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Blueberry cannabis seeds promise a journey into tranquility, producing plants with beautiful blue hues and a fruity aroma that’s nothing short of a sweet, blueberry-filled delight.

  • Dense and covered in trichomes
  • 2-4 oz cannabis per plant
  • 16% THC for anxiety relief
  • Blueberry aroma and flavor.
  • Popular strain!



Blueberry Cannabis Seeds are a captivating facet of the broader world of cannabis cultivation, merging the charm of nature’s bounty with the intricacies of botanical science. At the crossroads of agriculture and innovation, these seeds stand out not only because of the promise of the fragrant blueberry nuances they bring but also because of the storied journey of their development. The Blueberry strain, from which these seeds originate, is a product of meticulous breeding, characterized by its deep purple and blue hues when mature, an aesthetic quality that captivates growers and consumers alike. Its lineage is said to trace back to the latter part of the 20th century, with origins deeply rooted in the exotic landscapes of Thailand, Afghanistan, and Mexico. Such an illustrious history of selective breeding, crossing strains from diverse terrains, gives the Blueberry cannabis its distinct aroma, flavor, and effects. Speaking of aroma, one cannot simply mention it without delving into the intricate ballet of terpenes – organic compounds that determine the scent profile of the plant. With Blueberry cannabis, the dance of terpenes renders an unmistakably sweet and fruity aroma reminiscent of fresh blueberries, a sensory experience that amplifies the pleasure of consumption. But beyond the olfactory pleasure, lies the therapeutic potential of the strain.

Many users report a deeply relaxing effect, indicative of its predominant indica genetic makeup. This has made it a sought-after strain for those looking to unwind, de-stress, or even manage certain pain conditions. But cultivating Blueberry isn’t just about the end product; it’s an experience in itself. The seeds encapsulate a promise, a potential for growth, and an intricate dance of nature and nurture. Planting them is an act of hope, tending to them is an exercise in patience, and harvesting them is a celebration of bounty. As with all cannabis strains, understanding the optimal growing conditions for Blueberry – from light cycles to nutrient ratios – is an art form, demanding both knowledge and intuition. In today’s expanding cannabis industry, where the horizon of genetic engineering and advanced breeding techniques beckon, the humble Blueberry Cannabis Seed serves as a reminder of the beautiful confluence of nature’s simplicity and human ingenuity. As more cultivators and consumers lean into the embrace of this remarkable strain, the legacy of the Blueberry cannabis continues to flourish, further cementing its place in the annals of cannabis history.

Origin and Lineage:

Blueberry Cannabis Seeds have an illustrious history that stretches back decades, painting a vivid tapestry of botanical endeavors that span across continents and cultures. The story of this iconic strain begins in the 1970s when a pioneering cannabis breeder named DJ Short embarked on a journey of passion, traveling through various parts of the world in search of unique landrace strains. His odyssey took him to the verdant landscapes of Thailand, the rugged terrains of Afghanistan, and the rich valleys of Mexico, each offering distinct cannabis varieties with their own unique characteristics. By selectively breeding these strains, DJ Short was weaving the genetic threads that would eventually culminate in the creation of the Blueberry strain. The Thai genetics brought a touch of sativa influence, introducing uplifting cerebral effects and a taller plant stature, while the Afghan genetics, steeped in indica lineage, contributed to the strain’s robustness, resilience, and the deeply relaxing effects it’s famed for.

