Do-Si-Dos Cannabis Seeds

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Dos si dos marijuana seeds aren’t square in the least; instead, they produce a crop of dense, multicolored flowers covered in sticky white trichomes, making this indica-hyrbid a THC heavy hitter with a wide range of recreational and therapeutic applications.


Do si dos marijuana is a serious indica hybrid, if not for its intense fruity and citrusy flavor, then for the staggeringly high levels of THC it has been found to contain, which have been measured at 19% to an almost unheard-of 30%.

The overwhelming effect of Dos si dos is felt in the mind; ideas begin to flow, and you’re able to concentrate on a single task with laser-like precision. This strain has a calming effect on the body that helps to counteract any mental agitation. Enjoying a joint of Dos Si Dos is something you can do with friends or on your own, but it’s best done in the evening.

Dos si dos marijuana, despite its high THC content, can be beneficial for patients, especially those dealing with chronic pain and inflammation-related symptoms like headaches and nausea.

Dos si dos has a complex flavor that’s both sweet and dank, with hints of earth and skunk that pay homage to the OG Kush in its ancestry. Warning: when burned, the bud’s aroma can become harsh and acrid, but the flavor retains its natural sweetness.

Growing Dos si dos marijuana seeds does not require decades of experience, but experienced gardeners can achieve beautiful purple hues in the dense flowers by temporarily exposing plants to cold nighttime temperatures before flowering. Dos si dos marijuana seeds are well worth the investment because their flowers and leaves are covered in a sticky layer of crystal white trichomes, despite only offering an average yield when harvested.

Additional information

Best Use

Inflammation, Pain, Stress


30% Sativa, 70% Indica

CBD Level

Low (Less than 2%)


Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed


Earthy, Skunky, Sweet

Flowering Period

55-65 Days

Growing Difficulty


Plant Height


THC Content





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