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Alien Rock Candy cannabis seeds bring a cosmic blend of tantalizing flavors and potent effects that will send your taste buds on a sugary and euphoric journey through the cosmos

  • Offers a truly extraterrestrial cannabis experience.
  • 18% THC of profound corporeal tranquility
  • 18 cannabis per plant
  • Sweet confectionery notes
  • One of the best!



Originating from celestial origins, Alien Rock Candy Cannabis Seeds embodies a fusion of the extraterrestrial and the terrestrial, imparting a cerebral elevation that transports its patrons to galaxies far removed from our own. Upon delving into its genetic composition, one encounters a harmonious amalgamation of two formidable lineages, culminating in a botanical specimen adorned with resin-draped buds, glistening with trichomes that emulate the brilliance of stars strewn across the nocturnal heavens.

Its progenitor strains, venerated in the cannabis community, bequeath a legacy that harmonizes the finest attributes of both realms: the potency of a sativa’s invigorating euphoria intertwined with the soothing embrace of an indica. This captivating juxtaposition manifests in an olfactory symphony, an interplay of sweet, sour, and spicy subtleties that tantalize the senses, rendering each inhalation an odyssey in itself. Furthermore, when cultivated with meticulous care and attention, Alien Rock Candy cannabis seeds showcases a rapid flowering cycle, rendering it a preferred choice among cultivators seeking expeditious yields without compromising on quality.

The effects, while primarily cerebral in nature, extend beyond mere vivacity. They cascade through the physique, dissolving tensions and bestowing a state of serenity. The cerebral ascent is not fleeting; it unfolds as a profound voyage of introspection, creativity, and heightened sensory acuity. Enthusiasts often recount an otherworldly experience akin to traversing the boundaries of space and time, offering lucidity of thought and a rejuvenated perspective on the intricacies of existence.

This strain has carved a distinct niche, owing to its multifaceted therapeutic advantages. Many users extol its efficacy in mitigating a spectrum of ailments, ranging from persistent pain, stress, and fatigue to nuanced concerns such as anxiety and mood fluctuations. Its well-balanced profile ensures that therapeutic users can harness its benefits without being overwhelmed, rendering it suitable for consumption both during daylight hours and in the evening.

Alien Rock Candy cannabis seeds transcends the ordinary confines of the cannabis domain. It stands as a stellar testament to the marvels of botanical craftsmanship and the limitless potential it offers. Whether you are a cultivator in search of a distinctive addition to your horticultural repertoire, a recreational user seeking an unparalleled journey, or a medicinal patron in pursuit of solace, this strain guarantees an odyssey that is transformative and indelible.

Origin and Lineage:

Alien Rock Candy cannabis seeds, drawing from the mysteries of the cosmos and the firmament, holds its roots in a blend of pedigrees that have been lauded in the annals of cannabis history. Delving into its genetic tapestry reveals an intertwining of powerful parental strains, each lending its distinctive characteristics to create a progeny that is nothing short of stellar.

On one side of this lineage, we encounter a strain known for its invigorating sativa attributes, bringing forth an energetic burst and cerebral stimulation. This parent, celebrated in many cultivation circles, is renowned for its consistent potency and the uplifting experience it offers.

Its genetics are often sought after by breeders aiming to inject a dose of vigor and zest into their hybrid creations. In contrast, the other parent brings the grounding and calming nuances typical of an indica-dominant strain. Its heritage is steeped in tales of relaxation, tranquility, and a deep connection to the earth. Alien Rock Candy cannabis seeds has been highly esteemed for its ability to wrap its users in a blanket of calm, alleviating stress and providing a peaceful reprieve from life’s daily tumult. Its dense, resin-laden buds are a testament to its potency and the serene journey it promises.

The merging of these two titans of the cannabis world results in a strain that perfectly encapsulates the best of both its ancestors. The resultant progeny offers a balanced experience, harmonizing the cerebral elevation of a sativa with the soothing embrace of an indica. Beyond the effects, its genetic amalgamation also influences its growth patterns, resilience, and yield, making it a coveted choice among cultivators.

