There’s No Doubt About It: CBD Can Heal Fractures


It seems sense that athletes and sports fans would use CBD to cure hairline fractures and even fractured bones given all the fantastic health and wellness benefits it offers.
Question: Because I play football, I have more fractured bones than you can count. The game is great. It is my life and means of support. I can’t afford to miss too much time playing after breaking a bone. Do you have any ideas on how to “speed up” the healing of a fracture? I know it sounds like a fairytale desire, but I simply hope you can grant my request.
You can fulfil your goal, and this is not a fairytale. There are CBD receptors in the bone, according to research. It has recently been demonstrated and verified that CBD helps speed the healing of bone fractures. Additionally, the bone that heals after receiving CBD treatment for a fracture is actually stronger than the initial bone.

Osteoblasts, which are immature bone cells, are stimulated by CBD to produce healthy new bone.

Dr. Yankel Gabet’s study, which proved this, was published in the Journal of Bone & Mineral Research.

It was discovered that CBD accelerated the healing of damaged bones in rats. When the cannabis molecule was separated from THC, the substance’s main psychoactive ingredient, those advantages continued to exist.

Instead of the normal twelve weeks, the fractures healed in just eight weeks in the rats that received CBD. “We discovered that CBD by itself strengthens bones during healing by promoting the maturation of the collagenous matrix, which serves as the building blocks for new bone tissue mineralization. The bone will be more difficult to shatter in the future after receiving CBD treatment, according to Dr. Yankel Gabet. At this time, there is no disputing the clinical promise of molecules related to cannabinoids, according to Gabet.


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