Northern Lights x Skunk Cannabis Seeds

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Who doesn’t enjoy a winning combination? Together, the Northern Lights and Skunk strains of cannabis produce an even more potent crop than either one does on its own. Use this strain to relieve stress, increase happiness, and calm down.


When two potent strains like Northern Lights and Skunk are combined, it’s like two worlds colliding; only good things can come from it. This strain is a great example of a hybrid that leans more heavily toward indica (65:35), as it produces large, dense buds and does well in colder climates.

Northern Lights x Skunk, despite being more indica-dominant, provides patients with a lovely relaxed, happy high that can be used to treat stress, depression, and nausea—even when taken in the morning.

Feminized marijuana seeds bred from the Northern Lights x Skunk cross are among the most forgiving, and their spicy, earthy aroma is accentuated by notes of pine that recall autumn days spent outdoors. Indoor growers can harvest up to 700 grams of high-quality weed after 55-65 days of flowering time.

Easy-to-grow Northern Lights x Skunk marijuana seeds will elevate your mood and increase your yield.

Additional information

Best Use

Insomnia, Pain, Stress


35% Sativa, 65% Indica

CBD Level

Low (Less than 2%)


Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed


Fruity, Skunky, Sweet

Flowering Period

55-65 Days

Growing Difficulty


Plant Height


THC Content





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