Virginia’s new marijuana laws go into effect on July 1st.

One of the new rules in Virginia that goes into effect on July 1 will make it simpler for consumers to buy medical marijuana.
As of Friday, patients will no longer need a medical cannabis card from the Virginia Board of Pharmacy; instead, they will just need a written certification from a licensed practitioner.
Trent Woloveck, Chief Commercial Director of Jushi, one of the businesses approved to grow, process, and sell medical marijuana in the state, described the victory for the patients of the Commonwealth as “a major accomplishment that will really assist push the medical cannabis market in Virginia.”

Woloveck claimed that the existing procedure has resulted in a backlog of applications in an interview with WDBJ7.

When you consider that your registration with your practitioner only lasted 12 months, the procedure’ bottleneck was the lengthy time it took to acquire that card returned.

There was very little to no opposition to the proposal during hearings within the General Assembly.

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) is where JM Pedini works.

This is a significant change and will make it much simpler for anyone wishing to get medical cannabis in Virginia, Pedini said on Thursday afternoon. “We hear from dozens of patients each week who are trying to understand the registration process,” he added.


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