Using Cannabis To Treat Crohn’s Disease Symptoms

Unknown in its cause, Crohn’s disease is a crippling condition that can have terrible consequences for people who have it.
While there are treatments available for persons with Crohn’s disease, these medications frequently fail to treat the condition, forcing patients to look for other options. Cannabis for medical use is one of the greatest and safest solutions accessible.

Crohn’s disease: what is it?

The GI tract, which comprises the stomach, esophagus, small intestine, and colon, becomes inflamed and causes irritable bowel syndrome as a result of the mystery disease known as Crohn’s. The ileum, which is the initial part of the colon and the very last segment of the small intestine, is the region that is most frequently damaged.

The relationship between Crohn’s disease and immune system abnormalities at the genetic level has long been hypothesized. Recent research, however, indicates that the condition can also be brought on by an imbalance of bacteria in the stomach. Depending on whatever part of the body is affected, Crohn’s disease symptoms can vary, however some of the most prevalent ones include the following:

intense stomach discomfort

terrible diarrhea

Spoiled stools



Wasting (difficulty keeping on weight due to lack of nutrient absorption)

How does marijuana aid?

Cannabis is thought to be able to calm people who have failed to respond to traditional therapy. The plant’s cannabinoids have immunomodulatory effects, which means they cause the immune system to release anti-inflammatory substances rather than inflammatory proteins.

A study that was performed in 2013 by Israeli experts supported this hypothesis. The selected individuals had significant symptoms that did not improve with conventional Crohn’s care. The patients were split into two groups for the course of the 10-week study: a control group and a cannabis group. The control group received extracted THC while the cannabis group received 115mg of THC twice daily by smoking.

“Five of the eleven participants in the cannabis group completely recovered from Crohn’s disease. The study came to the conclusion that 10 out of 11 patients had a clinical response, including improved symptoms. Additionally, the cannabis patients reported no unpleasant side effects and better appetite and sleep.

The Best 5 Strains to Fight Crohn’s

These five sativa-dominant strains are some patient favorites if you’re interested in using marijuana to alleviate the symptoms of Crohn’s disease.

  1. Jean Guy
  2. Hog’s Breath
  3. Medicine Man
  4. Hash Plant
  5. Willie Nelson

Keep in mind that it’s best to consult your healthcare practitioner first if you intend to make any changes to your prescription or healthcare routine.


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