Mob Boss Cannabis Seeds

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Marijuana of the Mob Boss variety is notorious for its extreme potency, high resin and THC content, and intoxicating effects.


To any curious pot smokers out there, the Mob Boss strain is extremely powerful and robust. This strain has a higher than average THC content, so first-time users should proceed with caution. This 2009 strain, a result of breeding Chem Dog and Tang Tang, is well-known for its high THC content and copious resin production.

When cultivated from Mob Boss marijuana seeds, what kind of results can you expect to see?
Euphoria Uplifting Energetic Happiness

Users should be aware that the intensity of the buzz can vary widely from phenotype to phenotype. Since it has a higher sativa content, users can anticipate a more potent cerebral high. In moderate doses, it provides a wonderful mental high, fostering originality and the ability to solve problems in novel ways. Smokers should probably avoid using Mob Boss during the day, as it has the potential to keep them glued to the couch all afternoon. The harshness of the smoke can cause irritation of the eyes and sinuses, and it can cause coughing. Smoking has more positive than negative effects, so new smokers should be aware without fear.

To what extent do Mob Boss marijuana seeds help with medical conditions?
As a result of its extreme potency, Mob Boss marijuana has fantastic therapeutic potential. The intense head rush it produces makes for an excellent sedative, calming the body while reducing stress and anxiety. Cancer patients, who may experience periods of malnutrition, can also benefit from this because it helps stimulate hunger. You can also rely on this strain to ease your pain, muscle tension, spasms, migraines, and headaches. Even people who are depressed can benefit greatly from the powerful mental high it provides.

Just how does Mob Boss marijuana taste?
According to one’s own perception, Mob Boss marijuana can have a wide variety of tastes. Lemon flavor and some subtle floral undertones are two aspects that appeal to smokers. This carries over into the flavor, which is typically described as sweet and spicy but which some may find to be more skunky and pungent. When you let out your breath, you’ll taste the sour undertones.

When and where do I plant my Mob Boss marijuana seeds?
Growers new to the art of marijuana cultivation would be wise to familiarize themselves with the strain before planting any Mob Boss marijuana seeds. As a result, the Sea of Green technique is advocated for its potential to speed up flowering. Outdoor growers in a Mediterranean climate (around 70 degrees Fahrenheit) will find the most success growing Mob Boss.

Can you describe the appearance of Mob Boss marijuana plants?
The buds of Mob Boss marijuana are small to medium in size and extremely resinous. The leaves are a pale green color, and there are red hairs strategically placed all over them. Trichomes add a metallic silver tone to the otherwise purple flowers, making them look more vibrant.

Time of Marijuana Harvest for the Mob Boss Plant
You can significantly shorten the time between planting and harvesting by doing so indoors. Two to three months is a reasonable estimate for most cultivators. On average, you can expect to harvest about 24 ounces per square meter. To get a good outdoor harvest of about 28 ounces per plant, you should wait until the first two weeks of October.

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Additional information

Best Use

Depression, Lack of Appetite, Stress


40% Indica, 60% Sativa

CBD Level

Low (Less than 2%)


Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted


Spicy, Sweet, Woody

Flowering Period

65-75 Days

Growing Difficulty


Plant Height


THC Content





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