Royal Cheese Cannabis Seeds

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Royal Cheese Cannabis Seeds represent a pinnacle of achievement in cannabis culture, combining an intensely rich aroma with profound, savory tastes.

  • 550 – 600 gr/plant
  • Visually striking display
  • 17% THC
  • Sharp, tangy accents
  • Therapeutic, anti-inflammatory effects



In the vast and ever-expanding universe of botanical cultivation, there exists a lineage of exceptional pedigree and profound distinction—Royal Cheese Cannabis Seeds. This illustrious variety stands as a monumental achievement within the horticultural community, embodying the zenith of genetic refinement and olfactory allure. Originating from the lush and hidden gardens of England, where clandestine horticulturists first nurtured its nascent buds, Royal Cheese quickly ascended to prominence, revered for its singularly potent aroma reminiscent of the most piquant, aged cheese. Such is the allure of this strain that it weaves an intricate tapestry of sensory experiences, grounded in its predominantly Indica genetic structure, which endows it with formidable growth characteristics and an inherent resilience to environmental challenges. The advent of Royal Cheese Cannabis Seeds into the public consciousness did not merely signify the introduction of a new strain but heralded a new era in the selective breeding of cannabis. Its distinctive terpene profile, marked by a rich amalgamation of earthy undertones and a biting, almost tangy finish, stands as a monument to the artful finesse and scientific acumen of countless cultivators. Through their efforts, Royal Cheese has been sculpted into a veritable masterpiece of horticulture, striking a harmonious balance between the untamed wildness of nature and the guiding hand of human ingenuity.

Esteemed for its vigorous growth and generous yields, Royal Cheese captivates the hearts of those who tend to its cultivation, promising a bounty that is as enriching as the experience it provides. The plant’s foliage, a lush tapestry of dark green interspersed with flowers coated in a frosty sheen of trichomes, hints at the unparalleled potency and immersive experience that awaits the consumer. Beyond its sensory appeal, Royal Cheese is sought after for its therapeutic qualities, offering solace and relaxation to those in search of respite from the tumult of daily life. Royal Cheese Cannabis Seeds stand as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between tradition and innovation, where the reverence for its storied heritage blends seamlessly with a forward-looking vision of botanical excellence. It invites connoisseurs and cultivators alike to embark on an expedition that goes beyond the mundane, presenting more than just a strain, but a profound exploration of flavor, aroma, and the boundless potential of cannabis cultivation. In this sense, Royal Cheese is more than just a plant; it is a living legacy, a bridge between the past and the infinite possibilities of the future, continually inspiring those who seek to push the boundaries of the familiar and welcome the mysteries of the unknown with open arms.

Origin and Lineage:

This illustrious cultivar finds its roots nestled within the verdant landscapes of England, where it first emerged from the shadows of obscurity to captivate the imaginations of cannabis enthusiasts and cultivators with its distinctive and pungent aroma, reminiscent of the sharpest, most matured cheese. The birth of Royal Cheese is interwoven with the saga of its progenitor, the original Cheese strain, itself a marvel of genetic serendipity borne from a unique Skunk #1 phenotype. This particular phenotype was celebrated for its singular scent profile, setting the stage for the evolutionary leap that would culminate in the creation of Royal Cheese. The odyssey from the Skunk #1 phenotype to the Royal Cheese known and revered today is a testament to the enduring dedication of a clandestine community of botanists and growers. These guardians of the genetic flame have, through countless seasons, meticulously selected and bred the most promising specimens, each iteration bringing them closer to the ideal expression of the Cheese legacy.

This relentless pursuit of perfection has not only enhanced the strain’s characteristic aroma but has also imbued it with robust Indica-dominant genetics, ensuring its place as a paragon of cultivation success. Royal Cheese’s lineage is thus not merely a line of genetic descent but a woven tapestry of horticultural artistry, embodying the pinnacle of plant breeding and selection. The journey of Royal Cheese Cannabis Seeds is emblematic of the broader narrative of cannabis cultivation—a narrative that spans the spectrum from hidden, underground endeavors to mainstream acceptance and admiration. It highlights the transformative power of dedicated cultivation and selective breeding, showcasing how a single phenotype can evolve into a strain that captivates the senses and inspires both awe and reverence. The strain stands as a living testament to the symbiotic relationship between human curiosity, nature’s variability, and the unyielding quest for botanical excellence. Royal Cheese thus transcends its role as a mere cultivar, embodying a rich heritage of innovation, perseverance, and a deep-seated reverence for the natural world. It represents not just the culmination of generations of cultivation but also the ongoing journey of discovery and refinement within the vast, verdant expanse of cannabis genetics. This lineage, steeped in history and shrouded in the mists of time, continues to inspire and challenge those who seek to unlock the mysteries of nature’s most aromatic treasures.

