Ghost Train Haze Cannabis Seeds

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Hop aboard the eerie Ghost Train! There is a lot of therapeutic potential in the thick, crystal-capped buds of the Ghost Train Haze sativa strain. In a hot, humid environment, which is ideal for these plants, most intermediate gardeners should be able to get good results, especially when using hydroponics.


Haunted Train Smog

Ghost Train Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid that deviates from the standard sativa profile in significant ways: it has crystal-covered buds with a sour citrus, flowery aroma, and its THC content of 25% makes it an effective treatment for pain, sadness, and lack of appetite.

Ghost Train Haze is a superb medicinal strain that, depending on the dose, can bring on feelings of joy and ecstasy while also making you feel alert and energised. Lower doses have been proposed for the treatment of ADD/ADHD, inflammation, muscle spasms, glaucoma, and chronic pain. A hazy state of mind may result from consuming too much. Avoiding this train is recommended for anyone who suffer from anxiety, as riding it may exacerbate existing symptoms or even cause paranoia.

Planting Ghost Train Haze feminised marijuana seeds in a hydroponic setting, with a hot, dry climate like that of the Mediterranean, will produce the best results (around 400 grammes per plant).

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Additional information

Best Use

Depression, Lack of Appetite, Pain


20% Indica, 80% Sativa

CBD Level

Low (Less than 2%)


Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted


Citrus, Earthy, Floral

Flowering Period

65-75 Days

Growing Difficulty


Plant Height


THC Content





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