The Mexican genetics added another layer of complexity, introducing a broader terpene profile and further stabilizing the strain. The culmination of these diverse genetics resulted in a strain that bore deep blue and purple hues when exposed to cooler temperatures during the flowering phase, mimicking the colors of ripe blueberries. But it wasn’t just the aesthetics that stood out; the aroma was a game-changer. Blueberry Cannabis burst forth with a tantalizingly sweet and fruity aroma, so reminiscent of fresh blueberries that it was impossible not to name the strain after the fruit. Over time, this strain gained immense popularity, not only for its captivating appearance and aroma but also for the balanced effects it offered, a harmonious blend of its sativa and indica ancestry. Winning the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2000 for the Best Indica further solidified its legendary status in the cannabis community. As the years progressed, the lineage of Blueberry was crossed with other strains, giving rise to various hybrids that carried a hint of its genetic brilliance. However, the pure Blueberry strain, as developed by DJ Short, remains a testament to the beauty of selective breeding and the wonders of cannabis genetics. It serves as a chronicle of one breeder’s passion, dedication, and vision, transcending time and borders to gift the world a strain that not only delights the senses but also stands as an emblem of botanical and genetic mastery

Growth Difficulty and Grow Guide: 

The cultivation of Blueberry Cannabis Seeds offers a nuanced journey for growers, characterized by its moderate growth difficulty which demands a blend of patience and proficiency. While the strain is revered for its delightful aesthetics and aromatic profile, cultivating it requires a keen understanding of its specific needs. Thriving best in Mediterranean-like climates, the Blueberry plant craves ample sunlight, consistent warmth, and well-draining soil. Those who opt for indoor cultivation often employ the Sea of Green (SOG) technique to maximize yield, given its naturally compact and bushy stature, a nod to its indica-leaning genetics. Proper pruning becomes imperative to ensure adequate airflow and light penetration, warding off mold and pests that might be attracted to its sweet aroma. An added challenge arises from its sensitivity to temperature fluctuations. As it nears the flowering phase, exposing the plant to cooler nighttime temperatures can enhance its signature blue and purple hues, but striking the right balance is crucial to avoid stressing the plant. Furthermore, it’s vital to monitor the pH levels of the soil or hydroponic solution, maintaining a range between 6.0 to 7.0, ensuring optimal nutrient absorption. All in all, while cultivating Blueberry Cannabis Seeds may not be a venture for the absolute novice, with attentive care, the rewards in terms of yield and quality are truly worth the effort.

Nutrients and Equipment:

  • Seed Germination: Blueberry cannabis seeds typically germinate within 24-72 hours when placed in a moist, warm environment.
  • Growing Medium: Blueberry plants flourish in well-draining soil rich in organic matter but can also adapt to hydroponic systems.
  • Equipment: Opt for larger pots to accommodate the Blueberry plant’s robust root system, ensuring steady growth.
  • Lighting: Blueberry thrives under a 600 to 1000-watt HPS or LED equivalent during its flowering phase.
  • Nutrients: A balanced mix of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and microelements is essential during vegetative and flowering stages.
  • Temperature: Maintaining temperatures between 70-80°F during the day and slightly cooler at night optimizes growth.
  • Humidity: Aim for 50-60% humidity during the vegetative phase, reducing to 40-50% during flowering.
  • Pruning: Regular pruning of lower branches enhances airflow and redirects energy to top buds, maximizing yield.

Flowering Phase:

  • Lighting: A consistent 18/6 light cycle during vegetative growth is recommended, switching to 12/12 during flowering.
  • Nutrients: Blueberry plants require higher nitrogen levels during the vegetative phase and increased phosphorus during flowering.
  • Temperature: Exposing plants to slightly cooler temperatures during late flowering can accentuate the strain’s signature purple hues.
  • Humidity: Maintaining lower humidity levels during flowering can help prevent mold and bud rot.
  • Sexing: Monitor plants closely during early flowering to differentiate and separate male plants, ensuring seedless buds.


  • Indicators: Look for 70% of the pistils turning amber and trichomes transitioning from clear to milky as a sign of maturity.
  • Technique: Implementing low-stress training (LST) can increase yields by ensuring even light distribution across the plant.
  • Curing: Store harvested buds in airtight containers in a cool, dark place, burping regularly, to enhance flavor and potency.

Common Challenges:

  • Pests: Blueberry plants can be susceptible to spider mites and aphids; regular checks and natural deterrents are advised.
  • Nutrient Imbalance: Yellowing leaves or red stems can indicate a nutrient deficiency or excess.
  • Over/Under Watering: The plant’s drooping or curling leaves can signal watering issues, demanding immediate adjustment.