Growth Difficulty and Grow Guide: 

This strain, with its noble lineage and pungent aroma, presents a moderate level of cultivation difficulty, making it an engaging endeavor for both the novice gardener and the seasoned cultivator. The growth process of Royal Cheese is a testament to the resilience and adaptability imbued in its genetic code, requiring a dedicated hand to coax forth its full potential. Growers are advised to maintain a vigilant eye on humidity levels, as the dense foliage of Royal Cheese can be a haven for moisture, necessitating adequate ventilation to stave off any unwanted intruders such as mold or mildew. In the embrace of an indoor setting, Royal Cheese thrives, its branches reaching out eagerly towards the light, while outdoor cultivators will find it equally resilient, flourishing under the kiss of the sun in climates that mirror its temperate, ancestral home. Pruning becomes an art form with Royal Cheese, as strategic trimming of the lower branches encourages airflow and directs energy towards the flowering sites, promising bountiful harvests of resin-coated buds. The grow guide for Royal Cheese is a blend of ancient wisdom and modern technique, inviting the cultivator to partake in a dance of creation that spans the cycle from seed to harvest, a journey filled with the anticipation of the aromatic bounty that awaits.

Nutrients and Equipment:

  • Seed Germination: A conducive environment with adequate moisture and warmth is crucial for the successful awakening of seeds.
  • Growing Medium: Opt for a nutrient-rich, well-draining substrate that maintains moisture balance without waterlogging.
  • Equipment: Essential tools include containers, pH testing kits, and moisture meters to ensure optimal growing conditions.
  • Lighting: Critical for plant health, utilize efficient full-spectrum LEDs to provide adequate light across all growth stages.
  • Nutrients: Apply a balanced feed, adjusting formulations to support the plant through its vegetative and flowering phases.
  • Temperature: Maintain daytime temperatures within 70-80°F (21-26°C) and slightly cooler at night to simulate natural diurnal variations.
  • Humidity: Regulate moisture levels, starting with higher humidity for seedlings and reducing to 40-50% during the bloom phase.
  • Pruning: Strategic removal of unnecessary foliage is vital for enhancing airflow and directing the plant’s energy towards flowering.

Flowering Phase:

  • Lighting: Tailor light intensity and duration to suit each phase of growth, ensuring plants receive the right amount of light at all times.
  • Nutrients: Adjust nutrient levels as plants transition from growth to bloom, focusing on the increased need for phosphorus and potassium during flowering.
  • Temperature: Keep environmental temperatures stable to prevent plant stress and optimize growth and yield.
  • Humidity: Adjust humidity levels as plants mature, minimizing the risk of fungal diseases in later growth stages.
  • Sexing: Identify and segregate male plants early to prevent them from pollinating females, ensuring a high-quality harvest.


  • Indicators: The readiness for harvest is marked by the maturation of pistils and the clarity of trichomes when examined up close.
  • Technique: Harvest with care to maintain trichome integrity, enhancing the final product’s flavor and strength.
  • Curing: Implement a slow drying process followed by storage in airtight containers to improve the end product’s aroma and effectiveness.

Common Challenges:

  • Pests: Employ preventive strategies and organic remedies to manage pests without compromising plant health.
  • Nutrient Imbalance: Address discoloration or deformation in foliage by adjusting the nutrient feed to correct imbalances.
  • Over/Under Watering: Monitor for signs of stress due to improper watering and adjust practices to ensure optimal soil moisture.

Additional Tips:

  • Training Techniques: Implement methods like LST and SCROG to maximize light exposure and increase yields.
  • Climate: Adapt cultivation practices to align with local climate conditions, optimizing for outdoor growing success.
  • Testing: Regularly test soil and water pH to maintain an environment conducive to optimal plant growth

Germination time:

Embarking on the cultivation journey of any distinguished cannabis variety, the germination phase emerges as the critical first step, where the latent potential within each seed is gently coaxed into vibrant life. For this particular lineage, the window of germination is a delicate interlude, typically ranging from 24 to 72 hours, during which the seed embarks on its profound transformation. This brief yet momentous period is when the seed, upon absorbing the requisite moisture, signals the start of its growth journey, breaking dormancy with the emergence of a taproot. For those who nurture these seeds, the germination stage is a time of careful watchfulness and anticipation, as they create an environment that closely mirrors the nurturing warmth of early spring. Moisture and warmth are the dual keys to unlocking the seed’s dormant vitality, requiring a balance that fosters the initial sprout without overwhelming the seed. Patience is the cultivator’s virtue during this phase, as nature’s cadence dictates the unfolding of life. The sight of the first root, tender yet resolute, signifies not only the successful initiation of the germination process but also marks the commencement of a botanical odyssey, guiding the seedling from its humble beginnings towards its destined lush verdancy.

