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When the going gets tough, all we want is something potent to help us power through the day. Low THC strains aren’t cutting it for some of us any longer. Because of this, we have put together an incredible Mixpack for you that contains some of our strains that have the highest THC content.


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Our High THX Mixpack includes:

Hell’s OG Haze:

If a mediocre strain is your idea of hell, then prepare to meet Hell’s OG. This extremely rare indica-dominant hybrid had an average THC content so high that it made hell freeze over. Put the brakes on, there. To the best of our knowledge, the THC content of Hell’s OG Cannabis seeds is unrivaled. You can now buy rare indica seeds, which were previously only available in Colorado.

I suppose it’s acceptable if the thought of 33% THC is shocking to you. This warning about Hell’s OG not being for novice or infrequent pot smokers cannot be emphasized enough. You won’t find a more relaxing or sleep-inducing strain, but be warned: the THC content is quite high. The sedative effects of Hell’s OG are strong enough to put you to sleep.

A second or third puff of Cannabis cultivated from Hells’ OG seeds is required before its effects become noticeable. At first, there’s a lot going on in your head, but then peace and quiet settle in. While waiting, your stomach may start growling. Because hunger is calling, we must respond. This strain has shown promise in treating a wide range of medical issues, including insomnia, anxiety, PTSD, and chronic pain. I get aromas of sugary treats, ripe citrus fruits, and berries when I sniff it. Yum!

Northern Wreck:

Northern Wreck is an indica-dominant hybrid that has the enveloping effect of a warm blanket. Your mind will become profoundly drowsy as your body relaxes further. Due to its high THC content, Northern Wreck is often recommended by experts as the best cannabis strain for relieving chronic pain, insomnia, depression, appetite loss, and nausea (which can reach the high 20s).

Like a rich, earthy forest on a hot day, the piney flavor of Northern Wreck is delicious and slightly pungent, and the strain’s bright golden hairs and matching crystal trichomes reflect this.

Growing Cannabis from Northern Wreck seeds requires about 8 to 9 weeks of flowering time indoors and yields about 450 grams per square meter. Typically, Northern Wreck grown outdoors will start flowering in the latter half of September and continue until the middle of October.

Amherst Diesel:

Highs at record heights are possible when using Amherst Diesel cannabis seeds. Amazingly, this strain is only 20% indica and 80% sativa, making for a whopping 26% THC content. If you need a serious mental boost in the middle of the day—for things like inspiration, energy, and focus—look no further than Amherst Diesel.

Sativa fans will be pleased, but those with anxiety or paranoia should avoid this strain due to the high concentration of THC it contains. Amherst Diesel has the ability to stimulate a flurry of thought, which is useful for creative problem-solving but stressful under pressure.

The ease with which Amherst Diesel expands is yet another factor in the plant’s favor. Amherst Diesel Cannabis seeds are recommended for all growers. Because they are not particularly picky about their environment, these plants do well in either an indoor or outdoor setting.

Despite its sativa-like traits, this strain matures in just 9–10 weeks (which is rare for many sativa varieties). Growing Cannabis from Amherst Diesel seeds is a breeze due to the low maintenance required. The low maintenance requirements of this variety make it a good choice for busy growers.

5 reviews for High THC Strains Mixpack

  1. Ava Wilson

    If you are in search of a powerful cannabis experience, ensuring intense and long-lasting effects that cater to both recreational and medical users.

  2. Olivia Green

    These seeds arrived in discreet and secure packaging, which is always appreciated for privacy and protection during shipping.

  3. Noah Smith

    This mixpack is a dream come true for cannabis users and anyone seeking an elevated and intense cannabis experience.

  4. Emma Turner

    Each strain had its own unique terpene profile, from fruity and sweet to earthy and spicy, providing a well-rounded sensory experience that complemented the intense potency.

  5. Aiden Harris


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