Wholesale OG Kush Cannabis Seeds

Royal King Seeds is constantly seeking for new possibilities to collaborate with organizations that share our values. The opportunity to work with us and sell high-quality wholesale OG Kush cannabis seeds will be advantageous for both your business and your clients in the long run. If you own a dispensary, marijuana delivery service, or gardening supply store, consider selling wholesale OG Kush cannabis seeds. Your clients will be grateful.

Find Wholesale OG Kush Weed Seeds in North America

With warehouses throughout the western United States and a full staff of skilled horticulturists behind our outstanding weed seeds, Royal King Seeds is delighted to be a wholly North American business. In addition to providing OG Kush cannabis seeds and a variety of other top-notch strains, we also place a high value on providing exceptional customer service, which includes both you and your own clients.

What To Expect from OG Kush Feminized

55S / 45I 27% Soothe stress, depression 7-8 weeks

Why Buy Wholesale OG Kush Cannabis Seeds from Royal King Seeds

    • Our OG Kush marijuana seeds were developed and grown by horticulturists with twenty years of expertise. Every step of the way, we support both our wholesalers and our products.
    • Royal King Seeds provides quick, discrete delivery across the nation. Large orders of wholesale OG Kush seeds are shipped free of charge, and our branded or white-label packaging is delivered on time and in perfect condition.
      Never will we compromise on quality. Each pair of OG Kush seeds you provide for sale to clients is housed in a glass vial made of medical-grade glass, which guarantees the seeds’ long-term viability and quality. Our unique 90% germination guarantee, which ensures that at least 9 out of 10 of your seeds will germinate, supports this endeavor.
    • If you purchase OG Kush seeds in bulk from us, you join the team! This means that both you and your clients will have full access to not just our excellent customer care staff but also our knowledgeable SEO, marketing, social media, and website design services. We want you to be successful!
      Decorate your company with marketing materials that will make your fresh OG Kush seed stock fly off the shelves. We are pleased to send you booklets, posters, or other merchandise with every Royal King Seeds order to educate and entice your consumers to make a purchase!
    • We never want to let you down. Royal King Seeds thus promises that our items will be available. Never will you get a notification that your order can’t be filled or needs to be postponed because there isn’t enough stock. There will never be a gap in your product selections because we will always let you know if we do run out of a strain before you place an order.
  • We are pleased to offer verified genetics on all of our wholesale cannabis seed strains as just one more example of our commitment to quality. As a result, your clients can relax knowing they will receive precisely what they requested, and you can unwind knowing you won’t receive any complaints about unexpected outcomes! To assure this crucial component, our seeds are tested in labs.

Wholesale OG Kush Pot Seeds For Sale

You receive exceptional savings on all orders of pot seeds for resale when you work with Royal King Seeds as a wholesale partner, including up to 70% off orders of 1000 seeds or more. In addition to profiting from the sale of your new wholesale OG Kush seeds, our group savings allow you to spread the joy to your clients.

How to order wholesale OG Kush Cannabis Seeds:

    1. Go through our excellent collection. In addition to our best-selling OG Kush seeds, our wholesale division is glad to provide you with a selection of more than 80 distinct seed strains, including auto-flowering, fast-flowering, high-CBD medical alternatives.
    2. Contact our wholesale department to place your purchase. There is no minimum number of seeds required; just provide our helpful staff member with the list of strains you want to order.
    3. Wait patiently for your wholesale seeds to arrive at your company’s door, together with your invoice and order number. Thank yourself for making such a great choice, and rest easy knowing that your clients will love the new things you have to offer.If you or your clients have any queries regarding our wholesale OG Kush cannabis seeds, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us; our friendly customer service staff is always pleased to help!