Wellness and Royal Cheese Cannabis Seeds

The Royal Cheese Cannabis Seeds encapsulate a legacy of wellness and a myriad of effects that harmonize body and spirit, serving as a testament to the therapeutic prowess inherent in this distinguished strain. Esteemed for its intoxicating fragrance and formidable genetic heritage, Royal Cheese unfolds a tapestry of effects that delve deep into the realms of tranquility, mood enhancement, and physical relief. In an era where the quest for mental calm and physical well-being is paramount, this strain emerges as a sanctuary of peace, offering a haven from the relentless pace of contemporary life. Its capacity to imbue the user with a profound sense of relaxation is complemented by an uplifting breeze of happiness, transcending the bounds of simple stress relief to touch upon a holistic sense of inner peace and contentment. The utility of Royal Cheese extends beyond its immediate soothing and elevating effects, weaving into the fabric of therapeutic remedies with its notable contributions to alleviating physical ailments.

The strain’s complex terpene composition, rich in both myrcene and caryophyllene, plays a pivotal role in mitigating inflammation and pain, offering a natural alternative for individuals contending with persistent discomfort, muscle spasms, and bodily tension. This multifaceted cultivar further demonstrates its versatility by acting as a gentle usher into the realm of sleep for those besieged by insomnia, providing a natural means to attain deep, restorative rest. The mental health benefits of Royal Cheese are equally profound, with its nuanced effect profile crafting a sanctuary for minds ensnared by anxiety and the shadows of depression. Through a symphony of relaxation and mood enhancement, it crafts a milieu of mental clarity and emotional equilibrium, paving the way for enhanced engagement with one’s surroundings and a lightened burden of mental distress. Royal Cheese Cannabis Seeds embody a holistic approach to wellness, interlacing the joy of sensory exploration with the deeper pursuit of mental tranquility and physical alleviation. This strain illuminates the enduring value of cannabis as a conduit for healing and comfort, underscoring its role not just as a medium of temporary escape but as a partner in the journey towards a more integrated and harmonious existence. In this light, Royal Cheese serves not merely as a strain but as a beacon of holistic health and a testament to the ancient herb’s capacity to enrich the tapestry of human well-being.

CBD Levels:

Royal Cheese Cannabis Seeds encapsulates a complexity that transcends their well-known psychoactive attributes, spotlighting the therapeutic virtues attributed to their CBD (cannabidiol) content. This strain, while often lauded for its significant THC levels that imbue it with its potent effects on mood and physical sensation, harbors a CBD profile that adds depth to its allure, particularly for those seeking wellness benefits. CBD, celebrated for its extensive health-promoting properties—ranging from its anti-inflammatory capabilities to its prowess in mitigating anxiety and fostering tranquility—sits at the heart of Royal Cheese’s appeal to a more health-conscious audience. It does so without the psychoactive effects that THC prominently delivers, presenting a more nuanced approach to cannabis consumption. The CBD concentration in Royal Cheese is carefully balanced against its THC content, facilitating what is affectionately known as the “entourage effect” within the cannabis lexicon.

This principle suggests a synergistic interaction between cannabinoids, amplifying the plant’s therapeutic potential and making this strain a particularly enticing option for individuals in pursuit of relief from various health issues, yet cautious of the overwhelming effects associated with high THC levels. The presence of CBD serves to temper THC’s psychoactivity, positioning Royal Cheese as a gentler, more accessible option for those with sensitivities or reservations about THC’s more pronounced effects. Beyond merely moderating THC’s impact, the CBD in Royal Cheese significantly broadens the strain’s utility in medicinal contexts. It emerges as a beacon for patients grappling with chronic pain, anxiety, and inflammation, offering a holistic and natural alternative or complement to conventional medical treatments. The analgesic and anxiolytic effects of CBD, enriched by the strain’s diverse terpenes and cannabinoids, forge a comprehensive wellness approach. Thus, Royal Cheese Cannabis Seeds represent a pivotal shift towards a more profound recognition of CBD’s role within the cannabis ecosystem, accentuating the plant’s dual capacity for both recreational enjoyment and significant therapeutic intervention. This balanced CBD presence not only underscores the evolving discourse around cannabis but also spotlights the intricate balance of compounds that contribute to its multifaceted effects and benefits.


