King Kong Cannabis Seeds

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King Kong marijuana seeds are formidable and robust, much like the legendary ape from legend. This indica-dominant cross initially induces a state of euphoria and sociability before settling users into a deep state of sleep and physical oblivion.


Surely every single one of us has seen a film adaptation of King Kong? King Kong marijuana seeds are the only indica-dominant strain we could choose that is as formidable as the legendary ape. There’s a good reason why people associate this strain with the made-up animal so strongly. Medical professionals frequently use King Kong marijuana seeds to treat mental health issues like sadness, anxiety, and stress.

Watching King Kong from start to finish will alter your life for the better. The feeling of happiness, inspiration, and sociability comes on slowly at first. Family and friends can expect lots of giggling and hilarity from this variety. First, you’ll experience a surge of positive emotions that will put any fears or doubts at bay. In larger doses, King Kong tends to have a sedative, sleepy effect; as a result, it is best smoked in the evening.

King Kong’s second swell has a calming effect. The onset of couchlock is imminent. King Kong marijuana seeds are named after the film for another, more nug-related, reason. There are enormous, dense nugs on King Kong marijuana plants that are covered in hairs that look like monkey fur. The King Kong strain was created by breeding Chronic and Ed Rosenthal Super Bud.

Additional information

Best Use

Depression, Pain, Stress


20% Sativa, 80% Indica

CBD Level

Low (Less than 2%)


Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy


Herbal, Skunky, Woody

Flowering Period

50-60 Days

Growing Difficulty


Plant Height


THC Content





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