Thin Mint GSC Cannabis Seeds

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Embodying a harmonious fusion of mesmerizing aesthetics, complex flavors, and potent effects, Thin Mint GSC cannabis seeds offer a dynamic cannabis cultivation experience that culminates in an unrivaled sensory adventure.



Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) is a highly coveted strain of cannabis seeds, recognized for its unique qualities and numerous benefits. With its outstanding reputation among cultivators and consumers, the Thin Mint GSC strain offers a potent and flavorful experience that is often cited as a harmonious blend of pleasure and therapeutic benefits. It’s a high-ranking member of the cannabis community, celebrated not only for its potency but also for its unique sensory characteristics.

Origin and Lineage

The Thin Mint GSC strain finds its roots in the San Francisco Bay area of California. It’s a perfectly balanced hybrid with 50% Sativa and 50% Indica genetics. This strain is a phenotype of the infamous Girl Scout Cookies strain, a crossbreed of the pure Sativa strain Durban Poison and the pure Indica strain, OG Kush. In turn, Thin Mint GSC has inherited the best of both worlds, resulting in a robust, full-bodied strain with a remarkable potency and a diverse genetic profile.


The visual characteristics of the Thin Mint GSC strain are quite striking. Its buds are small, dense, and typically laced with a thick coat of crystalline trichomes, hinting at their high THC content. The leaves are a rich, forest green color that’s often punctuated with streaks of purple, thanks to the plant’s unique anthocyanin pigments, and the vibrant orange hairs, or pistils, add to its striking contrast.


As the name suggests, Thin Mint GSC gives off an intoxicating fragrance that’s reminiscent of sweet and spicy mint. It also has undercurrents of earthy and herbal notes, which provides a refreshing contrast to the sweet mint. The aroma can be described as a playful tug of war between sweetness and spiciness, creating a sensory experience that’s truly unique to this strain.


In terms of flavor, Thin Mint GSC stays true to its name by providing a delightful minty taste that is both refreshing and invigorating. The initial flavor profile is a captivating mix of sweetness and earthy tones, underlined by a minty freshness that lingers on the tongue long after the smoke has been exhaled. This is accompanied by undertones of chocolate and spices, which adds depth to the flavor profile and ensures a complex, layered taste experience.


When consumed, Thin Mint GSC offers a comprehensive range of effects that manage to satisfy both medical and recreational users alike. It’s known for delivering a powerful, cerebral high that stimulates creativity and happiness, while its Indica side provides a body-melting relaxation, relieving stress and soothing pain. Due to its potent THC levels, it’s recommended for experienced users, as it can be overwhelming for novices. Nevertheless, the balanced effects make it a versatile choice for any time of the day.


In summary, Thin Mint GSC is a versatile cannabis strain that delivers in every category, from its distinctive appearance to its multifaceted aroma and flavor profile. The potent, well-balanced effects cater to a variety of users, making it a staple in the cannabis community. Whether you are a seasoned cultivator looking for an exceptional strain to grow or a discerning consumer seeking a unique and powerful experience, Thin Mint GSC cannabis seeds would make an excellent choice.

Additional information

Best Use

Anxiety, Full Body Relaxation


50% Indica, 50% Sativa

CBD Level

Low (Less than 2%)


Creative, Happy, Relaxed


Herbal, Spicy, Sweet

Flowering Time Indoors

55-65 Days

Flowering Time Outdoors


Growing Difficulty


Indoor Yield

150 g/m²

Outdoor Yield

300 g/plant

Plant Height




Thriving Climate

Mediterranean climate



5 reviews for Thin Mint GSC Cannabis Seeds

  1. Luisa Brewer

    Hints of mint and pine added depth to the flavor.

  2. Cruz Brennan

    The delivery was a day late, but I didn’t really mind that since the germination rate was a 10/10.

  3. Kailey Valencia

    This strain is AMAZING. I body was able to fully relax. So happy with my order.

  4. Dax Kramer

    This order came very quickly. The germination rate was fantastic. The plants produced amazing buds with an amazing aroma. Highly recommended!

  5. Elena Hudson

    I shared my harvest with friends and I loved seeing them surprised at how good this strain was

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