Royal Cheese Cannabis Seeds embody an allure that extends beyond their potential for growth, manifesting in their physical form a striking testament to the heritage and potency of the strain they represent. These seeds, small yet formidable, encapsulate the essence of resilience and vigor that defines the Royal Cheese lineage. Boasting a surface that feels silky smooth upon contact, they gleam with an almost understated elegance, their hues ranging from the deepest of earthy browns to lighter, more subtle shades of tan. Such diversity in coloration, occasionally marked by distinctive patterns of mottling or striping, speaks to the genetic richness lying dormant within, eager to spring forth into the characteristic lush foliage and densely packed buds that are hallmarks of the strain.

The initial encounter with Royal Cheese Cannabis Seeds is an experience filled with anticipation, as one contemplates the verdant potential encapsulated within these tiny vessels. Their sturdy exteriors hint at the robustness of the plants they will produce, promising cultivators a rewarding journey from germination to harvest. Handling these seeds, one is struck by the cool, smooth texture, a physical manifestation of the careful nurturing and precise conditions required to unlock their full potential. Each seed, in its compact form, carries within it the legacy of generations of selective breeding and cultivation expertise, offering a tangible connection to the artistry and science that underpins the world of cannabis cultivation. The aesthetic and tactile qualities of Royal Cheese Cannabis Seeds are not merely incidental but are deeply imbued with significance. They stand as beacons of the meticulous selection processes that have refined this strain to its current state of excellence, embodying the anticipation of the aromatic abundance to come. Thus, the appearance of these seeds serves as both a prelude to the cultivation journey and a marker of the quality and heritage that Royal Cheese represents. In the realm of cannabis connoisseurship, they signify not just the promise of a bountiful harvest but also the enduring legacy of botanical mastery and the profound bond between the cultivator, the seed, and the earth.

Plant Height:

The Royal Cheese strain, cultivated from its illustrious seeds, distinguishes itself not only through its aromatic profile and potent effects but also through its impressive stature. As a cultivar that strikes a harmonious balance between the vigor of its growth and the manageability of its cultivation, Royal Cheese plants typically achieve a notable height, reflective of their Indica-dominant genetics blended with just enough Sativa influence to lend an elegant stretch to their form. In the controlled environment of an indoor grow, these plants can reach upwards of 1.2 meters (about 4 feet), a testament to their robust nature. Yet, when given the opportunity to thrive in the open air, they exhibit their full potential, stretching majestically to heights that can surpass 2 meters (approximately 6.5 feet) given optimal conditions. This stature is not merely a physical trait but an emblem of the strain’s robustness and its deep-rooted genetic legacy. The height of Royal Cheese plants contributes to their aesthetic appeal, with their lush foliage and dense buds creating a visually striking display that is as pleasing to the eye as it is promising of the bountiful harvest to come.


The scent that wafts from the Royal Cheese Cannabis Seeds, and the verdant plants they yield, embarks on a complex olfactory journey, deeply rooted in the strain’s moniker. Infamous for its bold, unmistakable aroma reminiscent of mature, pungent cheese, this strain’s fragrance is a compelling invitation to the senses, a beckoning into a world where aroma paints a vivid landscape. The essence of Royal Cheese is an intricate blend, where earthy bass notes merge with the sharp, tangy accents of a well-aged cheese, crafting an aroma that is as intriguing as it is potent. Delving deeper into the scent, one discovers a nuanced symphony of herbal freshness laced with whispers of sweetness, these subtler tones adding layers and a refined complexity to the initial robust aroma. This bouquet is not merely a happenstance but the fruit of dedicated cultivation and an intimate understanding of the strain’s heritage and potential, illustrating the transformative power of expert care on the expression of terpenes.

In the ambiance of a grow room or under the canopy of the sky, the presence of Royal Cheese is undeniably marked by its aromatic signature, a fragrance that fills the air, promising the depth of experience and rich flavors that lie in wait. This aroma is more than a sensory attribute; it’s a narrative of the strain’s journey from seed to smoke, a testament to the delicate balance between nature’s wild forces and the cultivator’s guiding hand. As the plant reaches full bloom, its scent deepens, becoming a vivid emblem of the interplay between genetics and the environment, between the art of growing and the science of botany. It’s this aroma that draws aficionados and novices alike, offering a gateway to a richer, more profound appreciation of cannabis beyond its physical effects, inviting a deeper engagement with the subtleties that define high-quality strains. Royal Cheese, with its distinctive and captivating aroma, stands as a cherished emblem within the cannabis community, emblematic of the exquisite experiences and the sensory journey that high-quality cannabis can provide.


