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What is Rick Simpson cannabis oil?

Any person who sets out on a quest to learn more about the therapeutic uses of marijuana will ultimately encounter Rick Simpson cannabis oil (RSO) and wonder what the fuss is about. This is a quick recap:

The Rick Simpson cannabis oil (RSO) bears the name of a Canadian engineer who successfully treated basal cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer, on his arm with concentrated cannabis oil applications. In order to produce his own unique brand of cannabis concentrate, Simpson grew marijuana at home. He then made it his duty to give away free cannabis to anyone in need.

Is it possible to make RSO from cannabis that I’ve grown myself?

You can, indeed! Actually, there aren’t many differences between manufacturing RSO and creating cannabutter, but there are a few. Also, Rick Simpson himself advises using indica strains for best outcomes, such as Critical Purple or Great White Shark, though you can choose the strain that is most effective for your medical condition.

A 5-gallon bucket, two gallons of solvent (99% isopropyl alcohol), a pound or so of dried cannabis material, as well as additional instruments, are required. Stir and crush the cannabis as you add the solvent, then add it to the bucket, covering the plant matter completely. For around three minutes, keep stirring the mixture as the THC disintegrates into the solvent.

Using cheesecloth, remove the solvent from the plant material and pour it into the dish. Restock the bucket with the plant material, add more solvent, and mix for an additional three minutes. Drain one more, then throw away any leftovers.

Maintain a constant temperature of between 210 and 230 degrees while adding solvent to your rice cooker until it is about 3/4 full. The solvent will gradually evaporate as the rice cooker gets hotter. Gradually keep adding your mixture to the cooker. Avoid all flames and place your cooker in a room that is well-ventilated and open. Once the solvent has vanished, you can easily dispense the oil by syphoning it into a syringe.

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West Palm Beach, Florida boasts bright skies, almost perfect weather all year round, and a wide range of activities. The Palm Beach Zoo has unique animals and a children’s botanical park, and the Norton Museum of Art showcases works of American, French, and Asian art. The South Florida Science Center and Aquarium and the Meyer Amphitheater, a defunct hotel that was demolished and turned into an outdoor waterfront stage, are further attractions.

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