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Diesel 17% THC Daytime 70S / 30I
Great White Shark 16% THC Evening 75I / 25S
Jack Herer 18% THC Daytime 55S / 45I

Why do I have to cure my cannabis after I harvest it?

You want to be sure that the finished result is a) strong and b) lasts as long as possible after all the effort you’ve just put into growing your cannabis from a tiny little seed to a fully flowering plant, right? To do this, drying and curing your cannabis is recommended for long-term storage. When you carefully dry and cure your cannabis, you make sure that it won’t grow mold, which is a common reason for bud to become “bad,” for up to two years. At Royal King Seeds, you can buy high-quality cannabis seeds online.

When the proper conditions aren’t fulfilled, particularly if there is too much moisture in the buds and if there is insufficient air circulation, mold will grow on your cannabis.

What’s the best way to store my pot?

There are a variety of ways to store medicinal cannabis, but by far the best option is to put it in an airtight glass jar, like those used for canning, which are widely available at hardware and department stores. To ensure enough air circulation, select the proper-sized jar. Too huge, however, and you can wind up with dried out buds.

Cabinets, closets, and drawers are all suitable places to store your jars because they are dark, cool, and have reasonably consistent temperatures. Keep jars in storage as little as possible because light can cause the THC in cannabis to deteriorate. For your cannabis storage, it would be best if you could find an opaque jar.

Cannabis Seeds for sale in Statesboro, Georgia

Since the state established its CBD-specific medical cannabis rules in 2015, patients in Statesboro have been authorized to utilize cannabis legally. The regulations were expanded in 2017 to cover ailments like Alzheimer’s, autism, and HIV/AIDS. Get your Statesboro cannabis seeds online at Royal King Seeds if you’re prepared to join the thousands of Georgians who keep their own medicinal gardens.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Statesboro

We provide a variety of well-liked indica and sativa cannabis strains at Royal King Seeds that are suitable for both medical and recreational usage. Browse our assortment for top-notch seeds like White Widow and CBD Critical Mass.

Your seeds are carefully packaged in medical-grade glass vials after being selected, and they are then transported from our facility in Canada to your home address in the US. We offer a stealth packaging option for customers who are concerned that their seeds won’t make it across the border, and we back every transaction with a 90% germination guarantee.

The best things to see in Statesboro, Georgia

Statesboro, Georgia is a distinctive city that honors history and is best known as the location of Georgia Southern University. See the Georgia Southern University Museum’s archaeological exhibits or the Garden of the Coastal Plain’s forest trails. Georgia Trend magazine designated the downtown area one of eight “Renaissance Cities” because it provides a variety of places to shop and eat.

Customers in Statesboro are happy with their Royal King Seeds

I recently received my first shipment of seeds from Royal King Seeds in the mail. The selection was good, and I thought the prices were extremely fair. There’s no way anyone could have discovered where these seeds were, so I won’t go into detail. I chose the stealth package. Of course, only time will tell if the product is of high quality, but the seeds appear to be in decent condition, so I’m optimistic that my buds will be strong.