The flavor of Royal Cheese Cannabis Seeds is a complex symphony of tastes, an embodiment of culinary richness within the cannabis spectrum. At first encounter, one is greeted with the robust, unmistakable essence of aged cheese—a flavor that boldly sets the stage for the nuanced journey ahead. This initial savory burst, distinct and memorable, acts as a gateway to the strain’s multifaceted flavor profile, where each puff reveals deeper layers of sophistication and harmony. Beneath the dominant cheese flavor lies a rich tapestry of earthy undertones, a homage to the strain’s roots in the natural world. These earthy notes add a profound depth to the experience, anchoring the taste in a foundation that’s both comforting and complex. As the experience unfolds, subtle accents of herbal freshness and a whisper of sweetness emerge, akin to a light, refreshing breeze that softens the boldness of the cheese.

This interplay of flavors—savory and sweet, earthy and fresh—invites a moment of appreciation for the intricate balance achieved through expert cultivation and selective breeding. Royal Cheese’s flavor journey is a testament to the art of cannabis cultivation, a reflection of the meticulous care and dedication that goes into refining a strain to such a degree of flavor complexity. It challenges the palate, offering not just a momentary taste but an invitation to explore the depth of cannabis flavors beyond the surface. The nuanced layers of Royal Cheese’s profile serve as a reminder of the potential for cannabis to transcend its traditional boundaries, entering a realm where flavor becomes an exploration of sensory artistry. This strain, with its exquisite blend of flavors, stands as a pillar of quality in the cannabis community. It’s not just consumed but experienced, savored for the journey it offers from the first hint of aged cheese to the lingering notes of earth and herb. Royal Cheese thus elevates the standard for cannabis flavor, setting a high bar for what can be achieved through the harmonious blend of natural abundance and human creativity within the sphere of cannabis farming.

In Conclusion:

Royal Cheese Cannabis Seeds embody a pinnacle of achievement within the cannabis community, blending a rich lineage with unparalleled sensory experiences. This strain serves as a profound tribute to the meticulous craftsmanship and scientific knowledge inherent in cannabis cultivation, offering users and growers alike a journey that extends beyond mere consumption into the realms of sensory discovery and appreciation. The unique interplay of its pungent, cheese-like aroma with the complex layers of its flavor profile creates a distinctive experience that is both memorable and enjoyable, marking it as a strain of choice for those who value depth and complexity in their cannabis selections. The journey of growing Royal Cheese is one that offers ample rewards, presenting a moderate challenge that leads to generous yields of high-quality, resin-rich buds.

This resilience and adaptability make it a versatile choice, suitable for various cultivation environments and capable of providing a range of therapeutic and recreational benefits. From soothing relaxation and mood elevation to offering relief from physical discomfort and aiding sleep, Royal Cheese stands out as a multifaceted strain that meets diverse needs and preferences. Royal Cheese Cannabis Seeds are more than just a product of selective breeding and meticulous cultivation; they are a symbol of the evolving cannabis culture that values quality, complexity, and the holistic experience of cannabis use. This strain exemplifies the potential of cannabis to go beyond traditional boundaries, serving as a beacon for innovation and excellence in the industry. It celebrates the heritage and potential of cannabis, offering a glimpse into the future of what this versatile plant can provide. As such, Royal Cheese is not merely a strain but a landmark achievement that showcases the richness of cannabis culture and the ongoing pursuit of perfection within the cannabis community.

Additional information

Best Use

Anxiety, Inflammation


40% Sativa, 60% Indica

CBD Level



Body stone, Balanced, Clear


Cheese, Earthy, Fruity, Candy

Flowering Time Indoors

7 – 8 weeks

Flowering Time Outdoors

Early September

Growing Difficulty


Indoor Yield

450 – 500 gr/m2

Outdoor Yield

550 – 600 gr/plant

Plant Height




Thriving Climate

Warm Climate



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  1. Stormi Fowler

    these seeds really helped with my anxiety !

  2. Julissa Mora

    Amazing Strain, Loved the high and yield was perfect as well. Aroma was on point.

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