Additional Tips:

  • Training Techniques: Techniques like topping and super cropping can boost the Blueberry plant’s yield potential.
  • Climate: Blueberry prefers a Mediterranean climate but can adapt to both warmer and cooler environments with care.
  • Testing: Regular soil pH and nutrient tests ensure the Blueberry plant receives the ideal conditions for thriving.

Germination time:

Germination is a pivotal stage in the life cycle of the Blueberry Cannabis plant, marking the commencement of its journey from seed to maturity. Blueberry Cannabis Seeds, with their robust genetic lineage, typically exhibit a germination time frame that spans between 24 to 72 hours. However, this isn’t a mere waiting game for cultivators. The seeds’ successful transition hinges upon the careful orchestration of environmental factors. Ensuring the seeds are placed in a consistently moist, yet not waterlogged, environment is paramount. Many growers employ the paper towel method, wherein the seeds are nestled between two dampened paper towels, subsequently placed inside a sealed plastic bag, creating a mini-humid chamber. The warmth plays an equally crucial role, with an optimal temperature range hovering between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, mimicking the gentle embrace of spring, which cues the seed to awaken. As the hours progress, the observant grower might notice the seed’s outer shell softening, gradually splitting to reveal a tender white taproot. This delicate protrusion is the plant’s first foray into life, seeking nourishment and anchorage. While the germination period of Blueberry Cannabis Seeds is relatively brief, it’s a testament to nature’s marvel, encapsulating the promise of growth, the anticipation of verdant canopies, and the eventual bounty of aromatic buds.

Wellness and Blueberry Cannabis seeds:

The Blueberry Cannabis strain, a product of the seeds that have journeyed through decades of cultivation and refinement, has transcended beyond its recreational appeal, establishing a profound footprint in the realm of wellness and holistic health. Rich in a constellation of cannabinoids and terpenes, Blueberry Cannabis offers a symphony of effects that cater to both the body and mind. The strain is predominantly indica in its genetics, a lineage that imbues it with deeply calming and sedative properties. Many users recount a serene drift into relaxation shortly after consumption, a gentle ebbing away of physical tension and mental clutter, akin to the soothing embrace of a warm blanket on a cold night. This makes it an invaluable ally for those grappling with stress, anxiety, or insomnia, offering a natural avenue for unwinding and fostering deeper sleep cycles. But the magic of Blueberry Cannabis doesn’t halt at mere relaxation. Many individuals navigating the maze of chronic pain, whether from ailments like arthritis, migraines, or muscle spasms, have found solace in its therapeutic embrace. The strain’s natural anti-inflammatory properties, combined with its analgesic effects, create a potent balm for pain alleviation. Furthermore, the terpene profile of Blueberry, dominated by myrcene and pinene, not only contributes to its iconic fruity aroma but also enhances the entourage effect, amplifying the holistic benefits of the cannabinoids.

Mentally, Blueberry Cannabis is no less transformative. While the immediate effects often manifest as euphoria and uplifted spirits, its deeper influence extends to the realms of introspection and creativity. Artists, writers, and thinkers have often turned to Blueberry for a burst of inspiration, with the strain’s cerebral effects nudging the mind toward unexplored pathways and perspectives. Moreover, for those wrestling with mood disorders or depressive episodes, Blueberry offers a glimmer of hope, a transient but impactful upliftment that can serve as a breather from the weight of persistent melancholy. In the ever-evolving narrative of cannabis and wellness, Blueberry Cannabis Seeds are not just a chapter but an entire saga, celebrating the harmonious marriage of nature’s bounty and human experience. As science delves deeper into unraveling its myriad benefits and nuances, one thing remains unequivocal: Blueberry Cannabis is not merely a strain but a holistic experience, a gentle reminder of nature’s capacity for healing, comfort, and joy

