC offers its unique set of benefits and experiences, such as euphoria and relaxation, the comparatively low CBD content in Abusive OG means that those seeking significant CBD-related benefits might need to look elsewhere or consider complementing their consumption with strains or products explicitly designed for high CBD content.

That said, the presence of CBD, even in smaller amounts, should not be overlooked. It plays a role in balancing the effects of THC, potentially mitigating some of the more intense psychoactive effects that some users might find overwhelming. This synergistic relationship between THC and CBD, often referred to as the “entourage effect”, suggests that the compounds in cannabis work together to produce a more rounded and beneficial experience.

In the larger landscape of cannabis strains, those with high CBD levels have become increasingly popular, especially among medical patients or those who want the benefits of cannabis without the intense psychoactive effects. Given that Abusive OG is not one of these strains, it’s important for consumers to be aware and make informed choices based on their desired outcomes and sensitivity to cannabinoids. For some, the dominant THC presence in Abusive OG will be exactly what they’re looking for, providing profound relaxation and euphoria. For others, especially those specifically seeking the anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, or neuroprotective benefits of CBD in higher concentrations, Abusive OG might not be the ideal choice.

While Abusive OG is a noteworthy and effective strain in its own right, its CBD levels are not its primary selling point. As the cannabis industry evolves, with a growing focus on individual cannabinoids and their unique effects, understanding the specific cannabinoid content of each strain becomes crucial. In the case of Abusive OG, its charm lies more in its THC-dominant effects than in its CBD content. However, this serves as a reminder of the vast and varied world of cannabis, where each strain offers a unique blend of effects, catering to a wide range of preferences and needs.


Diving into the aesthetics of cannabis, the appearance of the Abusive OG seeds and the subsequent plants they produce are indeed a sight to behold and reveal a lot about their genetics and quality. Abusive OG seeds themselves are a testament to the rich lineage from which they come. Typically, these seeds display a deep brown hue, often teetering between a woody tint to almost ebony.

This coloration is accompanied by a hard, glossy outer shell, a sign of a mature and viable seed ready for germination. When observed closely, the seeds might also exhibit patterns of lighter striations, giving them a somewhat tiger-striped appearance, a common characteristic among many high-quality cannabis seeds. As these seeds germinate and grow into mature plants, the visual journey they embark upon is equally mesmerizing.

Abusive OG plants tend to possess dense, resinous buds that are blanketed in a layer of shimmering trichomes, indicating their potency. The buds themselves lean towards a rich green hue, but what makes them particularly captivating are the occasional pops of purple, a testament to the strain’s complex genetics. This purple hue, a result of specific temperature fluctuations during the growing process and the presence of anthocyanins, adds a touch of regality to its appearance.

Complementing these colors, Abusive OG also boasts vibrant orange pistils that twist and turn their way around the buds. These fiery tendrils, apart from adding to the visual appeal, serve a functional purpose during the plant’s reproductive phase. Lastly, the leaves that envelope these buds are usually a lush green, sometimes exhibiting hints of darker shades, especially around the edges. All these visual elements combined create a symphony of colors and textures, making Abusive OG not just a strain to be consumed but a

lso admired. Its appearance reflects the strain’s strength, richness, and depth, resonating with the experiences it promises to deliver. For cultivators and connoisseurs alike, the beauty of the Abusive OG plant, beginning from its seeds to its mature form, offers a blend of aesthetic delight and a promise of quality, making it a sought-after strain in the vast world of cannabis.

Plant Height:

The plant height of Abusive OG, as with many characteristics of cannabis strains, is a vital consideration for growers, especially when planning for space and cultivation techniques. Derived from its OG lineage, Abusive OG tends to lean towards a medium to tall stature, often a characteristic feature of many Indica-dominant hybrids.

While its height can vary based on growing conditions, in an ideal environment, it can stretch and reach substantial heights, sometimes pushing past several feet. This vertical growth is especially pronounced when grown outdoors, where the plant has ample room to spread its branches and bask in the natural sunlight. Indoors, while the height might be slightly restricted due to space constraints and controlled conditions, Abusive OG still has a tendency to grow taller than some other strains. For growers, this means careful planning is essential.

Pruning, topping, and employing training techniques can help manage its height, ensuring that the plant remains healthy and does not become too unwieldy. Moreover, the height of the Abusive OG plant not only impacts the cultivation process but also potentially influences its yield.

Taller plants often provide more surface area for bud development, though it’s crucial to ensure that all parts of the plant receive adequate light. In essence, while the impressive height of Abusive OG is a testament to its robust genetics, it also calls for a strategic approach to cultivation, making it an engaging endeavor for those nurturing this particular strain.


Diving deep into the sensory experience of cannabis, the aroma of Abusive OG stands out as a complex and captivating blend that speaks volumes about its heritage and quality. The first encounter with the fragrance of Abusive OG often begins with a pungent earthiness, reminiscent of rich soil after a rain. This initial note is so profound that it acts as an aromatic anchor, grounding the entire olfactory experience. However, as one delves deeper, subtler notes start to unfurl.

There’s a distinct piney freshness, evoking images of walking through a dense forest, with the scent of resinous trees filling the air. This freshness is beautifully juxtaposed with a hint of spiciness, adding a layer of warmth and depth to the overall aroma profile. But the Abusive OG’s aromatic journey doesn’t end here. As the buds are broken apart or ground, there’s a release of a more intricate blend of fragrances. Citrus undertones, likely a nod to its OG Kush lineage, bring forth a zesty brightness. This lemony hint, combined with the earlier mentioned earthy and piney notes, creates an olfactory palette that is both simultaneously rejuvenating and calming.