The strain’s buds shimmer with a thick coat of trichomes, and its aroma carries the legacy of its parents, a melange of sweet, earthy, and spicy notes, enticing users and growers alike. In tracing the roots of this strain, we’re reminded of the vast and varied tapestry that is the world of cannabis cultivation. Each strain, with its unique history and lineage, contributes to the expansive library of experiences and effects available to users. Alien Rock Candy cannabis seeds, born from the union of two iconic parents, serves as a testament to the art of breeding and the boundless possibilities that emerge when the old meets the new.

Growth Difficulty and Grow Guide: 

Alien Rock Candy cannabis seeds, with its cosmic undertones, fits the bill perfectly. Classified as a moderately challenging variety, it demands attention and care but repays the efforts with robust and resinous buds. To harness the best results, adhering to a comprehensive grow guide is essential. Firstly, employing training techniques such as topping or low-stress training can maximize light exposure, leading to bushier plants with enhanced yields.

Given its preference for moderate climates, maintaining temperatures between 68°F to 78°F ensures optimal metabolic activity. Periodic testing of the growth medium’s pH and EC values is crucial to ensure the plant absorbs nutrients efficiently, avoiding potential growth hindrances. Furthermore, vigilance against common pests, combined with a well-balanced nutrient regimen, contributes to a healthier growth cycle. By honoring these guidelines and embracing a proactive approach, cultivators can navigate the strain’s challenges and revel in a bountiful and quality harvest.

Nutrients and Equipment:

  • Seed Germination: Quick and consistent germination ensures a promising start for cultivation.
  • Growing Medium: Prefers a mix of organic soil or coco coir for optimal root development.
  • Equipment: Ensure sturdy support structures to accommodate its potentially dense and heavy buds.
  • Lighting: Thrives under intense LED or HPS lighting, ensuring vibrant growth and flowering.
  • Nutrients: Demands a balanced nutrient regimen, with periodic boosts during flowering to enhance bud quality.
  • Temperature: Prefers a moderate climate, with temperatures ranging between 68°F to 77°F for optimal growth.
  • Humidity: Maintain relative humidity levels around 40-50% during flowering to prevent mold and enhance resin production.
  • Pruning: Regular trimming of lower branches enhances air circulation and redirects energy to main colas.

Flowering Phase:

  • Lighting: Benefits from high-intensity LED or HPS lights, ensuring robust vegetative growth and bountiful flowering.
  • Nutrients: Requires a well-balanced nutrient profile, with emphasis on phosphorus and potassium during its flowering phase.
  • Temperature: Flourishes in temperatures ranging from 68°F to 78°F, ensuring optimal metabolic activity and growth.
  • Humidity: Best kept at relative humidity levels of 40-50% during flowering to minimize mold risks and promote trichome development.
  • Sexing: Early observation is key; females exhibit wispy white hairs (pistils) while males produce pollen sacs.


  • Indicators: Exhibits resinous trichomes that transition from clear to milky and amber, signaling peak maturity and readiness for harvest.
  • Technique: Employs techniques like topping and low-stress training (LST) to increase yields and encourage a more bushy growth pattern.
  • Curing: Dry slowly in a controlled environment for 7-14 days, followed by jar curing for several weeks to enhance flavor and potency.

Common Challenges:

  • Pests: Exhibits some natural resistance, but vigilance against spider mites and aphids is necessary for optimal plant health.
  • Nutrient Imbalance: Sensitivity to nutrient fluctuations can manifest as leaf discolorations; consistent feeding schedules mitigate this.
  • Over/Under Watering: Prone to root rot when over-watered; ensure a well-draining medium and monitor soil moisture to prevent dehydration or waterlogging.

Additional Tips:

  • Training Techniques: Responds well to methods like topping, low-stress training (LST), and supercropping, fostering bushier and more productive growth.
  • Climate: Thrives in a moderate climate with temperatures ranging between 68°F to 78°F, and is resilient to minor fluctuations.
  • Testing: Regular pH and EC testing of the medium and water ensures optimal nutrient uptake and prevents potential growth issues.

Germination time:

One of paramount importance is the critical phase of germination. Alien Rock Candy cannabis seeds, renowned for their celestial sweetness, boasts a germination timeline that captivates the interest of numerous cultivators. Alien Rock Candy cannabis seeds, possessing a robust genetic foundation, exhibit a commendable ability to break dormancy and commence their growth journey with remarkable efficiency. As they imbibe moisture and warmth, they swiftly undergo a transformation, yielding robust shoots that portend vigorous growth. This expeditious emergence not only underscores the genetic resilience of the strain but also establishes a firm groundwork for the subsequent stages of its growth cycle.