CBD Levels:

Within the intricate tapestry of the cannabis plant, CBD, or cannabidiol, emerges as a pivotal compound, garnering widespread attention for its therapeutic properties devoid of the psychoactive effects typically associated with THC. When we delve into the profile of Blueberry Cannabis Seeds, we find a fascinating interplay of these cannabinoids. Historically, the Blueberry strain, renowned for its rich aromatic profile and calming effects, was not particularly distinguished by high CBD levels. Instead, its lineage, primarily shaped by breeding endeavors of the 1970s and 1980s, emphasized THC content, yielding a product that delivered both recreational and medicinal benefits, largely attributable to its THC dominance. However, as the modern landscape of cannabis cultivation and consumption evolved, driven by a burgeoning interest in CBD’s potential benefits, breeders began experimenting with the genetic makeup of iconic strains, including Blueberry. Through selective breeding, hybrid variations of Blueberry have been crafted to enhance CBD content, sometimes achieving a balanced CBD to THC ratio, or even tipping the scales in favor of CBD dominance. These specialized variants strive to utilize the collective therapeutic potential of both cannabinoids, eliciting the “entourage effect,” in which the compounds collaborate synergistically to enhance each other’s advantages.

What’s particularly intriguing about elevated CBD levels in Blueberry variants is the resultant effect profile. While the original Blueberry strain, with its modest CBD content, is celebrated for its deeply relaxing and mildly euphoric effects, the heightened CBD versions introduce an added dimension of calm clarity, potentially mitigating the intensity of THC-induced euphoria. This nuanced equilibrium caters to users seeking relief from ailments like anxiety, inflammation, and pain, without an overwhelming psychoactive experience. It’s imperative, however, for consumers to be discerning when selecting Blueberry Cannabis Seeds based on CBD content. Authenticity and accuracy in cannabinoid percentages are paramount, as the plant’s efficacy as a wellness tool hinges upon its chemical composition. Lab testing, transparent seed sourcing, and educated purchasing decisions become indispensable in this quest. In the grand narrative of Blueberry Cannabis Seeds, the exploration of CBD levels is a testament to the plant’s adaptability and the industry’s commitment to catering to diverse user preferences and needs, weaving a tale of innovation, science, and wellness.


The aesthetic allure of Blueberry Cannabis Seeds, and the plants they give rise to, is a visual symphony that captures the very essence of botanical artistry. When one thinks of cannabis, it’s easy to generalize its appearance: the classic green, serrated leaves often come to mind. But with Blueberry, the canvas is painted with a broader spectrum of hues, reminiscent of a master artist’s palette. The journey begins with the seeds themselves, which are small, elongated, and often possess a mottled pattern of darker streaks against a lighter background, hinting at the vibrant potential they hold within.

As these seeds sprout and mature into full-fledged plants, the true visual spectacle unfolds. The Blueberry strain is known for its distinct and mesmerizing color palette. The leaves, though primarily green in their early stages, begin to adopt shades of deep purples, vibrant blues, and occasional hints of red as they approach maturity, especially when subjected to lower nighttime temperatures while in their flowering stage. This temperature-sensitive anthocyanin expression transforms the plant into a botanical masterpiece, with buds that appear as if they’ve been kissed by a twilight sky. These buds are often dense and resinous, shimmering with a trichome blanket that adds a silvery sheen, making the colorful display even more pronounced. Yet, it’s not just the myriad of colors that define Blueberry’s appearance. The plant structure itself, influenced by its predominantly indica genetics, leans towards a compact and bushy stature. The leaves are broad, with serrations that seem to dance rhythmically around the central vein. When cultivated with care, the branches grow sturdy, supporting the weight of the bountiful buds they bear, and ensuring the plant stands tall, flaunting its colorful ensemble.