Yet, what makes the aroma of Abusive OG truly intriguing is the skunky undertone that lingers in the backdrop. This unmistakable scent, a hallmark of many potent cannabis strains, adds a boldness to its fragrance profile. It’s a reminder of the strain’s potency and depth, hinting at the profound experience it promises to deliver.

For many enthusiasts and connoisseurs, the aroma of cannabis is not just a precursor to its effects but an experience in itself. And in the case of Abusive OG, the fragrance does justice to this belief. It’s a harmonious blend of aromas that narrates a tale, reflecting the strain’s rich genetics, cultivation journey, and the myriad sensations it is poised to offer. Whether you’re a grower nurturing it from seed to plant or a user about to indulge, the aroma of Abusive OG sets the stage, promising a journey that is as nuanced and layered as its fragrance.


The tapestry of flavors that Abusive OG presents is a testament to the rich lineage and cultivation journey that this strain undertakes. A first taste of Abusive OG often reveals a profound earthiness, mirroring its aroma, and immediately grounding the palate in a deep, organic sensation. This earthy base, reminiscent of old forests and damp soil, acts as a foundation upon which other flavors dance and play. Notably, there emerges a distinct pine flavor, a crisp and refreshing counterpart to the foundational earthiness. It evokes memories of alpine forests and the resinous touch of conifers, providing a freshness that invigorates the senses.

But the flavor profile of Abusive OG does not plateau here. As the smoke or vapor swirls in the mouth, a citrus undertone begins to unveil itself. This zestiness, often leaning towards lemon or even a hint of lime, adds a layer of brightness to the experience. It cuts through the deeper, more robust flavors, providing a delightful contrast and complexity.

This citrusy nuance, likely a tribute to its OG Kush ancestry, offers a playful tanginess that enlivens the overall flavor experience. Abusive OG hides a subtle spiciness, a warmth that seems to linger on the palate long after the smoke has been exhaled. This peppery hint, combined with the aforementioned flavors, creates a multifaceted tasting experience that keeps one coming back for more, trying to decipher the myriad nuances and undertones. The flavor journey of Abusive OG concludes with a slightly skunky aftertaste, a bold reminder of its potency and character.

This skunkiness, while intense, melds harmoniously with the other flavors, creating a cohesive taste profile that is both bold and balanced. In the world of cannabis, flavor plays it’s contribution to shaping the comprehensive impression of a strain. In the case of Abusive OG, its intricate flavor profile does more than just tantalize the taste buds. It tells a story, echoing its genetic history, cultivation journey, and the rich sensory tapestry it promises to weave. Every puff becomes an exploration, a journey into the depths of what this strain has to offer, making the act of consumption not just about effect but also a celebration of taste.

In Conclusion:

Drawing to a close on the discussion of Abusive OG, it’s evident that this strain is much more than just its name or lineage; it’s an embodiment of the intricate dance between genetics, cultivation, and user experience. Originating from the esteemed OG Kush family, Abusive OG has carved its niche in the cannabis world, not just for its potency but for its multifaceted characteristics.

From its distinct aroma that blends earthiness with hints of pine and citrus, to its rich flavor profile that invites the palate on a journey of taste, this strain has proven itself to be a sensory delight. Beyond the olfactory and gustatory experiences, its effects, both therapeutic and recreational, place it among the top choices for many enthusiasts. Whether it’s the deep relaxation it offers, the euphoria it induces, or the potential therapeutic benefits like pain relief and anxiety reduction, Abusive OG has a broad spectrum of applications. However, like any other strain, its consumption requires mindfulness.

The high THC content, coupled with its intense effects, means that dosing and setting are paramount to ensure a pleasant experience. Cultivators, too, are drawn to this strain, not just for its yield but for the visual and aromatic rewards it offers during its growth cycle. In conclusion, Abusive OG stands as a testament to the beauty of cannabis as a plant, medicine, and recreational substance. Its existence in the vast world of cannabis strains serves as a reminder of the plant’s diversity, potential, and the ever-evolving relationship between humans and this ancient herb.

Additional information

Best Use

Anxiety, Headache, Nausea


100% Indica

CBD Level

Low (Less than 2%)


Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy


Herbal, Spicy, Sweet

Outdoor Yield

12 Ounces/Plant

Flowering Time Indoors

55-65 Days

Flowering Time Outdoors

Late September to mid-October

Growing Difficulty


Indoor Yield

13oz/ m2

Plant Height




Thriving Climate

Mediterranean climate



5 reviews for Abusive OG Cannabis Seeds

  1. Elina Horton

    The plant started flowering since the 50th day. I was surprised but very happy at the same time. I absolutely love the taste and the relaxed feeling afterwards.
    Will purchase again in the near future.

  2. Lana.H

    Me and my friend always wanted to grow our own cannabis plants but didn’t know where to order the seeds from. After doing some research we saw that most reviews on other websites were fake, and we were scared because we didn’t want to risk getting bad quality seeds and end up unsatisfied with the product. We do smoke often to feel relaxed after a long day of work. We started looking more in death and we loved the whole aesthetic and the legitimate of the website. We ordered our first pack of seeds, and it was so easy to order. The website had everything listed so tidy with all the details that you need. They came very quickly unscratched and the whole delivery process was very smooth. We are still waiting for the plants to grow. Currently on our 30th day and everything is going consistently lovely. So excited to get the end result. We will certainly order again.

  3. Daphne Barrett

    These seeds exceeded my expectations in terms of yield and potency. The genetics are solid, resulting in robust plants that are resistant to pests and diseases.

  4. Jagger Delgado

    As a medical cannabis user, I rely on consistent quality for managing my symptoms. These seeds consistently produce flowers with the perfect balance of cannabinoids, providing reliable relief.

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