Cultivators, by meticulously maintaining optimal environmental conditions, namely, the precise balance of humidity, temperature, and darkness, can harness the inherent propensity of this strain for rapid germination. This swift and dependable initiation phase often translates into a cultivation experience that is both gratifying and comparatively trouble-free. In summation, the germination period of this strain serves as an unequivocal beacon, guiding and assuring growers of the inherent quality and potential harbored within each seed, thus paving the path toward a bountiful harvest.

Wellness and Alien Rock Candy Cannabis seeds:

Alien Rock Candy cannabis seeds present a holistic wellness experience that transcends the ordinary. Among these botanical treasures stands a variety with a celestial name, a true gem in the world of cannabis. Its essence holds the pledge of a profound union between the body and mind, firmly rooted in the principles of holistic well-being. When partaken, it initiates an adventure that commences with a cerebral elevation, enveloping individuals in a cocoon of positivity and heightened sensory awareness. This initial surge of euphoria is not merely a superficial burst of joy; it is a profound and enduring delight that sparks creativity and rekindles one’s zest for life.

Yet, the journey does not culminate there. As the cerebral effects reach their zenith, a gentle serenity courses through the body, soothing tense muscles and evoking a profound state of tranquility. This harmonious fusion of uplifting and calming qualities has received acclaim, particularly from those yearning to escape the burdens of daily life. For those grappling with anxiety or mood fluctuations, Alien Rock Candy cannabis seeds emerges as a beacon of hope, guiding them toward mental equilibrium.

Conversely, its sedative attributes offer solace to those besieged by chronic pain or insomnia, granting them the reprieve they earnestly seek. Beyond its recreational allure, the therapeutic community holds this strain in the highest esteem. Its multifaceted wellness profile has been associated with enhanced focus, rendering once-daunting tasks more manageable.

Furthermore, its capacity to elevate mood makes social interactions more enjoyable, dismantling the barriers of social anxiety for many. Yet, perhaps its most lauded attribute lies in its capacity to foster introspection. Users frequently recount moments of profound insight, encouraging self-examination and personal growth.

In a world where the prioritization of well-being is frequently overshadowed, this strain emerges as a poignant reminder of the symbiotic relationship between nature and well-being. It serves as a testament to the idea that nature, in its boundless wisdom, has bestowed remedies that cater to both our physical and emotional needs. For those embarking on a journey that encompasses not only external relief but also inner exploration, this strain pledges an odyssey that is nothing short of transformative, therapeutic, and transcendental.

CBD Levels:

The emphasis has increasingly shifted towards the therapeutic constituents of the plant, particularly Cannabidiol (CBD). Alien Rock Candy cannabis seeds offers a unique perspective on CBD concentrations. The cannabinoid profile of this variety is a harmonious blend, with its CBD levels intricately balanced with other cannabinoids. While not primarily recognized as a high-CBD strain, its levels are significant enough to impart some of the revered benefits associated with CBD.

CBD, celebrated for its non-psychoactive healing properties, has been the focus of numerous studies and anecdotal accounts that highlight its potential in alleviating a range of conditions. When looking at this strain, its CBD content complements the more dominant Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels, creating an entourage effect.

This symbiosis, in which the collective surpasses the individual sum of its parts, enhances the overall therapeutic potential and modulates the psychoactive intensity of THC, ensuring a more rounded and grounded experience for users. For those navigating the cannabis realm seeking strains that provide relief without an overpowering high, this variety’s CBD-to-THC ratio offers a promising avenue. The presence of CBD tempers the euphoric waves, resulting in clearer-headed relaxation, making it suitable for users who desire functional relief. This balance is particularly beneficial for novices or those sensitive to THC’s more intense effects.

Furthermore, the moderate CBD levels in this strain underscore its potential in the wellness community. From anecdotal accounts, many users have reported a sense of calm, reduced anxiety, and even relief from certain physical discomforts, attributed in part to the CBD’s influence. As the scientific community delves deeper into the myriad benefits of CBD, strains like this one stand as testament to the importance of a balanced cannabinoid profile. In essence, this strain, with its celestial undertones and nuanced CBD levels, bridges the gap between recreation and therapeutic relief, presenting a holistic option for both aficionados and newcomers alike.