The overall visual impression of a mature Blueberry plant is that of a botanical tapestry, where nature’s hues intermingle in a harmonious ballet. It’s a sight that not only delights cultivators and enthusiasts but also speaks of the strain’s rich lineage and history. Every shade, from the deepest of purples to the brightest of greens, tells a story of genetic refinement, careful cultivation, and nature’s whims. Within the domain of cannabis aesthetics, the Blueberry strain serves as evidence of the exquisite outcome when the forces of nature and cultivation harmonize. It presents a visual spectacle that is as mesmerizing and enchanting as the strain’s renowned aromatic and healing qualities.

Plant Height:

The Blueberry Cannabis strain, descended from its illustrious Blueberry Cannabis Seeds, possesses an array of characteristics that set it apart, not least of which is its notable plant height. A reflection of its predominantly indica lineage, the Blueberry plant often adopts a more compact and bushy stature, a stark contrast to the elongated stretch commonly associated with sativa varieties. Typically, when grown under optimal conditions, a Blueberry cannabis plant will reach heights of between 3.5 to 4 feet. However, its growth is less about vertical ascendancy and more about dense lateral branching. The plant’s proclivity for sideways growth means that while it may not tower in a garden or indoor setup, it occupies its space with a lush, verdant vigor. This naturally squat profile serves as a boon for indoor growers, where space is a premium, and vertical limitations are a common concern. For cultivators, understanding Blueberry’s height potential is not merely an exercise in logistical planning but also an insight into its genetics and growth behavior. This characteristic height, coupled with its vibrant hue transformations and dense bud formations, makes Blueberry not only a cultivator’s delight in terms of yield but also a visually appealing centerpiece, whether in a garden, greenhouse, or indoor grow room.


Dive into the world of cannabis aromatics, and few strains stand out as vividly as the legendary Blueberry. From the very seeds that birth this botanical wonder emerges a promise—an olfactory journey that is both nostalgic and novel. The Blueberry Cannabis strain’s aroma is not just a fleeting note; it’s a profound symphony, crafted meticulously over decades of genetic refinement and natural expression. When one encounters a mature Blueberry plant, the first sensory greeting is its unmistakable sweetness, reminiscent of freshly harvested blueberries, a scent that conjures images of summer days and pies cooling on windowsills. This berry-forward profile, however, is not singular. It’s layered, complex, and unfolds gradually.

Beneath the dominant blueberry fragrance lie subtle undertones that give the aroma its depth and complexity. Hints of earthiness, reminiscent of a forest after a light drizzle, provide a grounding counterpoint to the fruity sweetness. For the more discerning nose, there might also be traces of pine and perhaps a delicate whisper of vanilla, adding warmth and richness to the aromatic profile. This intricate blend is not just a testament to the strain’s genetic lineage but also to the terpenes, the aromatic compounds responsible for the diverse scents found in cannabis and many other plants.

Key terpenes like myrcene, which contributes to the berry sweetness, pinene, lending that hint of pine, and caryophyllene, adding a touch of spiciness, come together in a harmonious blend. This aromatic ensemble is more than just a sensory delight; it’s a functional one. Terpenes play a pivotal role in shaping the therapeutic and experiential aspects of the strain. The scent of Blueberry, thus, is not just an aromatic signature but a gateway to its myriad benefits. For cultivators and consumers alike, the aroma of Blueberry Cannabis Seeds offers a multifaceted experience. It serves as a preview of the sensory journey ahead, a marker of quality and authenticity, and a tangible link to the strain’s storied past. As one inhales the scent, it’s easy to be transported, to relive memories, and to anticipate the calm and euphoria that the Blueberry strain promises. In the vast aromatic landscape of cannabis, Blueberry’s scent stands tall, a fragrant beacon that is both timeless and evocative, embodying the very essence of nature’s bounty and human innovation.


The realm of cannabis is awash with flavors, each strain bringing forth its own unique gustatory narrative. Yet, among this vast spectrum, the Blueberry strain, derived from its emblematic Blueberry Cannabis Seeds, has carved a niche, celebrated as much for its aromatic bouquet as its distinct palate experience. Upon the first inhalation, even before the smoke or vapor graces the taste buds, there’s an anticipation, a foreshadowing of the sensory journey ahead. And then it arrives—a burst of genuine blueberry sweetness, as if one has bitten into a ripe, juicy berry freshly plucked from a summer bush. This unmistakable fruitiness, pure and unadulterated, forms the cornerstone of the Blueberry flavor profile. However, like a fine wine or a gourmet dish, the flavor of Blueberry Cannabis is not monolithic. It is layered, offering a complexity that evolves with each successive puff. Underneath the predominant blueberry taste are subtle nuances, echoes of the earth from which the plant has sprung. There’s a mild undertone of fresh forest soil, grounding the sweetness and adding depth. For some, hints of warm, spicy wood, perhaps a touch of sandalwood or cedar, become discernible, lending an almost exotic touch to the palate. And as the session progresses, a delicate creaminess might emerge, reminiscent of a blueberry dessert, completing the flavor circle. These intricate flavors are the handiwork of terpenes, the same compounds responsible for the strain’s aroma. Myrcene, for instance, plays a significant role in that sweet berry flavor, while caryophyllene might contribute to the spicier notes. The presence and proportion of these terpenes not only shape the strain’s flavor but also influence its effects on the body and mind, making the tasting experience both pleasurable and therapeutic.

For aficionados and casual consumers alike, savoring the flavor of Blueberry Cannabis is akin to embarking on a sensory pilgrimage. It’s a journey back to nature, to memories of summer days and childhood desserts, yet also a voyage of discovery, exploring the intricate interplay of sweet, earthy, and spicy on the palate. It’s no wonder that Blueberry Cannabis Seeds, with their promise of this unmatched flavor experience, remain a coveted choice for cultivators and enthusiasts. In the expansive world of cannabis flavors, Blueberry stands as a testament to nature’s ability to delight, surprise, and nourish, one puff at a time.

In Conclusion:

In the intricate mosaic of the cannabis world, certain strains rise above the rest, not merely as products of consumption but as iconic symbols of botanical heritage and human ingenuity. Blueberry Cannabis Seeds epitomize this sentiment, encapsulating a legacy that has spanned decades. Born from a confluence of genetics, cultivation expertise, and serendipity, Blueberry represents more than just another cannabis strain. Its rich aromatic profile, layered flavors, and therapeutic prowess are but manifestations of its storied past and the passion of those who have nurtured it through generations. Beyond its sensory attributes, the strain’s visual allure, from its mottled seeds to its twilight-hued mature plants, speaks of the beauty inherent in nature and the potential that lies within every seed. For cultivators, Blueberry seeds are not merely carriers of genetic information; they are custodians of history, bearers of a promise of bountiful harvests, and a sensory journey that bridges nostalgia with novelty. For consumers, whether medical patients seeking relief or recreational users chasing euphoria, Blueberry offers a holistic experience. Its balanced effects, shaped by its unique blend of cannabinoids and terpenes, ensure that both body and mind find solace and joy. As we look towards the future of cannabis—a landscape dotted with hybrids, innovations, and constant evolution—it’s essential to honor strains like Blueberry. They serve as anchors, reminding us of the roots of cannabis culture, its transformative journey, and the timeless appeal of nature in its purest form. In conclusion, Blueberry Cannabis Seeds are not just botanical marvels; they are emblematic of a legacy, a testament to the symbiotic dance between nature and humankind, and a beacon for what lies ahead in the ever-evolving saga of cannabis.


Additional information

Best Use

Evening, Induce sleep, pain management


10% Ruderalis, 10% Sativa, 80% Indica

CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)


Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed


Blueberry, Sweet

Flowering Time Indoors

50-60 Days

Flowering Time Outdoors

All year

Growing Difficulty


Indoor Yield

16 oz/m2

Outdoor Yield

2 – 4 oz/plant

Plant Height




Thriving Climate

Mediterranean climate



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