Alien Rock Candy cannabis seeds, evoking interstellar connotations, is a stellar example. At first glance, its buds captivate the onlooker with a verdant green hue, interspersed with hints of purple and blue, reminiscent of distant galaxies. This color palette is accentuated further by the fiery orange pistils that sprawl across the bud, giving it a sun-kissed appearance, as if touched by cosmic rays.

But the visual allure doesn’t end there. The true magic lies in the dense coating of trichomes that envelop the buds, giving them a crystalline sheen. These tiny, glandular structures glisten under light, making the buds appear as if they’re dusted with a layer of frost or stardust. The trichomes not only add to the aesthetic charm but are also indicative of the strain’s potency and rich cannabinoid profile.

The plant’s structure complements its vibrant buds. With medium to tall stature, its branches stretch outwards, showcasing broad fan leaves that carry the same vibrant hues, creating a striking contrast against the glittering buds. Furthermore, the density of the buds is notable; they are tightly packed, indicating a robust genetic lineage and optimal cultivation practices. Beyond the immediate visual appeal, the strain’s appearance tells a story.

It speaks of meticulous breeding, attentive cultivation, and the sheer beauty that nature, with a touch of human intervention, can produce. For cultivators, the sight of these shimmering buds nearing harvest time is a reward in itself, a testament to their efforts and the plant’s inherent vitality. For consumers, the appearance is an invitation, a prelude to the sensory journey that awaits. In the world of cannabis, where effects and flavors are often celebrated, this strain serves as a reminder that visual aesthetics play an equally pivotal role, enhancing the overall experience from cultivation to consumption.

Plant Height:

Alien Rock Candy cannabis seeds, embodies such distinctiveness. As it grows, it unveils a stature that is both commanding and versatile. Tending towards a medium to tall height, this plant stands out in gardens, often reaching skyward with vigor and grace. Its vertical growth is indicative of its genetic lineage, echoing the characteristics of its ancestral strains. The elongated structure provides ample space for the development of dense, resinous buds along its branches.

For cultivators, managing the height becomes an essential aspect of the growth cycle. While its natural tendency is to reach upwards, with the right training techniques, the plant’s height can be controlled, making it adaptable to both expansive gardens and more constrained indoor setups. The height not only influences the plant’s aesthetics but also plays a pivotal role in light distribution, airflow, and overall yield. In essence, the towering stature of this strain serves as a testament to its vitality, promising a bountiful harvest and serving as a visual spectacle for those fortunate enough to witness its growth.


Alien Rock Candy cannabis seeds stand as a testament to such aromatic allure. From the moment its buds begin to mature, the surrounding air is permeated with a complex bouquet that challenges simple description. Initially, a sweet, almost sugary scent entices the senses, reminiscent of confectionery delights from an otherworldly patisserie. This sugary note is swiftly followed by an earthy undertone, grounding the sweetness and adding a layer of depth to its profile.

As one delves deeper into the aroma, hints of citrus and subtle fruity notes come to the fore, dancing on the senses like ethereal whispers from distant orchards. But the olfactory tapestry doesn’t end there. Hidden beneath these dominant notes lies a subtle spicy undertone, evoking images of exotic markets and age-old spice routes.

The culmination of these scents creates an aromatic experience that is both rich and multifaceted, a fragrant symphony that resonates with both novice and seasoned enthusiasts alike. For cultivators, the developing aroma during the growth cycle serves as an indicator of the plant’s health and maturity. As harvest time approaches, the intensifying fragrance signals the readiness of the buds, promising an aromatic feast upon consumption.

For consumers, the scent acts as the first chapter of their experience, setting the stage for the ensuing flavors and effects. It’s a sensory prelude, hinting at the strain’s lineage, potency, and the care with which it was cultivated. In the grand tapestry of cannabis, where effects, appearance, and lineage often dominate discussions, this strain’s aroma serves as a gentle reminder of the plant’s sensory magic. It underscores the notion that the beauty of cannabis lies not just in its visual appeal or its therapeutic benefits, but also in its ability to engage and captivate our most primal of senses.


Alien Rock Candy cannabis seeds, bearing a name of celestial origin, stand as a resplendent embodiment of such sensory marvels. Upon the inaugural inhalation, a surge of sweetness envelops the taste receptors, evoking ethereal confections hailing from a galaxy far removed. This saccharine prelude, however, does not stand alone but harmoniously melds with earthy undertones, endowing the flavor profile with both depth and opulence.

As the journey unfolds, subtle hints of citrus zest gracefully emerge, imparting a tangy counterpoint to the initial sweetness. This citric burst conjures recollections of sun-drenched orchards, with its tantalizing acidity elegantly balancing the prevailing sugary notes. Yet, the flavor expedition of Alien Rock Candy cannabis seeds refuses to plateau at this juncture. As the initial impressions gradually subside, a subtle spiciness makes its presence felt, reminiscent of exotic spices traded along ancient routes. This spicy nuance introduces an additional layer of complexity, ensuring that each inhalation is a novel revelation, an uncharted stratum awaiting discovery.

For those privileged to partake, the interplay of these flavors bestows more than a mere gustatory experience. It serves as a window into the strain’s lineage, cultivation, and meticulous curing process. The profound depth and opulence of the flavors bear witness to the scrupulous care with which it was nurtured and the pristine genetic heritage from which it traces its lineage. Every nuance, from the saccharine to the spicy, unfurls a narrative of nature’s alchemy interwoven with human stewardship, culminating in something authentically magical.

In a world where discourse surrounding cannabis frequently centers on potency, effects, and therapeutic virtues, the flavor profile of this strain emerges as a guiding beacon. It reminds us of the sheer pleasures of savoring the moment, of immersing oneself in the symphony of flavors, and of venerating the subtleties that render each strain unique. Essentially, the flavor of Alien Rock Candy cannabis seeds is not a mere sensory delight; it is a voyage, an odyssey that commences upon the tongue and resonates profoundly within the recesses of the soul.

In Conclusion:

Some strains stand as beacons, epitomizing the fusion of nature’s brilliance and human ingenuity. Alien Rock Candy cannabis seeds is a testament to such an embodiment. From its genetic lineage to its captivating aroma, flavor profile, and visual allure, it offers a comprehensive experience that resonates with both cultivators and consumers alike. Its growth patterns, indicative of its robust genetic makeup, promise a rewarding cultivation journey, while its resinous buds hint at the potency and sensory delight that awaits users.

For the consumer, the experience is transformative. The initial aromatic hints promise a flavor journey that is both nuanced and profound. The symphony of sweet, earthy, and spicy notes dance on the palate, ensuring that each session is memorable. Beyond the sensory, the therapeutic potential it harbors caters to a wide spectrum of needs, ranging from relaxation and mental clarity to potential relief from physical discomforts.

The world of cannabis is vast, with each strain offering a unique narrative. But, occasionally, a variety emerges that transcends the ordinary, creating ripples in the community and setting benchmarks for others to aspire to. Alien Rock Candy cannabis seeds, with its celestial connotations, does precisely that.

It stands as a testament to the limitless potential forged through the convergence of nature and scientific advancement, as well as the harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation. For those privileged to embark on this voyage, whether as cultivators or consumers, it assures an enriching and enlightening odyssey, a genuine affirmation of the enchantment inherent in the realm of cannabis.

Additional information

Best Use

Anxiety, Lack of Appetite, Nausea


40% Sativa, 60% Indica

CBD Level

Low (Less than 2%)


Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted


Citrus, Pungent, Sweet

Flowering Time Outdoors

Mid to late September

Flowering Time Indoors

50-60 Days

Growing Difficulty


Indoor Yield

18 oz/plant

Outdoor Yield

18 oz/plant

Plant Height




Thriving Climate

Mediterranean climate



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    I have always heard about growing your own cannabis since 2018 but I never thought of growing it myself. I ordered my first seed pack a year ago from another website and the service was awful. The delivery came late, and the 4/10 seeds germinated. I’ve tried ordering from other websites also, but I’ve had to deal with the same problems and issues. Since my first order here I have never thought of ordering from another place. Will 100% buy again.

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    Their adaptability makes these seeds a favorite among growers seeking flexibility in their cultivation methods.

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    Consistency is key when it comes to cannabis cultivation, and these seeds deliver on that front.

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